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10 unusual sculptures
and compositions that
can be found in Kuban

In the cities and districts of Krasnodar region there are countless various monuments and sculptures. All of them are worthy of respect, attention and understanding of the events they tell us about. Especially for you, we have made a selection of funny, original and very soulful sculptures that people in Kuban love and gladly show to their guests.
to a purse in Krasnodar

According to popular rumor, a special monument, erected at the intersection of Gogol and Krasnoarmeyskaya streets, brings success in financial affairs to Krasnodar residents. It is not for nothing that a purse with "kiss" clasps was taken as a model in the manufacture of this unusual sculpture - this is the model associated with frugality. The rite of attracting prosperity presupposes that this monument must be rubbed with one's own purse, but it is better to sit on it in order to definitely get a "carriage and a cart" of money.
Dove of Peace in Armavir
The idea of goodness and creation on the planet became the main concept of the monument, which appeared in 2014 in honor of the 150th anniversary of Armavir on Marshal Zhukov Street. A snow-white dove, raised to the sky on outstretched arms, followed by a bright rainbow soaring upward, greets guests entering the city from the direction of Novokubansk. In the evening, the Dove of Peace is beautifully illuminated with multi-colored lights. Next to the monument there is a small seating area with benches and a playground.
Monument to Gesha Kozodoev in Novorossiysk
One of the most picturesque monuments of Novorossiysk is located right on the Sudzhuk Spit. On a small island, often covered with waves, a monument to the charming adventurer Gesha Kozodoev was erected. The bronze incarnation of the hero of Leonid Gaidai's immortal comedy "The Diamond Hand" walks on the water with a snag, on which the swimming trunks of no less beloved Lelik flutter. Despite the fact that the bronze Gesha has practically no similarity with Andrei Mironov, both residents and guests of the city like the monument.
"Stone Flower"
in Goryachy Klyuch
A small city park was named "Stone Flower" in honor of the fountain located here. It is made in the shape of a flower, from which streams of water beat and flow down the stone grooves. At the top of the fountain there is a stone, which is fixed as if it were "hanging" in the air. The area around the fountain and its bowl are reminiscent of a mountain landscape created by wild nature. The picturesque place is surrounded by pine trees, and water lilies bloom in the pond. There are many playgrounds near the fountain.
to Doctor Aibolit
in Anapa
Where, if not at the most popular children's resort in Russia, can you meet a good doctor? On Kalinin Street, under one of the spreading pines, a copper Aibolit sits on a fallen log, surrounded by grateful patients - a squirrel, a parrot, a monkey and a piglet. Anapa Aibolit has its admirers, who claim that touching metal helps to recover sooner. Most of all, the pig's piglet and the cross on the doctor's cap shine - apparently, they are the most healing places of the wonderful sculpture.
"Ear of Desires" in Sochi
In Sochi, there is a great opportunity to share your innermost dreams and plans with a giant ear, located in the pedestrian zone of Navaginskaya street. Such an original sculpture appeared here in 2005. A copper plate "Make a wish" and a special indentation for resting with a hand literally tell a person how to make a wish and tell it to the Ear. If it is kind and light, it will certainly come true.
"Old lighthouse" in Gelendzhik
An unusual sculpture associated with the sea and land is located not far from the old Gelendzhik lighthouse, which was built in 1897, survived three wars - the First World War, the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War, and is still in working order.

A bronze supervisor with a lamp and a telescope in his hands, in a raincoat and a cap, in any weather, watches ships entering the bay and keeps order. A faithful dog serves next to him, while the owner fulfills his professional duty.
to a dumpling in Yeisk
On the embankment of Yeisk there is a monument to the favorite Kuban dish - dumplings. A huge white dumpling with a small plate of sour cream (or butter) on it looks very appetizing. The monument is considered a sculpture-wish, as there is an inscription "Let everyone live like a dumpling in oil" below. The dumpling was sculpted by Krasnodar architect Inna Sapozhnikova, and now it is a favorite place for a selfie of every tourist.
Monument to scad fish
in Tuapse

On November 17, 2011, on October Revolution Square in Tuapse, in the middle of a green lawn, a monument to scad appeared - a bronze flock of fish swimming among seaweeds and shells with pearls. This sculpture is dedicated to all the fish of the Black Sea, which during the Great Patriotic War saved the defenders and residents of Tuapse from starvation.
Fountain "Three Dolphins"
in Temryuk
An unusual fountain is installed in the very center of Temryuk: its diameter is about 50 meters, and its depth reaches 2 meters. The main part of the fountain is a sculptural composition of figures of three dolphins. The construction was timed to celebrate the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, the dolphins themselves personify the family. The author of the project captured them at the moment of the jump - they seem to take off over the water into the blue sky. At night, "Three Dolphins" surprise passers-by with bright lighting. The area around the fountain is a popular walking place. In hot weather, you can sit on the edge of the bowl and enjoy the coolness emanating from the water.