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9 interesting facts
about the Black Sea dolphins

If you were on vacation in the summer on the coast of the Krasnodar territory, you probably saw dolphins frolicking in the sea. This sight is always a delight for vacationers, especially children. The next time you see black sea dolphins, you can show off your knowledge and tell some interesting facts. These ones...
1. The Black Sea bottlenose dolphin, reaching 3.5 m in length and 300 kg in weight, is the largest of the Black Sea dolphins. It feeds on fish and benthic animals, and can dive 90 m deep. A group usually consists of several dozen individuals.

2. The body of dolphins is ideally suited for movement in the water and allows them to swim very quickly. The very elastic and smooth skin, thanks to the oily secretions that facilitate gliding in the water, also helps this.

3. The dorsal fin, if present, is usually sickle rather than triangular; if it is not bent, then it is very tall, like that of a male killer whale.

4. In most dolphins, the jaws form a well-developed mouth - "beak", in which there are from two (sargue and sword-toothed dolphins) to 272 teeth - a record for mammals. The teeth are shaped like pointed spines, ideal for holding slippery prey.

5. White-sided Black Sea dolphins (bottlenose dolphins) usually reach a length of 2 meters and weigh up to 80 kg. They are very "smart" - dark back, light sides and belly. They live in large flocks (up to 2 thousand specimens).

6. Bottlenose dolphins usually hunt anchovy or mullet, they can eat up to 10 kg of fish per day. Speed swimming champions, they reach speeds of up to 60 km / h.

7. The Azov dolphin (porpoise) reaches 1.5 m in length and gains weight up to 30 kg. It lives in shallow water, withstands slightly salted water (which is why it willingly enters the Sea of Azov and even river mouths). He is friendly and sociable by nature, and is well trained.

8. Dolphins help wounded relatives or newborn babies to stay on the water.

9. On a boat or yacht in the Black Sea, you can see any dolphins, and the bottlenose dolphins love to tease captains, easily overtaking the ship. Usually only Azov and bottlenose dolphins approach the shore, hunting for fish.