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Children's recreation: how to spend the summer interesting and useful
Parents are working, grandparents are far away or they are not, the child for three vacation months becomes left to himself. A kind of Mowgli of the concrete jungle. To avoid such a situation, the Krasnodar region has worked out a scheme for the employment of children during the summer holidays. These are both school camps; and seaside camps, where children stay for two or three weeks; as well as numerous sections and clubs. But we will tell you not only about what to do for Kuban children, but also for schoolchildren from other regions of the country.
There are more than a hundred sanatoriums and children's camps in the Kuban. Some of them are seasonal, some are year – round. The pandemic has undoubtedly made adjustments, but the quality of children's recreation has remained unchanged. In June, for the first time since the start of quarantine measures, epidemiologists allowed some large children's recreation centers to be fully loaded. This suggests that the management of such camps takes a responsible approach to the safety of children's recreation, ranging from compliance with sanitary standards to total control of children on the beach, on the territory of the center. Parents can choose a camp by location – the Black Sea or the Azov sea, a pebble beach or a sandy one; by capacity - from 100 to 3500 thousand children per shift; by special programs.
There are many thematic camps in Kuban. Moreover, they do not necessarily have to be located near the sea.
For example, your child dreams of becoming a caver, actor, model, journalist, designer, border guard ... You can list dozens of adult professions that our children dream of, and in which we, adults, can help them plunge. Spend two weeks traveling through the mountains or shooting a real movie under the guidance of leading Russian directors and together with actors whom I had previously seen only on the set. Why not? Now everything is real. While you work, your child is not only under supervision, but also improves their skills, gets new knowledge.

By the way, as for training, the Krasnodar region is becoming more popular as a center of educational tourism – people go to our region for knowledge. The student combines a vacation at the sea or in the mountains, gets saturated with sunny vitamin D or breathes fresh mountain air and at the same time gets an education. Numerous language and subject summer shifts confirm this. When a student is not sitting at a desk or in a stuffy apartment, performing tasks from a teacher for the summer, but together with his peers swims in the sea, goes hiking, gets acquainted with new landscapes, finds new friends and at the same time gets knowledge: fun and relaxed.

It is already known that in the summer season, the camps and health resorts of Kuban will receive about 360 thousand children, including 145 thousand who will come to us from other regions. Is your child among them?
The vouchers are still available, but they are sold like "hot cakes". Taking into account the fact that the state program of children's tourist cashback has started in the summer season – 2021. This is unprecedented support from the Government of the country and families with children, and representatives of the tourism industry. The essence of the program is that after buying a children's ticket, 50% of the cost (but not more than 20 thousand rubles) is returned to your bank card within five days. How do I get cashback?
The trip to the camp must be paid only with the Mir card registered in the loyalty program of the payment system. The program includes both public and commercial children's recreation camps, but only stationary ones. There are no age restrictions for children. There is no limit to the number of shifts in which a child or several children can rest. You can pay for several trips with one Mir card. However, the card does not have to belong to the child's parent. Plus, if you have a certificate for a benefit for children's recreation, you can also become a member of the cashback program, receiving from the amount that you pay to the certificate, but also no more than 20 thousand rubles. For more information about the program and the Kuban camps and sanatoriums participating in it, please follow the link.
If you can't or don't want to send your son or daughter to a summer camp for 2-3 weeks, you can organize a joint vacation.
In the districts of the Krasnodar Territory, there is something to see and something to be surprised at. All children love zoos. Remember the famous phrase from the Soviet cinema: "Hippo watched...". You can go to the meeting with deer, giraffes and even polar bears in the Kuban zoos – they are in Krasnodar and Gelendzhik. Marine life, such as dolphins, fur seals, and seals, will be shown in dolphinariums and aquariums located in Sochi, Anapa, Adler, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar, Tuapse District, and Gelendzhik. In Krasnaya Polyana, you will make friends with funny Husky dogs, visit a deer farm and pet the "little Shah brothers" in the contact zoo. Communication with animals will give both children and adults a good mood and a storm of positive emotions.

If you want extreme sports, then you will go to the bases of diving and various types of sea surfing, go-karting, where children from an early age are taught to master these types of leisure. It is important that all training takes place under the guidance of professional instructors, safety is monitored especially strictly. And you and your children will be able to climb to the height of a nine-story building or fly upside down on a "dead loop" in a few seconds. Such entertainment is offered by the "Russian Disneyland", located in the heart of the Olympic capital – the Imereti lowland. If you prefer a more measured holiday, then welcome to sightseeing tours, hiking with stunning views, in the arboretum and numerous groves, thermal springs and horseback rides past the stunning mountain panoramas.

Be sure to enjoy the views from the height of the Ferris wheel. These attractions are installed in many cities of the Krasnodar region. Believe me, in 15-20 minutes of the trip you will see something that you would never have seen from the ground, enjoy the enchanting views of the Kuban expanses, the sea coast, the Olympic Park, experience unforgettable emotions and take beautiful photos that will remain a memory of your vacation for many years to come.
The resorts of the Krasnodar Territory are waiting for your children with open arms, maternal love and paternal discipline. Give your child the opportunity to spend the summer bright, interesting and useful!