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Countryside resorts
Residents of large cities live in constant stress: public transport or traffic jams, intense work, endless household chores - all this leads to severe fatigue from people, from the hustle and bustle of the dull cityscapes. Even a traditional beach holiday does not always bring the long-awaited relief to everyone. After all, it is the same here: a lot of people, constant bustle and haste, the urban rhythm of life. Then the time comes to try a relatively new way for Russia to spend a vacation - agritourism or recreation in the countryside.
This kind of vacation has long won the hearts of millions of tourists in the West. The leaders in this area are France, Italy, Spain. Residents of megalopolises come to the countryside, first of all, to change the rhythm of life, to pause in the constant bustle, to enjoy the slow flow of life in nature. Plus, of course, this is the desire for clean air, water, natural, natural food, and privacy.

Krasnodar region is perfect for such kind of a holiday. After all, this is not just the famous resort region, but also the "granary" of Russia, which produces a wide variety of agricultural products: from traditional grains and vegetables to various southern fruits and nuts. Picturesque landscapes, a wide variety of landscapes: from steppes to dense forests and mountain gorges - all this can also be found in Kuban. What to do in the village if there are no sea, beach, usual city entertainment nearby? Here are some interesting tips.
Rural joys
Why not do it yourself in the garden or vineyard? Of course, this is not hard, daily, exhausting work. This is a rest after office work or other city work. There is no need to communicate with capricious clients or make excuses to the authorities for a failed project. No stress. Only you and nature, which generously gives you its fruits: cherries, grapes, peaches, plums, apples, pears, watermelons, hazelnuts, almonds or walnuts – everything is grown on the generous Kuban land.

Many farms offer tourists not only excursions to gardens or fields, but also such rural activity: to gather part of the harvest with their own hands and take it with them for a reasonable fee. Of course, if you have no desire to work with your hands, you can buy everything on the counter.

At livestock farms that operate as tourist sites you can be taught, for example, how to milk a goat, shown how butter or cheese is made. Moreover, this is not a museum. Here you can and should touch everything with your hands and even make efforts.

On vacation you can master the profession of a potter, learn how to tack or carve wood. For many residents of the metropolis, this is a unique opportunity to touch the traditional centuries-old crafts of our ancestors.
Walks in nature
Sedentary work is killing us. Today, more and more people spend most of their daytime almost motionless. Hence - a sharp increase in cardiovascular diseases, obesity, depression, etc. Therefore, you need to take full advantage of the vacation to give the body the joy of movement. Rent a bike to cycle along the scenic countryside roads. Better yet, go for a horse ride.

Kuban is a Cossack region. There is a special attitude towards horses. At our resorts, there you will surely find a place where you can take riding lessons and get an unforgettable experience of communicating with these intelligent and beautiful animals.

You can, of course, just go for a walk around the area. Especially if you are relaxing in the foothills of the Caucasus - here the places are especially rich in picturesque landscapes, and the altitude drops will give your body the necessary load.
On the one hand, fishing is considered an amateur's recreation. But while on vacation, you can even try activities that are not traditional for yourself. What if all this time you have been ignoring an exciting pastime that can become a lifelong hobby.

There are many places for good fishing in Krasnodar region. In the old days, fishing was one of the foundations of the Cossack economy, and fish was one of the main dishes on the Cossack table.

The variety of types of fishing is also amazing. In the steppe regions there are many calm flat rivers, streams and lakes, where the usual crucians, perches, pike perches, sazans, rudds, sea-roaches, carps, catfish and pikes are found.

In mountain rivers, you can catch fish more exotic for Russia: nase, chub, vimba, shemaya, minnow and, of course, trout - the main fishing gastronomic attraction of these places.

But there is still the sea! Here you can catch mullet and its varieties - striped mullet and Soiuy mullet. The easiest fishing in the Black and Azov Seas is for a goby.

If you want to have a guaranteed catch and fish in comfortable conditions, numerous recreation centers are at your service. They are found in almost all corners of Krasnodar region. Here you can not only enjoy exciting fishing, but also cook your catch on the grill, take a steam bath and stay in cozy rural houses for several days.
Cheese, honey, tea -
all this is delicious
What does the average inhabitant of a metropolis eat? At best, self-made meals made from questionable store products. In the worst case: fast food, preheated semi-finished products, dishes of unknown origin from the dining room next to work.

Of course, you can buy groceries at farm stores, which are now become more and more, or go to a premium restaurant, but these are all paths that are practically not available to the average city dweller.

On a rural vacation, you can please yourself and your body not only with ecologically clean, real farm products, but also produced literally here and now.

If you like cheese, go to one of the many cheese dairies, which already work a lot in Krasnodar region. Here you will not only be allowed to taste cheeses made according to traditional and original recipes of fresh and incredibly tasty Kuban milk. Moreover, they will take you on a tour, show you how cheese is being made, and even give you the opportunity to complete part of the production process yourself.

After stocking up on cheese, go to the apiary. After all, honey is a great addition to the cheese table. Special honey is made in the mountainous regions of Kuban, for example, in Krasnaya Polyana. Its exquisite taste and useful properties are known far beyond Krasnodar region. The trip to the apiary is quite informative. You will learn a lot about the traditions of honey production and learn to appreciate this delicious natural "cocktail" of vitamins and minerals.

Well, what is honey without tea? Krasnodar region is the birthplace of Russian tea. It grows only in Sochi. You can visit the Matsesta or Solokh-Aul plantations. Here you will be shown and told everything about the production of the northernmost tea in the world. Of course, you can stock up on a wonderful aromatic drink for your table.
Kuban wine
Ancient vineyards, gastronomic hotels, quests and a new generation of Russian wines ... Today, a journey along the wine routes is an exciting adventure that will please every wine lover.

Today in Krasnodar region there are several dozens of wineries that are not only engaged in production, but also work as tourist sites. Here you can see the process of making wine and taste drinks with your own eyes. There are such wineries in Anapa, Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk, Temryuk and Krymsky regions of Kuban.

Perhaps, the main center of Kuban winemaking is the village of Abrau-Dyurso near Novorossiysk. Here you can walk through the ancient wine cellars, learn the history of ancient winemaking, and also see the modern production of sparkling drinks, which we love to decorate the festive table with.

At the Kuban wineries you will learn to distinguish between Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc. Find out how long the drink is kept in barrels and how to choose wine for dinner? You will immerse yourself in the history of winemaking, discover a new unknown world of wine.

Wine tours around Krasnodar region are waiting for you all year round. Come for the unique taste of southern wines and cool experiences.