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сity of amazing stories
The city is located off the Black Sea coast around the Gelendzhik Bay, at the foot of the western part of the Markotkh mountain range. Gelendzhik Bay is a real miracle of nature and the main city attraction. In ancient times, Greek triremes and Roman liburns entered the convenient bay, and an ancient city was located on its banks. The exit from the bay is guarded by two capes - Tolsty and Tonky. Tonky Cape is on the right. There is approximately one nautical mile, or about 1.8 km, between them.
The resort includes the villages of Kabardinka, Divnomorskoye, Arkhipo-Osipovka, Dzhankhot, Praskoveevka, Krinitsa and Betta located in the coastal zone.

Along the coast there are low mountains covered with Pitsunda pine: large tracts of this tree are a healing attraction of the resort. In addition, there are plants that are not found anywhere in the world, for example, Komarov's campanula and Markotkh thyme.

Around Gelendzhik, in the valleys, there are orchards and vineyards. The entire coastal strip is divided by deep gorges with turbulent rivers. Some of them form waterfalls, among which the most beautiful are Pshad, Plesetsk and Teshebs.

In spring it is especially good to be in Dzhankhot or Betta. In April, pines begin to bloom here, the air is filled with the aroma of herbs and young needles. Summer in Gelendzhik begins with a bright carnival, filled with sea, sun, fresh fruit harvest, entertainment and a lot of impressions. In autumn, lovers of the "velvet season" will enjoy the gentle sea and healthy air - you can swim here until the end of October. In winter, it rarely snows in Gelendzhik, but the seashore looks even more exotic, briefly covered with a white fluffy carpet. If you go up the cable car in the evening and look at the city from above, the bay will appear as a real pearl in a necklace of lights.
City of legends

It is impossible to visit Gelendzhik and not take a photo with the symbol of the city - the "White Bride" monument. The legend associated with the monument says: there lived a beautiful and kind young girl in the city. Once a stranger came to this region and noticed a girl. He was charmed with her beauty. He gave her a ring, and said that the ring was magic, you need to make a wish and throw the ring into the sea. Since that time, the girl was nicknamed Gelendzhik, which means "daughter-in-law". Once in the village where this girl lived, people fell ill. But Gelendzhik remembered the ring and threw it into the sea, making everyone healthy. Since then, it is believed that the city of Gelendzhik has a beneficial effect on people's health, as it has a special microclimate and amazing nature.

No less popular is the legend about the Natasha spring, according to which the Turkish Pasha wanted to forcibly take a local beauty named Natasha to the harem. The girl loved another and threw herself off a cliff. Her body was not found; a spring with clean water gushed at the site of the fall.

Also here they tell the legend that Noah's ark nailed precisely to Mount Ararat in the Betta village. There, archaeologists have found fossilized wooden logs and structures.

The legends of the Kikimorova Cleft, in which the gravitational field is changed due to dense rock deposits, are surrounded by a halo of mysticism. Drivers say that cars continue to climb the hill even if they press hard on the brakes.
City of creativity

For a long time, this Black Sea resort was chosen by filmmakers. So many films and television series have been filmed in Gelendzhik in recent years! Even an inveterate film fan will not undertake to say - the number has long exceeded a hundred. In many episodes and mass scenes of the pictures, a good half of the city's residents showed up. The city has its own film studio, which helps the capital's film companies to shoot.

The future People's Artist of Russia Oleg Anofriev was born in Gelendzhik, in whose voice many cartoon and film characters sing and speak. And before the war, in the early 30s of the last century, in the Gelendzhik theater he worked as a prop and made his first stage steps "the best Baba Yaga of all times and peoples" and other "evil spirits of Soviet cinema" - People's Artist of the Soviet Republic - Georgy Millyar.

Here now widely known actor Pavel Derevyanko began his career, acting in commercials of a local television company. Gelendzhik is also a native of another famous actor - Vasily Slyusarenko, who played the main roles in the television series "Ballad of a Bomber", "Unofficial Assignment", "Executioner".

Alexei Petrenko, People's Artist of Russia, on the set of the film "Do not renounce love" separately praised the magnificent city embankment: "I fell in love with Gelendzhik for a long time. I often come here, relax with my friends. Your embankment is a great place for cycling. Nowhere in the world is there such a promenade, not in Spain, not in America, not in a single seaside city. They are good there, but yours is the best, well-made, big, long, beautiful to the point of impossibility."
City of health

Of course, spring and summer Gelendzhik is very good. But it is suitable for recreation both in autumn and winter. Low season is the time for relaxation and recovery. The resort is not overloaded with people, and the sea and nature are still beautiful. In addition, many sanatoria offer short-term recovery programs for the prevention of colds and discounts on family tours.

Any time of the year you can enjoy the sea air. Scientists believe that air baths are especially beneficial at low temperatures. In stormy weather, the air on the coast is saturated with microscopic droplets of seawater, rich in ozone and oxygen, which increases its beneficial properties several times.

In autumn, be sure to plan a walk in the mountains or a family picnic in the picturesque foothills of Gelendzhik. In a riot of colors, autumn here is comparable only to April: the slopes are colored in a variety of palette colors, the air is clean and cool, and mountain streams glisten with the silver of fallen leaves.

Great ideas for an active weekend: a visit to a golf club, boat trips on a yacht, fishing, as well as a large number of excursions that are available to vacationers in Gelendzhik at any time of the year.