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The antique past of Gelendzhik:
10 interesting facts

Ancient history is just around the corner. More than 2.5 thousand years ago, five centuries before the birth of Christ, ancient settlements arose on the territory of Krasnodar region, founded by Greeks during the so-called Great Colonization. Torik was the name of an ancient settlement on the shore of the modern Gelendzhik Bay in the area of Tonky Cape.
1. The first mention is contained in the periphery of the Greek traveler and geographer Pseudo-Skilak, compiled in the IV century BC.

2. There are several versions of the origin of the inhabitants of Torik. The first one says that the founders were the Ionians - an ancient Greek tribe from Miletus (one of the largest and richest ancient city-states located in Asia Minor). According to the second version, Torik was founded by settlers from Attica, one of the regions of mainland Greece.

3. In 1971-1974 the surviving part of an antique building of the 6th-5th centuries ВС was discovered, which preserved twenty-one rooms and two corridors with total area of 1540 square meters. The building was rectangular, including a projecting corner, probably a watchtower.

4. Several families could live in the Torik building, which were related to each other. This is indicated by isolated rooms with exits to the courtyard.

5. Judging by the remains of large furnaces and slag, the manufacture of metal products played a large role in the economy of Torik.

6. In addition to the metalworking industry, the colonists were also engaged in pottery. Many ceramic molded vessels of various shapes have been found.

7. Weaving, fishing and hunting played a certain role in the economy of the settlers.

8. An interesting fact: during the excavations of Torik not a single coin was found. It can be assumed that the residents paid with natural products.

9. The ancient Greek Torik was of great importance as the initial station on the route of Greek ships to the Bosporus Cimmerian (Kerch Strait).

10. The ancient settlement existed for about a century. Ancient Torik died in a fire in a conflagration in the middle of the 5th century BC. This, perhaps, happened after the raid of the barbarian tribes, since an arrowhead stuck in the wall was found during excavations. Later, on the site of modern Gelendzhik there was the Roman port of Patras.