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Krasnodar region is a unique landscape “cocktail” of wide steppes, seaside, wooded foothills and rocky peaks of the Main Caucasus ridge. Each landscape is beautiful in its own way and makes you admire the amazing, bizarre forms that nature creates. Here you can meet the sunrise in the mountains, freshen up in the waterfall in the afternoon, and see off the sun setting over the cool sea or sultry steppe in the evening. There are more than 300 specially protected natural areas in Krasnodar region. The pearls of the region are three federal reserves: Utrish Reserve, Caucasus Biosphere Reserve and Sochi National Park. They all offer an extensive ecological tourism programs. You have a unique opportunity to visit the natural corners of the Western Caucasus and the Black Sea coast, practically untouched by human. Each such meeting will definitely leave vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions in your heart forever.
Krasnodar region
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