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7 tips for autumn holidays
in Krasnodar region
There are many reasons why autumn is the time that is worth spending a vacation or a busy weekend at the resorts of Krasnodar region.
First of all, not everyone loves the heat. In autumn the weather is more comfortable and suitable for outdoor activities, sightseeing tours, and a health course in a sanatorium. Moreover, even in November, when most of Russia is already cold, there is excellent weather, as a rule, in Krasnodar region: an average of 10-13 degrees Celsius. Such weather is conducive to long walks, a cup of tea on the cafe veranda and a comfortable rest on the coast. So come and stock up on positive things for the coming winter. In the fall, rest will be cheaper. Health resorts offer good discounts; hotel rooms cost much less than in high season. Finally, one more plus: there are fewer tourists in the resorts in the fall. This means less noise, less queues and an individual approach to each guest. And, the following is what you can do in the fall instead of a traditional beach holiday.
Climbing mountains
Autumn is perhaps the best time to relax in the mountains. The air at this time here reaches incredible transparency and purity. It is filled with numerous smells of the autumn forest. Even a couple of days spent at altitude will cleanse the body and head, energize for work and conquer new heights.

For fans of sports and outdoor activities, Krasnaya Polyana is ideal. At any time of the year, its mountain resorts are ready to offer guests a wide range of pleasures: from a short walk with fantastic views of the Western Caucasus mountains to extreme activities. By the way, do not forget to buy a jar of mountain honey in Krasnaya Polyana, which is made at local apiaries. This is a real source of health, and it's time to open the jar in the fall to strengthen the immune system before the long winter.

If you like a calm and more contemplative vacation, you can spend your holidays in Goryachy Klyuch - a resort town in the picturesque foothills of the Caucasus between Krasnodar and Dzhubga. It is famous for its mineral springs and balneological sanatoria. There are scenic hiking trails where you can safely walk and admire the mountain beauty.

If you only have one or two days left, you can go to the Guam Gorge. Here you can ride on the famous narrow-gauge railway that runs along the very bottom of the gorge. A cheerful company can go to the Planchesky rocks - they are located in the Seversky district, about 55 kilometers from Krasnodar. The most picturesque countryside, rapid rivers, mountains - you can spend an unforgettable weekend in these amazing places.
Pumping up health
Autumn is the time to start "repairing" your body and preparing it for winter. This season is especially favorable for those who have problems with blood pressure and the cardiovascular system, suffering from arthrosis and osteochandrosis, as well as for allergy sufferers, children and the elderly.

Today 140 sanatoria and health resorts in Kuban operate all year round. Health resorts in Krasnodar region offer more than 500 unique health improvement programs. Vouchers to the sanatoria of Krasnodar region in the fall are much cheaper than in the high season. Especially if you take advantage of the South Health Resort discount program, developed by the Ministry of Resorts, Tourism and Olympic Heritage of Krasnodar region.

If you have problems with the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, welcome to the health resorts of Gelendzhik, Anapa, Labinsk, Goryachiy Klyuch. If you need to restore the nervous system, go to Khosta, Loo, Tuapse, Yeisk district. Respiratory distress? Kabardinka, Sochi, Gelendzhik, Goryachy Klyuch are all for you.

The most advanced technologies and equipment are developed and used here. Almost every health resort has a powerful diagnostic center that allows you to establish the correct diagnosis at the earliest stages, to monitor the course of treatment with pinpoint accuracy. New methods of treatment, such as ozone therapy, mesotherapy, laser therapy, speleotherapy and others, are constantly emerging and applied.
new experience
Fall vacation is the time to try something you have never tried before. Perhaps a new experience will turn into a new hobby that will stay with you for life.

For example, you can try your hand at golf. This sport, unusual for Russia, is traditionally considered an occupation for millionaires. In fact, golf is available to almost everyone today. There are not very many clubs in Russia yet, but there are several in Krasnodar region. Come and try your hand.

Another idea is paragliding over the autumn mountains and sea.

An unforgettable experience, a sea of adrenaline and cool photos are guaranteed. If you want to have a romantic getaway, you can go out to sea. This can be done practically at any time of the year in good weather. A walk on a motor boat for about 40 minutes or a yacht rental for a few hours, or maybe a longer trip – choose the best for you!

For those who love extreme types of recreation, we recommend driving a racing car along the Sochi Autodrom track, where the Russian stage of Formula 1 takes place.

Or try bungee: jump with an elastic rope from a height of 207 meters. They say that after seven seconds of free fall into the abyss, you can become a different person.

Breathing sea air
Although in late autumn only winter-swimmers can swim in the sea, this does not mean that it loses its charm and attractiveness.

