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10 places in Anapa
you should visit

In summer, tourists come to Anapa to plunge into the gentle waves of the Black Sea and sunbathe on the beautiful beaches. But don't lie under the sun all day. You also need to take a walk. There are dozens of interesting places, attractions and entertainment in Anapa and its environs. But, if this is your first time here, you can start from the following places. You will definitely not regret it.
Central embankment
You can start your walk from the embankment. In almost any seaside town it is the main center of resort life. In Anapa, the promenade stretches for more than three kilometers: from the embankment of the Anapka River to the lighthouse. Here you will find many cafes and restaurants, entertainment venues.

The embankment is well maintained and decorated. Green areas with shady alleys, thousands of flowers in flower beds, landscape sculptures, places for recreation - all this disposes for a long and unhurried walk with stops to take a break and admire the seascape or have tea in a cozy cafe.
and fountains
At the very beginning of the promenade, on the banks of the Anapka River, near the entrance to the Central Beach, there is a playful sculpture "Monument to a Vacationer". This is an eight-meter man lying on the sand and a large white hat covering him.

By the way, this hat is considered one of the symbols of Anapa and a separate sculpture is dedicated to it, which is located in the park of the 30th anniversary of Victory. The sculpture was installed in 2007. She is a white marble hat worn on a granite pedestal. Many visitors buy this accessory upon arrival in Anapa to protect themselves from the scorching sun.

Also, while walking along the embankment, you will come across the sculpture "Scarlet Sails". It is a figure of a ship from the story of the same name by Alexander Grin. The vessel is set in the middle of a bright flower bed. Great colorful photos can be taken here.

There is a musical fountain in the main city square, near the city administration building. It consists of stone bowls located one after another. The diameter of the largest (main fountain) is over 20 meters. If you catch a good angle, then during a color musical performance you can capture the whole ensemble with your eyes at once. The jets splash to a height of 15 meters to the accompaniment of classical, jazz and modern melodies. Of course, this is not the only fountain in Anapa. As in any southern city, shade and water are highly prized here. Therefore, while walking you will often come across large and very small fountains.
Anapa lighthouse
At the end of the walk along the embankment, you will see the famous Anapa lighthouse, which stands on a high promontory. The area around it offers a panoramic view of the Great Caucasus Mountains and the Utrish Peninsula. The lighthouse was built in 1955 to replace the signal tower of 1909, which was blown up by German troops during the Great Patriotic War. The height of the lighthouse is 43 meters, the range of the searchlight is 18.5 miles.
Historical sites
If you love history, then while walking along the embankment, be sure to visit two interesting places - the Russian Gate and the excavations of ancient Gorgippia.

The first monument is associated with relatively recent history. The Russian Gate is the remains of a Turkish fortress, built on this site in the 18th century during the Ottoman rule to protect the coast from Russian troops and to support local Caucasian tribes.

Once it was a powerful stronghold of eight bastions and walls, stretching over 3 km in length. After the capture of the city in 1828 by the troops of the Russian Empire, the surviving gates were christened "Russian" in honor of the difficult victory.

The Gorgippia Museum will tell you about more ancient times, when a colony of ancient Greeks was located on the site of Anapa, who settled on the northeastern coast of the Black Sea about 2.5 thousand years ago. The settlers founded a powerful and rich Bosporus Kingdom here.

The total area of the archaeological site is about 2 hectares. Among them you can see the foundations of residential buildings, cellars of wineries, fragments of a defensive wall and sections of cobbled streets. The small museum exhibits artifacts found here: ancient statues, parts of temple columns, pieces of mosaic, sarcophagi, tombstones.

If this is not enough for you and you want to dive deeper into the history of Anapa, you can visit the city museum of local lore. There are exhibits from the times of the Bosporus Kingdom, the period of the Russian-Turkish wars, materials dedicated to the origin and development of tourism in the city, as well as natural collections introducing visitors to the fauna and flora of the Black Sea coast. The section on the wine culture in the region is very popular.
Children's entertainment
Since Soviet times, Anapa has been considered the best resort for children. Therefore, if you come to the resort with your family or the child is still living inside you, you will definitely like the numerous entertainment complexes for the little guests of the city.

