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What to do in Krasnodar?
TOP 5 tourist activities
Krasnodar is not only the capital of the Kuban, but also a city with a rich history and hundreds of attractions. You can see this city in one day, but you don't need to. We advise you to spend at least 3-4 days in it, so as not only to make a "nodding" acquaintance, but also to fall in love with Krasnodar and want to return. In order to better understand the capital of the Krasnodar region, choose excursions, of which there are dozens in the city. There are both pedestrian and automobile ones, there are those that will only take you to historical sights, and there are those that will stop at iconic new buildings. We have compiled a priority list for a tourist who is in Krasnodar for the first time.
Guided tours with headphones
A completely new journey through your hometown. This walk will be interesting for both tourists and locals. Various programs, fascinating stories and non-trivial turns of phrase will captivate both adults and children. How is it going? Together with the group, you start from a designated place and walk along a pre-directed route. Walks take place during the day and at night, and in the rain and in sunny weather. You will take a fresh look at the long-familiar places and streets that you have passed hundreds of times. You will be able to see city buildings and monuments in a new way, in your imagination you will encounter historical characters and literally find yourself in a parallel reality. Today in Krasnodar such excursions as "Streets of the Revolution", "Krasnodark", "Occupation.43" and "First Date" are available. The organizers promise that the participants of the trip will receive an almost daily rate of activity during the walk.
Excursions from the Tourist Information Center of Krasnodar
This is a municipal service that unites all the variety of tourist routes in the regional center. You can admire the sights and get acquainted with the history of Krasnodar in museums, you can stroll through the parks and squares, enjoying the southern autumn and the abundance of colors, or you can learn more about health or gastronomic tourism in the capital of Kuban. Professional guides will offer you a joint walk along the central Krasnaya street, a sightseeing trip by bus, a visit to the cultural center "Russia is my history" or enjoy the historical heritage of the City Garden. On the website of the center tourism.krd.ru you will find all the variety of routes, a poster of events, a map and a guide to Krasnodar, as well as information about tourist sites of the regional capital, such as the Bridge of Kisses, the monument to Empress Catherine II, the composition "Link of Generations" and many, many others. And during the excursion, you will be told about city signs - why locals always rub their noses with metal dogs that are installed in the city center or make a wish if they see the coincidence of hours and minutes on the electronic clock of the Krasnodar department store. Excursion routes of one day around the city, as a rule, take 2 - 2.5 hours, unless, of course, you have a visit to a restaurant in your program.
Wine and gastronomic tourism
Continuing the theme of "tasty" rest ... Restaurants also have their own tourist programs. Wine and food tourism is gaining more and more popularity every year. Both restaurant chains and the municipal tourist center, which unites several establishments in one walk, offer their programs. Each restaurant tries to prepare a set of its best dishes for its guests. For example, those who introduce the Kuban cuisine, or show how rich and diverse the national cuisine of the peoples living in the Kuban is. These are not traditional tastings, when you are offered several canapes and beakers of alcoholic drinks, this is a real feast of gastronomy! The best dishes of the peoples of the South of Russia, the best still and sparkling local wines - all this will be offered to the long-awaited guests of the capital of the region.
Car and walking routes
Krasnodar is crossed by dozens of roads - motor arteries connect the main points of attraction for tourists. More and more often, guides offer guests of the regional center not only to walk around the central historical part of the regional capital, but also to make a comfortable trip by car. During a car trip, you will spend your time usefully - you will learn new information about Krasnodar, visit even remote corners of the city and will be able to cover long distances in an equal walking tour. Yet whoever invented hiking tourism was a great tourism genius. Because this way you will not only see the sights, but also touch them, take stunning photos and breathe in the scent of the autumn city, filled with the smell of fallen leaves and the freshness that comes after the rain. By the way, if you are a true fan of history, we advise you to visit the tour of the oldest cemetery in Krasnodar, which is located in the city center - right behind the Eternal Flame. Dozens of famous townspeople - historians, political and theatrical figures - are buried there.
Tour of the stadium and park Krasnodar
The Krasnodar Stadium, or, as it is also called, the Krasnodar Coliseum, is recognized as the best in Russia and one of the most iconic in the world. In order to see this majestic structure from the inside, you can simply buy tickets for a football match, but you can only get acquainted with the football field and stands. In order to look at the home arena of the "bulls" from the inside, go on an excursion. During the walk, the guide will tell you about previously unknown facts and the history of the creation of the stadium, as well as open access to the most secret rooms of the "Krasnodar Colosseum". The Krasnodar park is spread around the stadium for more than 22 hectares. Now a new line is being built there, and mesh Greek columns are being installed. The area of the park is huge, so you will hardly be able to go around everything in one day on your own. We advise you to make the first acquaintance with the best park in Europe together with a competent guide. It is hard to believe that just a few years ago this place was a wasteland, and now it is the most modern European park with a large number of locations, interesting zones, unique plants and sculptural compositions. Those who like to sit in silence, enjoying fish in the lake or the polyphony of musical instruments, and fans of outdoor activities - on a skate court, basketball court or table tennis zone, as well as families with children, for whose joy there is a huge space - will find their space for games here.
Krasnodar is a modern city where they honor and love their history, because there is no future without the past. Come to the capital of the Kuban and spend time here that you will hardly forget! In autumn, the regional center is especially beautiful. Don't believe me? Check it out!