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"A. MORE Festival" is waiting for you in Anapa!
The holiday season in Anapa will be opened with a large-scale festival and the first Russian vineyard race.
There has never been such a project as "A. MORE Festival" in the entire South of Russia. The festival will last ten days (from 14 to 23 May) and will unite four locations: #MoreVina, #MoreKino, #MoreLove, and a "Wine Run".
During the festival, many activities are planned with the prefix "for the first time". For example, in the center of the resort town, an ethno-gastronomic fair will be shown. There you can taste dishes of different nationalities. Guests are even promised to be fed with Sicilian cuisine with properly selected Kuban wines. Area visitors will not only be able to appreciate fine wines, but also to take part in master classes, learn the secrets of winemakers, and have the opportunity to visit wineries located near Anapa, and see with their own eyes how quiet and sparkling wines are born. As part of the festival, a unique tasting is provided, which will connect Anapa and Napa (the American wine capital) with the help of a teleconference. #MoreVina is not only an entertainment, but also an extensive business program, which includes a conference about the development of grape-growing lands. Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and the Union of Winemakers and Winegrowers of Russia will take part in it.
For those who love not only delicious food, but also watch their figure, the organizers of the festival offer to become pioneers of the "Wine Marathon".
It will take place on the morning of May 15 and will pass through the most beautiful vineyards in the country. This is the first time such an activity will be held in Russia. The distances were devised for any physical training: from a small costume run for 1.8 km; classic 5 km; wine race for 10.5 km to marathon distances of 21.1 km and 42.2 km. So, both trained athletes and those who simply want to enjoy the picturesque nature of the Anapa vineyards will be able to try their hand, take part in tasting the best Kuban wines and plunge into the atmosphere of a sports festival.

In general, there will really be a lot of wine, as well as movies. Open film screenings and autograph sessions, as well as filming of Russian films, will be held on the Theater Square and the beaches of the resort town. You will be able to participate in a real movie and see the filmmaking process from the inside. #MoreKino will unite the film industry and the colour of the resort town. The open-air cinema will be built right on the central beach of Anapa – there will be daytime film screenings - at 18.00, the evening program will continue with films on the Theater Square from 20.00. From May 21, guests will see the premiere of the film "Honest Divorce" with Alexander Roback and Agatha Mucieniece, who will hold an autograph session on the same day.

The "A.MORE Festival " atmosphere " has a love that soars in the air and imbues all the guests of Anapa with bright emotions. No wonder that love is already in the name of the festival: amore in Italian is love. More than 35 hot-air balloons will rise into the sky over the resort town. So guests will not only be able to see the sea coast from a bird's-eye view, but also to marry in the sky – not only the newlyweds, but also the registrators will hover over the resort. And all this to the jazz rhythms of the best musicians of the country - Igor Butman and Georgy Garanyan's big band, classical melodies performed by the Kuban Symphony Orchestra, virtuoso compositions from the famous violinist Samvel Hayrapetyan and incendiary DJ sets. A big concert is scheduled for May 16, during the evening, the artists together with the music-band RockSoul will perform soundtracks from popular films, such as "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Game of Thrones", "The Godfather" and so on. On Wednesday, May 19, the evening air of Anapa will be filled with pop and jazz compositions from the repertoire of Chuck Manzhoni, Herb Alpert during the Feels So Good concert from the orchestra from Gelendzhik.
Guests of the resort will be able to find entertainment in between the busy program of the festival. For example, go on excursions to places located within half an hour from the center of Anapa. There is something to see there. You will never forget these emotions. If you love pristine nature, visit the Utrish Nature Reserve, where the unique juniper forest will not only hide from the midday heat, but also fill the body with useful phytoncides. The reserve is one of the top three in terms of plant diversity in Russia. If you go on vacation in the aspiration of beautiful views, be sure to visit the longest staircase in Anapa. 800 steps down, accompanied by unforgettable views of the Caucasus mountain range. Panoramic views of the first spurs of the ridge and the Anapa Bay are also opened from the observation deck "Swallow's Nest". If you love history and do not overlook the artifacts of ancient times, visit the archaeological museum of Gorgippia, which is located in the center of Anapa and tells about the ancient times of the resort, when this land was a Greek colony.
There is something to see and be surprised at in Anapa. You only need to come once to love this sunny city with endless beaches, a gentle sea and a warm atmosphere forever.