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Ah, the white ship: TOP 3 popular cruises on the Black Sea

Ах, белый теплоход: ТОП-3 популярных круизов по Чёрному морю
Ах, белый теплоход: ТОП-3 популярных круизов по Чёрному морю
Ah, the white ship: TOP 3 popular cruises on the Black Sea
Imagine how the sun slowly rises over the water surface, dolphins splash in the waves, gulls soar overhead, and the sea breeze blows over your face. You go down to breakfast, and then go to the pool or spa area, or maybe to a barber shop or a movie theater, and in the evening after dinner you dress up for a disco or a concert.
One one-day vacation, you might say, but there is one big difference – in order to move from one location to another, it is enough to go down one floor or go up, because the cinema, the bar, the restaurant and much, much more are on board a cruise liner. While you are resting, the white giant takes you to the shores of the Crimea or the Krasnodar region. If earlier cruises were associated with luxury holidays. Now such trips are available to almost everyone. This is taking into account three meals a day according to the "buffet" system, as well as activities for both adults and children.

Cruise organizers promise that you will feel as confident on the open sea as on land, even if you suffer from "seasickness". Modern cruise ships on "hydrofoils", as the pitching stabilizers are called, carry their passengers along the waves of the Black Sea. So you will not feel the pitching even during a storm. By the way, there is always a medical unit on the ships with professional personnel who are ready to help you.
Cruise on the route: Sochi – Novorossiysk-Yalta – Sevastopol-Sochi
The cruise liner "Prince Vladimir" will become your home for seven days. The nine-deck floating hotel, designed for 940 passengers, is a modern giant, where you will find entertainment for every taste: two aqua zones with four swimming pools, bars, two restaurants, a cinema, a dance floor, a spa complex, a children's play area and even a barber shop. The cruise program will satisfy the most demanding passengers. For adults-an evening show program with live music and dance lessons, for children – educational contests and master classes from animators. Attention and care for each guest is the motto of the cruise.

Starting on Sunday from Sochi, you will visit the main seaport of the region – Novorossiysk, and then the liner will take you to the shores of the Crimea – shining Yalta and the majestic "city of Russian sailors" Sevastopol. At your disposal are not only all the locations of the "floating city", but also a comfortable air-conditioned cabin with comfortable sleeping places, a shower, a bathroom, a TV and a refrigerator.

- I have worked on all ships, except those with a nuclear engine. The track record includes tankers, dry cargo ships, chemical carriers, and passenger ships. He worked on cruise ships in Greece, took tourists to the islands of the Mediterranean Sea. On the cruise route Sochi-Crimea, my favorite city is, of course, Novorossiysk, where I was born. I always spend my holidays at home — this is the best vacation for me, " says the captain of the liner "Prince Vladimir" Vladimir Mankov, whose naval experience began counting in 1967.
Cruise: "Melody of two seas" Anapa - Rostov-on-Don
The four-deck liner "Mustai Karim" is ready to take you from sunny Anapa to the capital of the Southern District – Rostov-on-Don. The ship is the newest product on the Russian market of river cruises. It was built only three years ago, is equipped with modern navigation equipment and can accommodate 309 passengers. Comfortable cabins with a designer interior, panoramic views or a balcony will be a great place to relax for a week. Each cabin has all the amenities, including a refrigerator, TV, free Wi-Fi, as well as a buffet for breakfast, a custom system for lunch and dinner.

During the trip, you will visit Novorossiysk, get a unique opportunity to drive under the famous arches of the Crimean Bridge, see the port of Kavkaz, Azov and spend two days in Rostov-on-Don, mooring in the city along the "father" Don. At the place of stops, professional guides will conduct excursions for you. Such a route is a unique opportunity to enjoy the endless sea and the majestic river in a short time. In addition, you can relax at least every day in the spa area – in the pool, sauna, hammam or massage, improve your health in physical therapy classes or with a fitness trainer, as well as enjoy herbal tea and an oxygen cocktail. In the evening, a cultural program awaits you, which includes master classes, tastings and musical evenings.
Cruise "Cities of Ancient Heritage" Rostov-on-Don - Port Caucasus, Crimean Bridge - Novorossiysk - Anapa - Azov - Rostov-on-Don
This trip is also included in the program of tours of the four-deck liner "Mustai Karim", which is designed for both sea and river trips. As part of the tour, you will enjoy exclusive educational excursions with professional guides. This is more like the cherry on the cake called "sea cruise". Because the floating hotel will have two restaurants and two bars, a wine library, a spa complex, a gym, a barber shop, a massage room and much more at your disposal during the whole week of the trip. If you went on a tour together with colleagues, an equipped conference room is at your service. Children will also find entertainment to their liking – they will be carried away by animators or games in a children's club.

Cruise navigation on the Black Sea will last until the beginning of October. Comfortable "floating hotels" are ready to give you a dream vacation. No one will be left without attention, you will not only spend time in an atmosphere of relaxation and pleasure, but also discover new routes.