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How to find the perfect beach
in Sochi
Spoiler alert: they are marked with a "blue flag"
Every vacationer dreams of relaxing on the perfect beach: so that the water in the sea is clean and there is comfortable infrastructure. To find a beach without flaws, go to Sochi. There are beaches with the highest international quality mark - the "blue flag".
What is a blue flag?

This is a prestigious international award that has been awarded annually to the world's best beaches since 1987. More than 50 countries participate in the program, which was developed by the International Foundation for Environmental Education. To receive the Blue Flag a beach must adhere to strict standards for water quality, safety and environmental education. If you see the Blue Flag waving on the beach, be sure this is the perfect place to relax.

The Blue Flag is awarded annually and for only one season. Each time the possession of a prestigious sign must be confirmed. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Blue Flag award takes place on 5 June.
Which beaches in Sochi have a blue flag?

Sochi stretches along a long and narrow coastline from Tuapse to the border with Abkhazia. On this entire coastline there are many resort villages, the most famous of which are central Sochi, Lazarevskoye, Loo, Vardane, Dagomys, Adler, Khosta.

Sochi beaches stretch for more than a hundred kilometers. "Russian Riviera" conventionally runs from Magri beach to Adler beaches. Pebble, sandy, wild, free, paid and Sochi beaches at resorts and hotels are places of attraction for tourists from all over the country.

Sochi pleases vacationers with a large number of free and very comfortable beaches. Organized beaches have all the necessary infrastructure: first-aid posts, sanitary zones, cafes, rental of beach equipment and much more.

The beaches of Sochi have been participating in the blue flag competition since 2018. Then six beaches received the mark. In 2019, 13 beach areas have already confirmed compliance with the requirements of an international environmental organization, and in 2020, 21 Sochi beaches were awarded the "Blue Flag".

In 2020, the number of beaches with a "Blue Flag" in Sochi included: "Chaika", "Vzmorye", the beach of the Yug sanatorium, the sandy beach "Riviera", the beach of the Zapolyarye health resort, "Primorsky", "Primorsky - 1" in front to the Zimny Theater, Primorsky - 2, Maurice Torez Beach, Swissotel Resort Sochi Kamelia Beach, Children's Chaika, Imeretinka - 1 Beach, Radisson Collection Paradise Resort & Spa Beach, Velvet Hotel Beach Seasons", the beach of the Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Center hotel, the beach of the Bridge Resort hotel, the beach of the Dagomys health complex, as well as the beaches "Bagration", "Ogonyok 1", "Ogonyok 2" and the beach of the Radisson Lazurnaya hotel.