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5 tips for spring holidays
in Krasnodar region

Spring is the most romantic time of the year. After the cold winter stagnation and monotony of snow bright colors, warmth and new impressions are especially needed. A great way to present yourself a spring gift is to go to Krasnodar region. Here are five tips to help you enjoy the most romantic and unforgettable spring of your life.
Spring comes early in the south. Already in February, mimosa blossoms in Sochi, and all the gardens are buried in a yellow haze. In March, beautiful tulip trees, cherries and almonds bloom along the entire coastline, and in early April, almost the entire region is buried in flowers and fresh greenery.

In May, the weather is almost summerlike and the most daring even try to swim in the sea. However, we suggest you beware for now. The water is usually cold at this time of the year. But there are many other options for a bright and eventful holiday ...
Romantic relaxation
For many, winter is a time of intense work. At the end of the year, plans are usually fulfilled, projects are closed, and after the New Year, comes the time for new plans and the first steps to implement them. All this nervous tension is reflected in the physical and psychological state.

Therefore, the best idea for relaxation is complete, absolute, deep relaxation. The kind of relaxation that a spa hotel or sanatorium can give. All this can be found in the resorts of Krasnodar region. Pay special attention to Sochi, Gelendzhik and Anapa - these cities have world-class hotels and very high-class sanatoria. Complete relaxation is guaranteed here. In spring, there are not so many people on the coast as in summer, so even outside the hotel you can calmly walk along the embankment and breathe sea air without fuss.

There is also an unusual option for a spa vacation. In the Mostovsky district of Krasnodar region, you can relax in the thermal springs with mineral water that warms up to 80 degrees. Such a warm natural bathroom with a view of the winter mountain landscapes will surely warm you at any time of the year!
Sea cruise
Spring is the traditional time for the opening of the cruise season. And what could be more romantic than a trip on a cruise ship. At this time, there is still no southern heat, which not everyone likes, and the sea air in spring is so fresh and saturated that you want to breathe it in deeply, carry away as much of this invisible treasure as possible.

In the afternoon - walks through the port cities where the liner stops. In the evenings - leisurely conversations on the deck overlooking the endless expanses. At night you can go dance and relax in the ship's bar. Cruises are a very successful combination of opportunities for pure relaxation, rich entertainment and educational relaxation. Each tourist creates his own unique mix, based on his own. There is now one cruise route on the Russian Black Sea coast. It departs from Sochi and goes through Novorossiysk to Yalta. The voyages are operated by the "Knyz Vladimir" liner. Details on the dates of cruises should be checked on the website of the operator company or with tour operators.

If you don't have time for a big cruise, go for a short boat trip on a yacht. This is also incredibly romantic, and such a walk will surely become one of your brightest memories together. You can take a walk on a yacht or pleasure boat in almost any port city of Krasnodar region: Sochi, Gelendzhik, Anapa, Novorossiysk.
in the mountains
In March, the ski season continues in the mountains, and already in May you can take a walk in the green alpine meadows. It depends on when you go here.

If you like snow-capped mountains and high-speed descent, the BoogelWoogel Carnival is a must-see in spring. The program usually includes a lot of all kinds of crazy competitions and contests like pillow fight, ski jumping into a pool, or a snow volleyball tournament. The central event of the festival is a massive descent from the mountain in carnival costumes. The more fun is the costume, the better.

In May, when the snow has already melted from the peaks and the ground has already dried out a little, you can go on mountain walks and hikes. There are a lot of options for hiking trails. Starting with simple promenades along health trails, which are accessible even to untrained tourists, ending with multi-day routes through the territory of the Caucasus Biosphere Reserve. You can go for a ride on horseback, quad bike or bike. There are different options here too, including extreme downhill mountain biking.

Whatever you choose, the mountain air and wonderful landscapes will do the trick: you will have a great rest, relax and return home with a fresh head and new ideas.
City weekend
Gelendzhk, perhaps, is the most romantic city in Krasnodar region. Its name means "white bride". The sculpture of the bride adorns the famous city embankment. Many couples choose Gelendzhik as the venue for their honeymoon wedding. And even the main domestic wedding comedy "Bitter!" filmed here.

Here you can walk along the longest sea promenade, enjoy the amazing air, which mixes sea salt and the pine scent of Pitsunda pines. Restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues are concentrated along the embankment. So, this walk will definitely not be boring.

Be sure to visit the Safari Park, which is located on the Markoth ridge. You can get here by cable car. A fantastic view of the city and the bay opens up from a height of 640 meters. In the Safari Park, you can see how a tigress mother brings up her offspring, how polar bears play, elephants dine, or a large family of red wolves rest. The conditions in the enclosures are close to their natural habitat and the animals here feel almost at home.

In the suburb of Gelendzhik - Kabardinka, you can visit a unique place - the cultural center Old Park. Only here you can find yourself in several eras and on several continents at once. In one small space, everything that in the historical context has always contradicted and opposed each other: Ancient Egypt, the European Middle Ages, Orthodox culture, mysterious Japan and the exotic world of the Caucasus.

In Gelendzhik, you will be offered a variety of excursions - from a trip on a yacht, a visit to the famous Parus rock, to a trip to the Thunderstorm Gate fortress, which was specially built for shooting the film of the same name. Thus, the choice is quite large and one weekend may not be enough.

However, an exciting weekend can be spent not only in Gelendzhik. In spring, you should definitely visit Krasnodar with its famous park, stadium and southern Arbat - Krasnaya street. Sochi, Anapa, Novorossiysk - in all these cities there are amazing sights that deserve your attention.
A journey of tastes
Krasnodar Region is the center of high gastronomy. In local restaurants, you can try real masterpieces of the Black Sea, Kuban and Caucasian cuisine. It can be both traditional dishes and unique works of author's cuisine from chefs who are rightfully considered one of the best in Russia.

In the modern cuisine of Krasnodar region, traditions of several recognized culinary schools have been mixed. The Kuban Cossacks brought with them a Ukrainian flavor: the famous borsch, pickles, fish dishes, bacon. The peoples of the Caucasus and Transcaucasia have enriched local traditions with hot sauces, cheeses, meat dishes on charcoal. The Greeks added Mediterranean flavors: wine, fish, seafood, fresh vegetables. This whole gastronomic "cocktail" has been infused and enriched for several centuries and today is a unique phenomenon.

The obligatory item of the gastronomic program is Kuban wines. Today in Krasnodar region, there are several dozens of wineries that are not only engaged in production, but also work as tourist facilities. Here you can see the process of making wine and taste drinks with your own eyes. There are such wineries in Anapa, Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk, Temryuk and Krymsky districts of Kuban.

But, perhaps, the main center of Kuban winemaking is the village of Abrau-Dyurso by Novorossiysk. Here you can stroll through the ancient wine cellars, learn the history of ancient winemaking, and also see the modern production of sparkling drinks, which we love to decorate the festive table with.