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5 directions of "honey" tourism in Kuban
Apitourism - tasting and buying bee products - is steadily gaining popularity among the guests of the Krasnodar region. And this is not accidental. The local amber product is famous for its special softness and sweetness in contrast to its more northern counterparts.
In addition, within the same region, you can find a wide variety of honey: on the territory of the Krasnodar region, mountain Caucasian, meadow, from various grasses and many other species are collected. One of the rarest and most valuable is honey from the chestnut-honeybee, which grows exclusively in the South of Russia in some places. Therefore, without a doubt, a jar with a sunny fragrant Kuban product will become an original and useful gift to friends and family.

Why honey? Because the Kuban has a favorable climate not only for winemaking, but also for beekeeping. Early summer, the predominance of sunny days and a mild temperature range contribute to the long-term exuberant flowering of wildflowers, sunflowers and fruit trees and, accordingly, the collection of honey (from March to October). That is why the maintenance of an apiary as a type of agrotourism occupies a special place in the Krasnodar region. People come from all over the country to buy local honey, and beekeepers turn apiaries into real farms, where everyone is invited to join the fine art of honey.

Where to go in search of the "storeroom of the sun"? Bee farms are scattered all over the region, but most are localized on the Black Sea coast. For example, one of the most famous honey farms is located in Sochi and bears the name of the charismatic owner of the land — everyone knows him in the resort city. There is a local attraction right on the bank of the Mzymta River, and it is surrounded by the picturesque slopes of the Caucasus Mountains. An excursion to the apiary is a real performance from the beekeeper himself with a fascinating immersion in the life of drones and the opportunity to even feed the bees yourself.

Before you buy Krasnopolyansky honey, do not deny yourself the pleasure of tasting traditional shish kebab and homemade mead according to an old recipe. And then, of course, feel free to choose honey gifts in memory of this excursion.
Between Novorossiysk and Krymsky, another apiary with a telling name was hidden in the Gorny village. The place was chosen by travelers by car, as the entrance to the complex is visible directly from the highway. It is framed by two wooden mills, behind which there is a well-groomed territory with bee hives. Here you can not only buy products produced by local striped workers, but also have a snack in a cafe with homemade food, relax after a long road and make beautiful cards in a very photogenic location.

But not only the Black Sea coast is famous for "amber gold" — you can go to the Mostovsky district, to the Abinsky or Seversky districts for honey. So, a whole sports agricultural farm is located in the Ubinskaya village. The apiary was divided into 9 hectares of land at the foot of the Sober-Bash mountain and produces natural honey for sale. But most importantly, the farm hosts colorful excursions and lectures, and there is even a transparent beehive for a safe acquaintance with all the processes of organic production of the product. In addition, you can celebrate a birthday and hold a team building on the "honey" farm, and for those who like to "go to the mountains", the owners will organize a hike to the Sober.
And in the Korenovsky district there is an eco-farm, where tourists will be offered not only to taste and buy bee products, but also to try apitherapy for themselves. Apitherapy is a traditional healing of the body with bee products, including bee venom. On the farm, the format of interaction with the bee is "lazy". It involves lying on the hives until complete relaxation. Bees are believed to have a healing effect on the human biological field and even conduct a psycho emotional reboot.

Tourists who have chosen Azov sea as a holiday destination also have the opportunity to bring home a honey gift from the southern shores. On the way to Yeysk there are many bases and beekeeping farms, where you can go on your own or as part of an extended excursion. Thus, guests of the Yeisk district can visit all its key attractions in one sightseeing trip, see how honey is collected and beekeepers work, and also buy a jar of natural honey as a gift to their loved ones.
It is no secret that honey is an antioxidant and an indispensable natural remedy for raising immunity, which is more important than ever today. Therefore, when considering what to bring to your family and friends from your vacation in the Kuban, pay attention to beekeeping products: fragrant honey, pollen, honeycombs and others. Such a gift will definitely be appreciated. And those who visit the Krasnodar region in August have a chance to get to the Festival of cheese, honey and grape drinks. It will gather the best beekeepers of the region in one place, and the guests of the event will only have to choose honey according to taste and price.