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Kuban superfoods
Exotic fruits
Going on a trip, you cannot only have a great rest, but also get a boost of vitamins by eating southern superfoods! In this article we will introduce exotic fruits to you that can be tasted in Krasnodar region.
The taste of this fruit is unusual. It simultaneously resembles an apple, apricot and strawberry.
The only fruit plant of the subtropics that blooms in autumn and ripens in the winter-spring period, which makes it the most valuable and in fact the only fresh source of vitamins during the spring avitaminosis.
It contains selenium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, as well as iron, calcium, vitamins of group A, B, C, PP. In addition, medlar helps to normalize digestion.
Regular consumption of medlar helps with intestinal diseases, and it is also a general tonic for the body.
Biologically active pectin compounds in the fruit normalize blood cholesterol levels.
Due to the content of vitamins A and C in its composition, its daily consumption helps to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular and immune systems. ⠀
However, you need to know when to stop. You can eat up to 7 ripe fruits per day.
Medlar is contraindicated for people suffering from high acidity of the stomach, gastritis and allergies.
This fruit contains almost 10 times more vitamin C in 100 grams than citrus fruits.
It has many names. You can find it in the southern market under the name Chinese date or unabi.
The benefits of ziziphus are that its fruits strengthen the immune system, and also perfectly tone the body, no worse than tea or coffee. Due to its healing properties, it is one of the five best medicinal plants in the world, and is recognized not only in folk, but also in scientific medicine.
Its fruits are rich in sugars and proteins, as well as amino acids and fats. The fruit also contains minerals: calcium, potassium, iodine, iron, magnesium, in quite impressive amounts.
Figs contain up to 37% sugars, therefore, its use is prohibited in diabetes.
Figs are also called wine berry. This fruit is considered one of the most ancient cultivated plants. In terms of the amount of useful potassium, figs are the champion and are second only to nuts. On the Black Sea coast figs ripen at autumn, and fresh fruits appear in resort markets and store shelves.
Figs contain a huge amount of vitamins that the human body needs to function properly. The fruits contain a lot of organic acids and tannins. Once inside the body, they play the role of antioxidants, have an antispasmodic effect.
The rich content of potassium in fruits helps to improve the functioning of the heart: relieves tension from blood vessels, expands them. It is recommended for people prone to hypertension and varicose veins.
A decoction of figs helps with fever, works as an antipyretic drink.
This is the only plant that, in terms of iodine content, can be compared to seafood.
Small soft fruits, dark green on the outside and transparent on the inside, have a sour-sweet taste. Feijoa fruit contains vitamin C and essential oil. Feijoa is recommended for diseases of the thyroid gland, as well as for atherosclerosis, hypo- and vitamin deficiency, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pyelonephritis and is useful for increasing immunity in case of colds.
This exotic vegetable is considered a close relative of the familiar pumpkin.
Unlike its garden relatives, momordica grows on long vines. The substance that gives it a bitter taste can protect against cancer, gout, rheumatism and other diseases. It has many names: Indian or yellow cucumber, crocodile cucumber, mad melon, Indian pomegranate, balsam pear, etc. The taste of the fruit itself is close to the taste of a ripe pumpkin. It is believed that all parts of the plant are nutritious and healing.
Momordica contains vitamin E, which protects the human body from premature aging, vitamin F, which gives vigor and strength, and folic acid, which nourishes the bone marrow and protects against tumors. It destroys bacteria and viruses, treats hypertension, hemorrhoids, ulcers, diabetes, improves immunity, relieves pain, speeds up metabolism, lowers cholesterol and cleanses blood vessels.