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5 most popular wine destinations in the Krasnodar region

5 самых популярных винных направлений в Краснодарском крае
5 самых популярных винных направлений в Краснодарском крае
5 most popular wine destinations in the Krasnodar region
Kuban is not only a center of active, health tourism, but also a storehouse of wine tours. The region is located at the latitude of the famous wine places of the world – Bordeaux and Tuscany. There are more than a dozen wineries in the region: famous and not so famous, large and private. You can take a walk among the vineyards, learn how wine is born, visit the storage of collectible bottles and of course taste the best quiet and sparkling wines of Kuban if you go on a wine tour. We advise you to book such excursions in August – September, when the grape harvest is underway. At this time, the standard program may be added to the opportunity to pick a berry yourself and even feel like in a famous movie with the participation of Celentano. We will tell you about the most popular destinations for such a holiday in the region.
The Abrau-Durso village (Novorossiysk)
The most famous Wine Tourism Center in Russia is located here, it is also compared to Tuscany or called the "Russian Riviera". In the center of the village there is a lake, on the mirror surface of which you can drive a catamaran or take a boat ride. There is a park and interesting sculptures adjacent to the lake, where you can take beautiful photos and spend time. Here you can hide from the summer heat, and in winter there is something to do. As part of the wine tour, you will be offered to go down to the ancient cellars and tunnels of Prince Lev Golitsyn, which trace their history back to 1870 and where the history of "Russian champagne" began. To this day, the traditions of producing classic sparkling wine are preserved here, which is a traditional guest on the New Year's tables of many Russians, and is also served at government receptions. You will learn about the history of the "Russian wine House Abrau-Durso", see modern production, visit the multimedia "Gallery of Light Abrau" and be sure to taste the legendary royal wines. Why are they royal? Because it was thanks to Emperor Alexander II that a winery appeared in the village of Abrau-Durso, and the famous tunnels were cut into the limestone rock.

Every year, the Wine Tourism Center receives more than 200 thousand tourists, they come here from all over Russia and even from abroad, because Abrau-Durso is considered one of the most beautiful corners of Europe.
The Sennoy village (Temryuksky district)
Here is the wine-making complex "Fanagoria". The company got its name from the ancient city, which was located nearby. As part of the wine tour, you will be told about the technology of production of alcoholic beverages – soft and sparkling wines, tinctures, cognacs and chacha. It is interesting that the factory produces ice wine – Ice Wine) - the grapes are harvested for it late, when the frosts have already begun. This wine has a special taste, its quantity is small due to the limited time for collection. After the tour, you will be offered to taste the company's wines. Accompanied by a sommelier, you will try five or seven samples and learn the secrets of how to distinguish real wine from fake.

The predecessor of "Fanagoria" was the Sennovsky Winery, whose products in 1980 became one of the official drinks of the XXII Olympic Games and the XII World Festival of Youth and Students. The history of the plant called "Fanagoria" began in 1996. Later, the largest wine cellar in Russia was built with an area of 3 thousand m2, the area of vineyards was increased, the production of cognacs and balms was started.
The Taman village (Temryuksky district)
The Chateau Tamagne Oenology Center is a unique complex where you can not only learn about the secrets of creating wine, but also play a wine casino, "sommelier's nose" and even draw a picture with wine. The place where the complex is located has been an active viticulture zone for more than 5 thousand years. The excursion program of the Center is extensive and full of information. Sommeliers and winemakers will offer you to go to the exciting world of wine, tell you about the full production cycle – from the birth of the vine to the bottling of the "drink of the gods". You will learn what remuage, degorge, perlage is, learn how to determine the composition of wine bouquets, and also learn why wine can exude smells of wet soil or, for example, rotten eggs.

Chateau Tamagne is a brand of the Kuban-Vino enterprise, which was established in 1956, and in 2003 became part of the Ariant Group of Companies. The company's vineyards are spread over 9 thousand hectares and are the largest in Russia.
The Gai-Kodzor village (Anapa)
A small but very stylish winery will become a beautiful frame for the photos that you will bring from the tour. Vineyards, panoramic views and the sea surface are visible from the glass building of the wine farm, which literally floats in the air, filled with light and positive emotions of visitors. Tourists will be shown cellars with wine barrels, will tell about the history of the creation of drinks and will conduct a tasting. They prefer not to let guests into the production here, so as not to disturb the process of creating wine, which further indicates the closeness of the winery. The creation of wine in Guy-Kodzor is led by the French, who introduce their technologies, constantly improving and creating new blends and monosort wines. You will be able to evaluate the skill of the winemakers at the tasting. From such a wine tour, you will bring unforgettable impressions and non-trivial photos. By the way, if you go on a wine tour in late June-early July, you will find blooming lavender, the fields of which are not inferior to French Provence in any way.

The history of the winery "Gai-Kodzor" dates back to the early 2000s. The enterprise is a full-cycle farm.
The Moldavanskoye village (Krymsky district)
The Lefkadia Valley winery is located here. The picturesque panoramas of the main Caucasian ridge, together with lavender fields blooming in summer and vineyards stretching for kilometers, create a wonderful background for photos and unforgettable emotions. As part of the wine tour, you will be given a fascinating tour of the production, will reveal the secrets of winemaking, will taste the best wines of the company, which will be served in combination with cheeses, the production of which is organized there. In addition, guests of the valley will visit the wine museum, which contains exhibits from different eras from all over the world: antique amphorae, fancy corkscrews, tools for working with barrels, and so on. The valley has even recreated the ancient Greek Agora market square, where you will be accompanied by a walking audio guide, and fountains, historical scenery and statues will help you immerse yourself in the ancient world.

The Lefkadia winery was founded by Mikhail Nikolaev, an enthusiast of elite winemaking in Russia, in 2004. A year later, the first seedlings were planted on an area of 24 hectares.
As part of the wine tour, you can have a picnic in the shade of the vineyards, visit the Champagne Spa, enjoy the gastronomic combinations of the best wines of Russia and the freshest products that are offered at the wineries. The excursion programs are extensive and interesting, while being affordable. You can go on a wine trip with a company, or take an individual tour. Such a trip can be a good addition to a sea holiday or a wonderful weekend pastime, and you can also give a wine tour. In any case, unforgettable emotions are guaranteed!