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7 movie attractions
of Krasnodar region
The resorts of Krasnodar region have long enjoyed the fame of one of the best cinemas in the country. Many films of the Soviet period were filmed here, including the famous "Kuban Cossacks" and the cult comedy "The Diamond Arm". Here is a short guide to the places that will be remembered from the shots of famous Soviet and Russian films.
Sochi sea port
Perhaps, Leonid Gaidai loved Krasnodar region more than other directors. Many episodes of his favorite comedies were filmed here. Several attractions that attract tourists today are associated with the movie "The Diamond Arm".

One of the first scenes of the film, where Semyon Gorbunkov and his future "friend" Gesha Kozodoev go on a cruise. Semyon Semyonovich is seen off by his wife and children, they even take a short interview with him before the ship sailed. True, the family does not allow the hero to speak. Gesha is seen off by Lelik performed by Anatoly Papanov. The entire scene was filmed at the Sochi seaport. Now sculptures have been installed at the filming location. Here is Semyon Gorbunkov with his family, and a little further from them - Gesha and Lelik.
Kiselev Rock
This beautiful rock in the vicinity of Tuapse is named after the famous Itinerant painter who glorified it in his paintings. Tourists often visit the rock and swim in these places. Not all remember that this place is also closely associated with "The Diamond Arm". It was here that the fishing scene was filmed, where Gesha tries to hit Gorbunkov on the head, and Lelik puts the fish on the hook of the unlucky Semyon Semyonovich.
Sudzhuk Spit
But, the scene following the fishing trip, in which Gesha finds himself on a small island and sees a boy walking on the water was filmed in Novorossiysk on the Sudzhuk Spit. This moment is also now immortalized in stone. Gesha, with a stick in his hands, which he carries like a banner, proudly walks along the water surface next to the most famous city beach in Novorossiysk.
Mzymta River
Gaidai's other comedy "Prisoner of the Caucasus" was filmed mainly in neighboring Crimea. However, the nature for some scenes still had to be looked for in Krasnodar купшщт. For example, along the old mountain road to Krasnaya Polyana, which runs along the Mzymta river, Shurik wandered with his donkey. This stormy mountain river was filmed in the scene where the hero of Alexander Demyanenko hovered in a sleeping bag over a cliff, and then fell into the water and was saved by beautiful Nina. The water in the river is very cold. And, in the episode, when Nina and Shurik are sitting on the shore and shivering from the cold, they really trembled: the assistants poured ice water from Mzymta on them from buckets.
Beaches of Sochi
Hotels are overcrowded, and a single mother passes a stranger off as her husband - this is the beginning of the romantic comedy "Be My Husband" directed by Alla Surikova with Andrey Mironov and Elena Proklova in the lead roles. The film was filmed in Sochi, many recognizable places are captured in the frame. The film shows in detail the beaches on which the main character loses his clothes, and then looks for it for a long time.
Thunderstorm Gates
And now to the contemporary Russian cinema. The multi-part military blockbuster "Thunderstorm Gates" directed by Andrey Malyukov with Mikhail Porechenkov in the lead role tells about the heroic defense of the mountain pass during the Chechen war.

The film was shot in the mountains of Krasnodar region - not far from Gelendzhik. We see beautiful views of the Western Caucasus in the picture: the slopes of Mount Abin, the Kotsekhur ridge. After filming, a castle decoration remained in these places, which has now become a popular tourist attraction. Numerous excursions come here.
Parus Rock
Another film closely related to Gelendzhik is the wedding comedy "Bitter!" from the director Zhora Kryzhovnikov. Natasha and Roma are getting ready for the wedding, but they cannot agree with their parents about what the main day in their family life should be. And then, they decide to hold two weddings at once: one - for parents and relatives, in a restaurant, with traditional competitions, and the second - for themselves, a party on the Black Sea coast. Ironically, both celebrations will join together one wonderful moment.

The shot captures many recognizable places of Gelendzhik and neighboring Novorossiysk. In one scene, a famous landmark of these places appears - the Parus Rock.