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Bugaz spit: why fans of extreme rest aspire here

Бугазская коса: почему сюда стремятся фанаты экстремального отдыха
Бугазская коса: почему сюда стремятся фанаты экстремального отдыха
Bugaz spit: why fans of extreme rest aspire here
A thin strip of sandy land, which stretches for 12 kilometers between the Kiziltash estuary and the Black Sea. Just a place on the big map of the world, but not really. This is one of the pearls of the Black Sea coast. "Life is high '' - such a motto, perhaps, can be given to the Bugaz Spit. A lost corner of a beach holiday, a mecca and an energy center for extreme lovers. Here you can find relaxation for every taste: both active and contemplative.
The unique location of the Bugaz Spit has long been chosen by kite and wind surfers, for whom the wave and wind are important. There is plenty of this here.
Moreover, unlike other surf centers, there is no need to wait on the spit for the wind to change direction: if it is south, then everyone "rides" on the sea, if it is north – they move to the estuary. It is easy to do this, because the distance between the two reservoirs is only a couple of hundred meters. Experienced kiters come to the Bugaz spit in the spring or closer to autumn, summer is the time of beginners, when the wave is not high and the wind is weaker. There are about ten schools on the spit, where wind-dependent riders are trained. You will be able to take a course from a beginner to a professional, and equipment is also provided, so you do not need to think about renting equipment in advance, and then drag it with you to the scythe. Instructors with many years of experience will reveal their secrets: they will put you on the board, explain how to make friends with the wave and learn how to control the wind.
If you prefer to spend time not on the waves, but under them, then diving is just for you.
The underwater nature of the Black Sea is diverse, you will be able to get acquainted with various types of fish and shellfish, see the reliefs hidden by water and even sunken ships. One of them is the tanker "Valerian Kuibyshev", a favorite of divers, which sank during the Great Patriotic War. Even beginners will be able to get there, because the ship is located at a depth of up to ten meters. In addition to the fact that you will be able to see the equipment of the metal giant: the steering wheel, propellers and even visit the cabins, the tanker is inhabited by hundreds of marine life, which you have previously seen only behind the glass of aquariums. No less interesting is another object – the bank of Mary Magdalena. The name of the shoal came from the Genoese navigators. Scientists assume that the object is nothing more than a sunken coral island. Divers call it the "stone garden", which is favored by crabs and rapans, sea swallows and stingrays, and there you can also see the museum of anchors.

Come here with children – they learn diving from the age of seven. Even if young researchers of the water depths do not know how to swim, instructors will teach them how to dive and breathe properly under water, so that children together with their parents will be able to see the incredible beauty that the Black Sea hides. Certified instructors promise to conduct an exciting tour of the underwater kingdom, as well as capture your journey on video.

Diving centers located on the Bugaz Spit will offer you their equipment, which is high-class and proven, so there is absolutely no need to worry about the lack of special clothing for diving.
Do you want to not just look at the shoals of fish swimming past you? Then take up spearfishing!
The Black Sea is rich in fish. In the area of the Bugaz spit, you can meet such marine inhabitants as loban, singil, pilengas, at great depths there is a humpback. In order for the hunt to be successful, you need to know the wind direction, so it is easier to calculate the routes of movement of fish flocks. Experienced underwater hunters have chosen the scythe and are sure that if desired and dexterity, you can get an excellent catch.
The centers of active tourism on the Bugaz spit are located just 5-8 kilometers from the nearest settlement - the Blagoveshchenskaya village, where you will be offered comfortable overnight accommodation in hotels and guest houses, home-cooked meals in cafes and canteens. If you prefer the romance of the night sea, when sand dunes are spread out for kilometers around, and the stars are incredibly high on the night dome of the sky, when in the evening songs to the guitar under the crackle of a fire, and in the early morning a meeting with the sun rays peeking out from behind the water's edge, then car camping is for you. Just do not forget that there is no fresh water on the spit – you need to take it with you, as well as protective awnings from the sun. There are several equipped campsites on the territory of the spit, where you can rent a trailer, an eco-house and even a sphere, but there are not many of them. Bugaz spit is a protected area, practically untouched by civilization.

If you want to take a break from the noise of the big city, gas pollution and the frenzied rhythm of the metropolis, reboot your brain, shake off problems and obligations from your shoulders, talk to your soul and hear your heart, come to Bugaz spit.
Those who once visited the spit come back here again and again to catch a wave, sink to the seabed or just get rid of unnecessary thoughts and experiences.