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What and where
to try in the Kuban:
the most delicious places
in the region
Gastronomic tourism helps to better understand the peculiarities of a particular country or region. The local cuisine shows the character of the people who are here. Kuban borscht, Black Sea red mullet, Sochi tea, Temryuk watermelons, Cossack cuisine, wine and chacha ... the list is endless! We tried to choose the most delicious places in the Krasnodar region.
Fish restaurants on the Black Sea and Azov coasts
In the Kuban, fishing has always been one of the foundations of the economy. And this is understandable with the number of seas and rivers that the region is rich in. Numerous cafes, restaurants, farms invite you to enjoy seafood. Black Sea red mullet and horse mackerel knock you off your feet with aromas right from the doorway, and then forever conquer with the most delicate taste. This fish is also called "Black Sea seeds", because of its small size, fried red mullet and horse mackerel crunch on the teeth, disappearing in the mouth in a minute. The fishing farms of the Kuban also offer to try freshly caught and grilled trout and mullet, salted anchovy. The region even organizes the Hamsa Festival, which takes place in the fall in Novorossiysk. Local mussels, oysters and rapana prepared by experts are a must on the menu of the region's fish restaurants. The oldest oyster farm in the region is located in Bolshoy Utrish, and in Adler, guests will be fed rainbow, blue or even amber trout. By the way, you can catch the fish you like on your own, and the farm staff will cook it for you.
Cossack cuisine and Kuban borscht in the ethnic complex "Ataman"
Zaporozhye Cossacks brought to the Kuban not only their traditions and culture, but also national cuisine. In traditional Cossack establishments of our region, Kuban borscht, bacon, pies, dumplings are prepared according to recipes carefully preserved and passed down from generation to generation. Meals are served accompanied by local drinks such as compote, kvass, uzvar, and berry and fruit preserves are offered as a dessert. We advise you to visit the Cossack cuisine establishments not only for the gastronomy, but also for the interiors made in the national style. For example, in the ethnic village "Ataman" you will find four taverns with original Cossack dishes. In addition, the complex hosts gastronomic festivals and culinary master classes.
Charcoal dishes anywhere in the region
The traditions of Caucasian cuisine are tightly woven into the culinary heritage of the Krasnodar region. Fragrant and juicy shashlik made from chicken, beef, pork or lamb, as well as vegetables baked on charcoal, these are favorite and perhaps one of the most popular dishes in the gastronomic establishments of the Kuban resorts: from coastal cafes to premium restaurants. Representatives of one of the peoples of the Caucasus are often engaged in roasting on coals, because the culinary experience is passed down through the centuries and not from books, but from ancestors.
Wine, cognac and chacha in the wine-growing regions of the Krasnodar region
The Taman Peninsula, Gelendzhik, the suburbs of Novorossiysk and Anapa are the cradle of domestic winemaking. The ancient Greeks brought the art of producing this drink to our region. Since then, of course, modern equipment has appeared, but the technologies have remained the same. In the Krasnodar region there are about 60 large and small, family wineries, as well as hundreds of hectares of vineyards, which will give unforgettable emotions from excursions and tastings. Enjoying a bouquet of Kuban wines combined with locally produced cheeses made according to Caucasian and European recipes, or the freshest seafood, is why you should go to Kuban without hesitation at any time of the year.
Famous tea from plantations in the Sochi region
Kuban is rich not only in vineyards. There are hundreds of hectares of tea plantations in our region. Krasnodar Tea has already become a global brand. People go to the region not only to taste the drink directly on the farm, but also to take part in the collection of tea. During the excursion, they will tell you and show you how to properly collect and dry green leaves, so that then they turn into a unique, rich and aromatic drink that tones, protects against stress and strengthens the immune system.
Watermelons from Temryuk district
Come to the Krasnodar region at the end of summer - the first half of autumn, and you will receive ripe watermelons that have barely left the field as a reward. Huge and very tiny, red, yellow, seedless and square - you will be surprised how rich in invention the local agrarians are. Watermelons are sold right on the track next to the collection point. Farmers are advised to choose a berry according to the width of the strips, fresh tail, or trust the seller. It is better to eat watermelons chilled, they saturate the body with vitamins and necessary moisture, and also give all the richness of taste.
In the Kuban they love not only tasty and satisfying food, but also they love to enjoy the meal. Here food is not just something edible on the plate, it is a special culture that is appreciated and cherished. Gastronomic ecstasy and the desire to return to the Kuban - with these feelings the guests leave our resorts.