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Instatourism: we reveal the coordinates of beautiful natural photo places in the Krasnodar region

Инстатуризм: раскрываем координаты красивых природных фотомест в Краснодарском крае
Инстатуризм: раскрываем координаты красивых природных фотомест в Краснодарском крае
Instatourism: we reveal the coordinates of beautiful natural photo places in the Krasnodar region
Gorges drowned in fog, canyons created for films, towering waterfalls, endless fields of blooming poppies, spiky wheat, sunflowers smiling at the sun-all these landscapes of Kuban will be a great background for your photos. Past such posts in social networks, subscribers will definitely not be able to pass by indifferent. We will give you the coordinates of the five most interesting, in our opinion, places. Some of them are seasonal, for example, they appear in the spring – when poppies bloom, or in the middle of summer-when the fields are filled with a yellow-green sea of huge sunflowers.
Cypress Lake. Sukko.
It is better to come there in the spring, when the skeletons of giant cypresses are submerged in water, then you can ride a boat or catamaran near the trees themselves, touch the pristine nature, spend time in their shade. If you can't come in the spring, we recommend visiting the Cypress Lake in the fall, when the crowns of the trees are dressed in bright red, with shades of bordeaux and gold clothes. In winter and summer, quite often the lake shallows, or even dries up completely, the cypresses desperately fight for life and lose their natural beauty, but then they, like a phoenix bird, are reborn again.

A zipline cable will be stretched over the lake for extreme descent. The beach is sandy, where you can lay a blanket and relax, there are also gazebos with barbecue and cafes. Horse riding is organized along the lake shore.

How to get:
By car: the lake is located 20 km from Anapa.
By public transport: by bus No. 109 (Anapa — Sukko) to the final stop "Lukomorye", then on foot.
Guam Gorge. Kuban Switzerland.
In a narrow gorge among 400-meter rocks flows the mountain river Kurdzhips with the purest turquoise water. Next to it is a narrow-gauge railway, it is such a narrow railway that seems like a toy, but it is now only used by tourists. In fact, the narrow-gauge railway had an important mission - it was laid in the 30s for the transport of goods, but at some point abandoned.

Today, you can travel by excursion train on a small section of a little more than a kilometer and a half long. The train schedule is from Wednesday to Sunday every half hour from 09: 00 to 18: 00. Then-on foot or on a trolley. In spring and summer, during high water, streams and small waterfalls flow along the walls of the gorge. Since you are in Guamca, it is recommended to visit the Monk's Cave and the waterfall. They are located on a ledge of rock 300 meters high.

How to get:
By car: to the village Guamka is about 2 hours from Krasnodar.
By public transport: by minibus through Maykop or Absheronsk to the village Guamka.
Waterfalls of the Janet River and dolmens.
The path to the waterfalls lies through the village of Vozrozhdenie. In the summer months, it becomes the cradle of creative people who hold festivals and open-air concerts there. The largest and most beautiful waterfalls of the Janet River in Gelendzhik are located in a remote place at the source of the river on the Kotsekhur ridge, the road there is winding with cliffs and rifts along the river. But even if you don't make it to the top, there's a lot of beauty down there, too. Be sure to make a stop at the four-meter-high Nizhny Waterfall, it can be recognized by the non-man-made swimming bowl, the depth of which is more than two meters. In summer, it is considered a real escape from the heat – you can dive into it even from the height of the waterfall. When you go further, you will find yourself in a clearing with dolmens. Tourists who specially come to these ancient places of worship believe that they energize, help solve problems and even have healing properties.

After such an acquaintance, there will be waterfalls on your way again. The most famous of them are "The Cup of Love", "The Cup of Hercules" and "The Cup of Aphrodite". One of the most beautiful is the cascading Emerald Waterfall, around which there are natural baths. So you will not only enjoy the coolness of a hot summer day, but also take magical photos.

How to get:
Book a tour called "Bus tour to the falls of Janet" and visit this area with a tour group.
By public transport: by bus to the village of Vozrozhdenie (if you go from Gelendzhik, then on Lenin Street to the waterfalls there are buses No. 106, 107 and 112), get off at the stop "16 kilometer". Next, you should go in the direction of the bus movement and cross the bridge. After the bridge, there will be a left turn and an inscription: "Waterfalls of the Janet River".
Kudepstinsky Canyon. The dream of extreme athletes.
It is located in Sochi, near the village of Krasnaya Volya. We advise you to find an observation deck with a magnificent view of the gorge. If the river is dry, then you will have the opportunity to go down to the bottom of the canyon. Only this task is under the power of extreme athletes-part of the way will have to climb on steep slopes, so mountaineering training will not hurt. The route is difficult, so don't be a hero if you don't have a suitable sports base.

How to get:
By car: the village of Krasnaya Volya is located 27 kilometers from Sochi and 20 kilometers from Adler.
By public transport: from Khosta, you need the bus number 128 of the village of Krasnaya Volya.
Tea plantations. Sochi Sri Lanka.
After the collapse of the USSR, the tea plantations in Sochi remained the only ones on Russian territory, the rest - in Georgia, Abkhazia and Azerbaijan. The plantation was in decline, the industry began to revive only at the beginning of the 21st century. Now endless green fields are spread all over the Sochi district – they are in Dagomys, Solokhaul, Matsesta and Khost. You can take unusual photos among the tea bushes and even during the collection of this plant. Imagine a tea plantation at sunrise or sunset! Sochi Sri Lanka is waiting for you.

How to get:
From Sochi, we recommend planning a sightseeing trip, so you can not just enjoy the beauty, but also try drinks in tea houses, and learn a lot of new information.
The nature of the Krasnodar region is the perfect background for beautiful photos. For example, the road to the Azov Sea and the Black Sea in May and June is decorated with yellow spills of alfalfa, red poppy fields; in July and August, your trip from the Rostov region will be accompanied by golden wheat, which in August – early September will be collected and photogenic "barrels" of hay - ricks will remain in the fields, as in old Russian times. Come to the Kuban, where you will be greeted by a hospitable holiday, high-level service, historical sights, unique climate and landscapes of the South of Russia. We advise you to free up more space in your smartphone or take more flash drives for your camera – it will be very difficult to choose from thousands of photos with which you will return from your trip.