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5 tips for outdoor activities
in Krasnodar region

Traditionally, vacation at sea is imagined as follows: you lie on the beach, lazily splash in the sea, enjoy the buffet at the hotel, go for excursions. If you don't like this kind of vacation and want a real drive, you will like our tips for active travelers ...
Tip № 1.
Setting a sail

Let's start with your favorite yachts. First, it's beautiful. Secondly, on a yacht you can experience a whole range of different emotions. If the day is not very windy, you can go sailing for a romantic walk. And if the wind gets stronger, get ready for an extreme adventure. Don't forget to put on your life jacket and keep your head away from the boom. If you don't know what a geek is, go to skipper school. It's like a driving school, only a marine one. Get your license and you can hoist the sail yourself!
Tip № 2.
Gliding over the waves

SUP boarding is ultra-fashionable fun, which, unlike extreme water adventures, is available to the general public. On the Black Sea coast, they ride on glanders all year round, even in winter. But the best time is in April or May. The coastal waters are already relatively warm, but still free of noisy beach goers. It's time to get up on the board and pick up the paddle.
Tip № 3.
Catching the wind

If you still want something more extreme, go to the Taman Peninsula. It is famous for its sandy beaches, ancient history, the Crimean bridge and ... strong winds. In late spring, the coast of the peninsula is a real paradise for everyone who does not like calmness. Windsurfers and kitesurfers have chosen the Bugaz Spit. You can ride here in the shallow waters of the firth or in the deep sea - everything is nearby. Paragliding lovers settled near the lighthouse near the village of Peresyp. The high coastline and the wind from the Azov Sea make this place ideal for flights.
Tip № 4.
Jumping off the cliff

If you want to tickle your nerves even more - you should go to Sochi. Here, from a height of 330 meters, the unique in Russia Skypark beckons all adrenaline lovers. Light version - walk along one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. Light extreme - flying on a trolley over the gorge at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour. For adrenaline maniacs, a special treat is a bungee jump: 207 meters of free fall into the abyss. They say that after this jump, the extreme laughs at horror films, strokes snakes and spiders with his bare hands, and trains tigers and polar bears. But it is not known exactly.
Tip № 5.
Swimming, riding, running

Before the summer season, it's time to lose excess fat and take part in a sports event. In May, a whole series of mass competitions is held for everyone: from children to top-class athletes. On May holidays, joggers are welcome in the mountains of Krasnaya Polyana. Rosa Khutor hosts host active adventures for four days: from vertical run to cosplay disco run.