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Krasnodar is a center of attraction for business tourism
Krasnodar region is one of the leaders in business activity among the southern regions of the country. In our region, about a thousand events are held annually: forums, meetings, negotiations, congresses. This, according to preliminary estimates, is an additional one million guests, including from abroad.
Olympic tourism is especially popular among foreign visitors to our region, which is perfectly combined with business trips. In Russia, this direction is represented only in the Krasnodar region, as the region of the Winter Olympics - 2014. Sochi's transport accessibility allows tourists to easily get to the Olympic capital from any city in the region.

In the region, two capitals of attraction for business meetings stand out confidently - these are Krasnodar and Sochi. Let us dwell in more detail on the regional center, which is now a dynamically developing city. This is also evidenced by the numbers: almost 90% of tourists who visit Krasnodar every year come to our city specifically on business issues. These are negotiations or meetings, and participation in various exhibitions, congresses, forums, seminars and fairs. The direction and scale of events can be different: from bilateral negotiations on the territory of a coworking space to massive international forums at the venues of exhibition complexes.

Recently, more and more business facilities are being built in the city. Now we are talking about exhibition centers and congress halls, equipped with all the special infrastructure and multimedia equipment. The business sector is also being developed by numerous Krasnodar hotels, which in the low season benefit from a high occupancy rate not only due to the inflow of funds, but also by improving the image of the accommodation facility.
Moreover, to serve large events, hotels often involve additional staff, for example, for cleaning and catering. Representatives of the latter can satisfy the most discerning taste of event organizers, while maintaining high quality standards. Even now, during the coronavirus pandemic, meetings and forums are held in COVID-free zones in compliance with all the necessary requirements of Rospotrebnadzor.

A simple listing of significant events that took place or will take place in Krasnodar, such as YUGAGRO, YugBuild, MOBI, UMIDS and so on, indicates a high demand and trust in the regional center sites as a venue for business events. And every year there are more and more such events in the schedule of Krasnodar sites. Organizers of business events are attracted not only by the infrastructure, but also by the climate and geographical location of Krasnodar. The entrance gates of the regional center, the railway station and the airport connect the city with all regions of the country. Passenger traffic is growing every year. It can be noted that even in winter, airlines only slightly reduce the number of flights per day, thereby confirming the year-round interest in Krasnodar.
In summer, a business trip can be combined with a vacation on the Black Sea or Azov coast, in autumn and winter - with health or ski tours, in spring - with educational excursions. From Krasnodar you can easily and quickly get to anywhere in the Kuban. Wine and gastronomic tours are actively developing in our region, during which you can taste the best still and sparkling wines of Russia, as well as learn how to competently combine them with culinary masterpieces from local chefs. The guests of the Kuban, as a Cossack region, will also enjoy memorable historical tours and even a whole ethnographic complex, in which various Cossack holidays, folk festivals and master classes are held for most of the year. Business tourism helps the development of not only the tourism sector, but also the economy and social sphere of the region. Everything is interconnected and functions as one big mechanism. The more activities the region offers for its tourists, the more guests will come to us next time. This is the task facing the tourism sector of the Krasnodar region.
Choose Kuban, in general, and Krasnodar, in particular, for holding your business event, and you will bring from your business trip not only important documents and new business contacts, but also a sea of unforgettable impressions from excursions to tourist sites in the region!