In the very center of the city, near the embankment, you can visit the Park of the 30th anniversary of Victory, where there are many attractions. There is also a cinema, a concert hall and a "live corner" with exotic animals.

There are several dolphinariums and oceanariums in Anapa. Perhaps, the most popular is Nemo. The large entertainment complex, in addition to the dolphinarium, also includes a penguinarium, a terrarium and an oceanarium. In the show, you can see dolphins, walruses, fur seals and sea lions. Here you can book a dolphin therapy session and swim in the company of these smart sea animals. These are truly unforgettable experiences.

You can continue your acquaintance with the marine world in the "Bathyscaphe" marine aquarium. His collection is dedicated to the inhabitants of the Black Sea and reservoirs of Krasnodar region. Here tourists will see stingrays, flounder, sea dragon, scorpion ruff, sultanka and other interesting species.

And, of course, what is a children's holiday without a water park. However, adults are delighted with water fun no less than kids. There are several water parks in Anapa. For example, you can visit the "Golden Beach" in the center, and "Tiki-Tak" on Pionersky Prospekt. They offer approximately the same entertainment. Prices are also at the same level. Therefore, choose according to your taste.
Stele "Beginning
of the Caucasus Mountains"
Let's move on to the sights of Anapa, which are located in the suburbs. The stele "The Beginning of the Caucasus Mountains" is located on the road to the village of Sukko, a few kilometers outside the city limits. The figure of a soaring eagle, frozen on a mountain peak, has become a must-see stop for tourists passing here since its opening. Around the monument there is an observation deck, from where you can see the city, the bay and the steppe surrounding Anapa.
Lysaya Mountain
Lysaya Mountain is a natural hill located on the outskirts of Anapa, near the village of Supsekh. Its height is over 300 meters. There is almost no vegetation at the top, hence the name of the natural attraction.

Due to its favorable location and considerable height, this mountain has become a wonderful natural observation deck. The top offers a stunning view of the city and the vastness of the Black Sea. So, the mountain is considered one of the most famous backdrops for selfies and memorable photo shoots. A staircase leads to the sea from the mountain, which is called "800 steps". Not everyone dares to descend and climb it. Walking up these stairs can be like a good workout at the fitness club.
Sukko Valley
and Cypress Lake
A valley running along the flow of the river of the same name, which originates in Abrau-Dyurso. It lies among low wooded hills covered mainly with beech and oak groves (there are also pine and juniper trees). On the seashore, against which the valley abuts, there is the resort village of Sukko. It is sandwiched between Lysaya and Soldatskaya mountains. This resort area focuses on children's recreation.

One of the main natural attractions of the valley is the cypress lake. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that swamp cypresses grow here directly from the water. This species is not found anywhere else in Russia, its homeland is North America. Perhaps, they were brought to the Black Sea coast in the 1930s as an experiment, and they took root on the local soil. The lake is one of the most favorite places for capturing unusual landscapes and spectacular selfies. Cypresses look especially unusual in autumn, when the foliage on the trees turns red.
Utrish Reserve
This beautiful corner of nature is located on the coast of the Abrau Peninsula, about 20 kilometers away from Anapa.

For those who wish to swim in the Utrish Sea, there are picturesque lagoons with beautiful beaches. For nature lovers - groves of juniper, Pitsunda pine, hornbeam, oak, maple, ash, berry yew and many other trees and shrubs, which together create such an atmosphere that you want to "drink" the air with your whole chest and enjoy it as long as possible. The local forests are home to many animals, birds, and the sea - dolphins and many species of fish. Fans of outdoor activities will love walks along the local mountain trails. You can go on a hike to the Lake Zmeinoye, or the Zhemchuzhny Falls, or to Mount Perervannaya, where a narrow mountain canyon leads (it is periodically closed due to talus).
Bugaz Spit
Another natural attraction of Anapa is a narrow sandy spit, which stretches for 12 km between the village of Blagoveshchenskaya and the village of Veselovka, which is already located in Temryuk district of Kuban.

The spit is only a few hundred meters wide. On the one hand - the waves of the deep Black Sea, on the other hand - the shallow Bugaz firth. The beaches of the spit are completely covered with sand and small shell rock. It is ideal for a relatively secluded seaside holiday and also for kitesurfing.