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The Gastreet festival brought together the country's leading restaurateurs in Sochi

Фестиваль Gastreet собрал в Сочи ведущих рестораторов страны
Фестиваль Gastreet собрал в Сочи ведущих рестораторов страны
The Gastreet festival brought together the country's leading restaurateurs in Sochi
Over the course of five days, the guests took part in 100 seminars and master classes, more than 10 educational venues, tastings, and enjoyed open-air concerts. Gastreet is held on the territory of Krasnaya Polyana for the sixth time and has already been firmly included in the list of must-see events not only among specialists of the restaurant business, but also among gourmets. This year, the festival was all the more important event for professionals, as it became a symbol of the fact that the restaurant industry will never fall under the onslaught of a pandemic.
As well as the participants of the festival, who were not afraid of the rainy weather that prevailed in Sochi in the first days of June. The downpours were one of the reasons to immerse yourself more closely in the Gastreet business program – the lecture halls were 100% full. During the festival, more than 5 thousand people took part in it. And they came with whole families, because there was also something for children to do. For the first time at the Gastreet show, a children's camp "Gastritic" was opened, where children were taught and entertained, taken on excursions, invented quests and competitions for young guests.
Gastreet is not the first year famous among gourmets, for whom food is not just satisfying the needs of the body, but a whole culture.
On the streets of the festival, guests were offered kebab from catfish, fish soup, various seafood, burgers cooked on an open fire, jamon, pizza, ribs, natural coffee with its own image on the cup and much, much more.
During the Gastreet in Krasnaya Polyana, guests could meet robot waiters in the form of kitties, who meowed when stroking and dozed off until they were busy. And to participate in the bright carnival of "survivors", he marched through the streets of the festival, demonstrating the desire of restaurateurs to continue doing what they love, despite the pandemic and losses due to lockdown. Colorful costumes, music and life-size dolls perfectly joined the business program of the festival.

Interestingly, there were two streets on Gastreet this year where no drinking or eating took place at all. We are talking about Book street and Sport street. They were no less popular than the others. Another memorable event was the charity run Run&Eat, which was attended by famous chefs and famous restaurateurs. The race was held by the popular TV presenter and sports fan Alexander Belkovich. At the finish, the athletes were waiting for medals and 300 kg of plov. It was decided to send the money collected at the race to equip kitchens in orphanages.
Another novelty of the festival was the organization of a tent camp. Especially for those who have not had a full vacation this season. In this makeshift camp, you could enjoy the mountain scenery and tent romance.

- Thousands of guests from several countries come to live these days together, on the same wave, according to unwritten, but everyone understands the laws. For those who have never been on the show, it is impossible to convey or explain this. An amazing pop-up city in the mountains, where hundreds of different events take place in a short time. Tuning in to the same wave, we create a unique vibe, which is spread throughout the country by tens of thousands of publications, stories, photos and live broadcasts, - says one of the founders of Gastreet, restaurateur Dmitry Levitsky after the festival.

Five days of living in a closed city of restaurateurs and your view of the profession and food will never be the same.
This is the opinion of the festival organizers, and this idea is confirmed by the guests of Gastreet, who on the last day of the event agreed to meet at the same place in a year. Three "whales" of the festival – " Training. Communication. Inspiration" once again proved its effectiveness, and Sochi again showed that it is not only the main resort in Russia, but also one of the centers of business tourism with huge potential and developed infrastructure.

We thank the Gastreet PR service for the photos provided.