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Cultural tourism

Kuban is a land with a rich history and a very diverse culture. At the same time, when the pyramids were built in Egypt, ancient people erected mysterious dolmens in the North Caucasus. During the Great Greek colonization centers of ancient culture arose on the Black Sea coast, the remnants of them still amaze with their refined, classical forms. Great empires left their traces here: Rome and Byzantium, Khazars and Kiev Rus, Mongols and Ottomans. Here the cultures of numerous peoples of the North Caucasus and the Black Sea Cossacks mixed. You can touch this rich historical heritage and cultural diversity in museums, ethnographic and cultural centers of Krasnodar region. If you want to get interesting knowledge while traveling - go for an excursion or one of the educational tours that our resorts offer.
Cultural tourism
Krasnodar region
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