There is an opinion among scientists that the seascape itself has a calming effect on the psyche. Therefore, coastal trips are considered the best cure for autumn depression. Enjoy the sea air. Scientists believe that air baths are especially beneficial at low temperatures. In stormy weather, the air on the coast is saturated with microscopic droplets of seawater, rich in ozone and oxygen, which increases its beneficial properties several times.

And how many interesting thoughts and bright memories come to mind when you look at the sea and the setting sun. Therefore, an autumn vacation on the coast is the best time for relaxation and immersion in yourself.

Probably, the best place for walking along the sea is the Gelendzhik embankment. Its length is 14 kilometers and it is one of the longest in the world. There is an embankment along the coast of Gelendzhik Bay - a real miracle of nature. In ancient times, Greek triremes and Roman liburns entered this convenient bay, and an ancient city was located on its banks. The exit from the bay is guarded by two capes - Tolsty and Tonky. The strait between them is about one nautical mile wide - about 1.8 km.

Enjoying the taste
The gastronomic season in Krasnodar region is all year round. But, each season has its own exclusives. For example, khamsa is caught in November. This nimble silvery fish, which in Europe is called anchovy, is considered the "second bread" in Krasnodar region. The fish is salted, pickled, fried, made with sandwiches and even multi-layer cakes. Believe us, this is delicious!

Also, autumn is the season of roasted chestnuts. You should definitely try them in local restaurants, or you can do it yourself. You can buy chestnuts in the market, they are prepared very simply: you need to make a cross-shaped incision on the nut and fry in a pan without oil.

Persimmons and pomegranates ripen from fruits at this time. And the season of the most delicious Kuban wines lasts all year round. Today in Krasnodar region, there are several dozens of wineries that are not only engaged in production, but also work as tourist facilities. Here you can see the process of making wine and taste drinks with your own eyes. There are such wineries in Anapa, Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk, Temryuk and Krymsky districts of Kuban.

But, perhaps, the main center of Kuban winemaking is the village of Abrau-Dyurso near Novorossiysk. Here you can stroll through the ancient wine cellars, learn the history of ancient winemaking, and also see the modern production of sparkling drinks, which we love to decorate the festive table with.
Seeing everything
with your own eyes
There are hundreds of interesting sights in Krasnodar region that deserve your attention. Wherever you go, there is something to see and wonder. You can choose an excursion for every taste: you can see amazing natural monuments, architectural masterpieces, walk in parks or visit a museum.

For example, in Sochi, Tuapse district and Gelendzhik, you can see ancient megaliths - dolmens. Many of these structures are older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. The purpose of the dolmens is still a mystery that attracts scientists, as well as lovers of mysteries and legends.

In Anapa and Taman, you can visit archaeological museums, where rich collections of antique artifacts related to ancient history, when these places were the territory of the ancient Bosporus kingdom, are collected.

You can find yourself in several eras at once in the cultural center "Old Park". Here, in one small space, everything that in the historical context has always contradicted and opposed each other is united. Ancient Egypt, the European Middle Ages, mysterious Japan and the exotic world of the Caucasus - all this is adjacent to each other. The "Old Park" is located in the resort village of Kabardinka between Gelendzhik and Novorossiysk.

An exciting weekend can be spent in the capital of Kuban. For example, here you can arrange an excellent walk through the best park on two continents. Last year this title was given to Krasnodar Park: it became a laureate of the International Large Urban Parks Awards in the Eurasian Park Awards nomination. The jury named it the best project that has emerged in the post-Soviet space in recent decades. We cannot but agree with this.

The main city street - Krasnaya - turns into a pedestrian boulevard for the whole weekend. In warm weather, it resembles the Moscow Arbat. Here they sing, dance, paint portraits, sell flowers, cotton candy and Kuban souvenirs. It's nice to ride a bike or walk along Krasnaya street. This is the only way to appreciate the remarkable architecture: old merchants, mansions made in the Baroque-eclectic style, which was very popular in the late 19th - early 20th centuries.
as much as possible

If you want maximum relaxation, then a spa hotel is a great idea for a weekend or a short vacation. Such relaxation will strengthen the immune system before the coming season of winter diseases, heal from the autumn depression and blues. To get rid of all worries from your head - choose hotels operating on the "all inclusive" system - there are already 76 of them on the coast of Krasnodar region.

There is also an unusual option for a spa vacation. In the Mostovsky district of Krasnodar region, you can relax in the thermal springs with mineral water that warms up to 80 degrees. Such a warm natural bathroom with a view of the winter mountain landscapes will surely warm you at any time of the year!