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Rest for children
in the resorts of Krasnodar region

Whose kids do not like vacations? Every adult remembers how in his school years he was impatiently counting the days until the end of the next class. And summer is a trip to a health camp, chatting with friends, swimming in a river or sea, sports and creativity, evening dances.
Anyone who has been to the children's camp recalls this time with pleasure and gratitude. Will our children be deprived of these sweet memories? Could their childhood be worse? Of course, not. Even better. Especially if you decide to send your child to the sea in the summer - to the resorts of Krasnodar region.

The conditions for children here are really unique: the southern sun and warm sea, amazing nature, a modern balneological base, highly qualified teachers and doctors - everything that is necessary for a useful, healthy and exciting holiday.

Many children's camps in Kuban are open all year round. There are also some that open only for the summer season. When choosing a summer camp, pay attention to the location relative to the beach, food and accommodation conditions. It is also important to study the features of the entertainment and educational program, the list of services included in the price. Among the camps operating in the region there are linguistic, sports, music, dance, environmental, scientific and adventure camps.

If a child has health problems and needs supervision and treatment, then it is advisable to purchase a voucher to a children's sanatorium, where a whole list of medical and diagnostic services will be available on the voucher.

This city can rightfully be called the children's capital of Russia. There is no other city where so much has been done for the most comfortable rest of tourists. Historians claim that children have been brought to Anapa for treatment since ancient times, when the concept of "resort" did not exist yet. And not only from the outskirts of the city, but also from the far corners of the Caucasus.

The first children's sanatorium appeared here in 1909. It is called "Bimlyuk" and still hosts young guests. But Anapa became a full-fledged children's resort in Soviet times. Mass construction of camps and children's health resorts on the coast began here in the 20s of the XX century. And today the longest street in the city is called Pionersky Prospekt. It goes more than 10 kilometers from the city center to the village of Vityazevo, and earlier practically all this space was occupied by pioneer camps. Today there are also many of them.

Anapa's wonderful climate, sandy beaches and developed infrastructure create ideal conditions for a vacation here. And not only summer ones. Many camps and sanatoria are open all year round. Among them are the All-Russian Children's Center "Smena", sanatorium camps "Bimlyuk", "Planeta", "Polyarnye Zori", "Premiere", "Sibur-Yug", "Electron", "Zhemchuzhina Rossii", "Energetik", sanatoria "Golubaya Volna" and "Vita".

Tuapse district
The nature of this place is mesmerizing: low mountains covered with dense forests, rocky capes and cozy bays of the Black Sea coast, mysterious monuments of antiquity and incredible beauty monuments of nature - all this is the Tuapse district.

Children's health resorts also appeared here in Soviet times. The main pride of the region is the famous "Orlyonok", whose history began with a tent camp on the seashore. Today, there is a huge All-Russian children's center, known throughout the country and even abroad. This is not just a camp. It can be rather called a children's city, where, under the supervision of experienced teachers, children acquire new knowledge and skills, become more independent, and get their first life experience.

There are ten children's base camps in Orlyonok. All the year round they host guests of the camps "Solnechny", "Zvezdny", "Bystriy" and "Shtormovoy". Only in summer there are "Dozorny", "Komsomolsky", "Olimpiyskiy", "Yunarmeets", "Olimpiyskaya Derevnya" and "Solnyshko" working. In the low season, the camp accommodates 1500 children, and in the summer - more than 3500. During the year, "Orlyonok" has 13 shifts, each of which lasts 21 days. Over 20 thousand children from Russia, countries of the far and near abroad, aged 11 to 16, become their participants.

The center annually implements about 100 educational programs of various kinds, hosts 16 festivals of international, federal and regional levels, organizes sports competitions, meetings with movie, theater, television stars, Olympic champions, cosmonauts, artists, politicians, writers and artists.

In addition to "Orlyonok" in the Tuapse district there are many other camps located in numerous resort villages: Lermontovo, Dzhubga, Novomikhaylovsky, Olginka, Shepsi, Tyumensky, Plyakho.

The real "children's heart" of the famous resort is the small village of Kabardinka, which is located in the suburb of Gelendzhik on the way to Novorossiysk. The beaches of Kabardinka offer a beautiful view of the large port and the mountains surrounding Novorossiysk. Ships in the roadstead in Tsemess Bay add picturesque seascapes. There are camps in Gelendzhik itself, as well as in other villages that make up the resort. The Gelendzhik camps can offer children a rich excursion program. After all, there are a lot of interesting sights, both natural and man-made.

The most famous resort in Krasnodar region is considered "adult". There are not so many children's camps here as in Anapa, Tuapse district or Gelendzhik. But children are also interested in visiting the Olympic Park, visiting the Sochi Park, the arboretum or the Riviera. Most of the children's camps are located in the Lazarevsky district - it is it which is best suited for young tourists.

Yeisk district
This review would be incomplete without mentioning Yeisk. The fact is that this resort is located on the shores of the Azov Sea - it is considered the most suitable for children. The water here warms up quickly and the temperature is more comfortable for bathing children than in the Black Sea. The Azov Sea is shallow, which means it is safer, especially if we are not talking about older students, but about kids. Sandy and shell beaches are very comfortable for children. In addition, traditionally, rest here is cheaper than at the Black Sea resorts.