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A city that surprises.
One of the most wonderful southern cities of Russia - Krasnodar - is full of life and beauty: cozy street cafes, shady alleys, beautiful historical buildings, magnificent fountains, parks, a special rhythm of life, which combines history and modernity, cosmopolitanism and provincialism, the bustle of the metropolis and rural leisurely.
The main city street - Krasnaya - turns into a pedestrian boulevard for the whole weekend. In warm weather, it resembles the Moscow Arbat. Here they sing, dance, paint portraits, sell flowers, cotton candy and Kuban souvenirs. One of the symbols of Krasnaya street is a small sculptural composition - two loving dogs walking arm in arm. "Dogs' capital" - this is how Vladimir Mayakovsky described Krasnodar during his visit in 1926. The poet dedicated the poem "Dogs' wilderness" to the city, which was later renamed "Krasnodar".
It's nice to ride a bike or walk along Krasnaya street. This is the only way to appreciate the remarkable architecture: old merchants, mansions made in the Baroque-eclectic style, which was very popular in the late 19th - early 20th centuries.

There are many fountains and green areas in Krasnodar. In the city park it is pleasant to walk among century-old oak trees and feed the swans by the pond, in Chistyakovskaya Grove - to watch a movie and ride on the rides. Lovers of cycling can go to the park of the 30th anniversary of Victory, "Solnechny Ostrov" or the Botanical Garden named after Professor I.S. Kosenko, which the townspeople call an arboretum.

For connoisseurs of history, a visit to the Krasnodar Historical and Archaeological Museum named after E. D. Felitsyna can be useful and interesting. This is an old merchant mansion, in the cool rooms of which are kept the relics of the Kuban Cossack army and the most valuable artifacts associated with the history of Kuban.
The most unusual place in the Kuban capital is the Krasnodar Park. In 2017, the park received the official title of the best park in Russia: it harmoniously combines natural and man-made, spaces for spectacles, walking alleys, unusual art objects and playgrounds for the entertainment of children and adults have been created. Without false modesty, we can say: this is one of the best, unusual and modern public spaces not only in Russia, but in the world, as well!
Last year Krasnodar entered the top three cities most popular with tourists. Every day the Kuban capital is getting better and more beautiful, and, of course, it is waiting for you - with traditional Kuban hospitality!