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From Blagoveshchenskaya to Utrish:
7 best beaches in Anapa

Anapa is definitely one of the best Russian beach resorts. And the main secret is variety. There are few places where you can find a beach for your taste: from the smallest sand to large severe pebbles. Five of the best beaches in Anapa are in our selection.
Bugaz Spit
A unique place for lovers of good beaches and water activities.
Let's start from the very north of Anapa - from the Bugaz Spit. This narrow strip of land, only 250-300 meters wide, stretches 12 kilometers in length between the village of Veselovka in the Temryuk district of Kuban and the village of Blagoveshchenskaya, which is already on the territory of Anapa. On the one hand, there is the shallow Bugaz firth, which gave its name to the spit. On the other hand, there is the cool water of the Black Sea.

The coast of the spit consists of quartz sand, pebbles, small shell rock. The sea is very clean and deep enough just a few meters from the shore.

The Bugaz Spit is a real mecca for kitesurfers and windsurfers. So, here you can not only lie in the sun, but also spend time actively.

Beach infrastructure is available only at the very beginning of the spit from the side of Anapa and from the side of Veselovka. In the middle of the spit there are empty wild beaches. You will have to go here on foot: entry to the spit by transport is prohibited. After all, this is the territory of a landscape reserve.
Fine velvet sand, fine velvet sea.
Do not confuse the place with the airport of the same name in Anapa! However, the resort village is located near the air harbor. The sandy beach is about three kilometers long and up to 300 meters wide. It is well known for its warm velvet sand, clear and well-warming water, gentle slope. Perhaps, this is the best place for families with children, which can only compete with Dzhemete and Central Beach (see below). And, in Vityazevo you can often see dolphins. This is also very popular with kids and adults.

The beach in Vityazevo is landscaped - there are free and paid sun beds, changing rooms, toilet, shower, rental point, and several diving clubs. There is also a lot of entertainment in the village of Vityazevo - a water park, attractions, bowling. You can walk along the embankment built in the "ancient Greek" style, sit in a cafe.
The best beach for families with children.
Dzhemete village and its beaches stretch for 8 kilometers along Pionersky Prospekt. The name speaks for itself: since ancient times, there are many children's health camps here. The place was not chosen by chance. Many people believe that it is light quartz sand that is the best cover for a children's beach.

There is a gently sloping bottom without stones and sharp shells, the water is always clean, thanks to the internal currents, there are no mud and jellyfish that are found in other parts of the resort.

Dunes separate the beach from the chain of hotels, camps, recreation centers located on Pionersky Prospekt. The descent to the water is convenient, without stones. Lagoons tend to have warmer waters than other beaches.

Dzhemete beach has everything you need: awnings, sun loungers, changing cabins, toilets, rental offices, a lifeguard service and medical centers.
Central Beach
The name speaks for itself: this beach is located in the thick of Anapa resort life.
This is undoubtedly the most comfortable beach in the city. But, at the same time, it is the most crowded. Its width is about 200 meters, and its length is almost a kilometer. It is located at the bend of the Anapa Bay, so the entry into the water is very gentle. On the shore there is light and clean sand.

If you turn to the right from the central entrance, you will find yourself at the mouth of the Anapka River, where it is less noisy and the water is cleaner. On the left, there are numerous comfortable beaches of sanatoria and hotels with luggage storage, sun loungers, water sports. Not far from the main entrance to the central park of Anapa, there is a water park "Golden Beach" and an amusement park.
High Coast
For lovers of beautiful views, clear water and harsh pebbles.
Here "children's" sand ends and "adult" stones begin. Despite this, the High Coast is very popular. It is believed that the water here is the cleanest and clearest in the city and there is usually no algae here.

The descent to the sea is quite steep. The beach itself consists of a more civilized part - an arch and a steep staircase lead to it; and part of the "wild", located to the south. The main beach has a toilet, shower, beach equipment rental, luggage storage, sun beds and awnings, cafes and kiosks. Of entertainment there are a playground and exercise equipment.
For lovers of clean water and privacy.
The village of Sukko is located about 10 kilometers from the central part of Anapa. The beach here is coarse and well-groomed. The depth starts quite quickly; for children, a steep descent is not very convenient.

But the water is very clean - in this respect, Sukko beach is considered one of the leaders on the coast. For the same reason, there are many diving and spearfishing enthusiasts.

There are much fewer vacationers here than in Anapa itself. Partly due to the fact that there is a minimum of entertainment on the beach. In the village itself there is a cafe, and not far from it there is the water park "Golden Beach" with interesting attractions. The beach has a rental office and a medical center, awnings and sun beds, lifeguards are on duty.
Bolshoy Utrish
Reserved place for lovers of beautiful nature.
This is by far the most beautiful beach in Anapa. The sea here is very transparent, the pebble beach is cleaned every day, entry into the water is smooth, not very shallow. Utrish beach has everything you need: toilets, changing cabins, showers, rental, cafes. There are many very picturesque trees around.

There is also a diving center here - the underwater world in the Bolshoy Utrish area is very diverse. There is a water park nearby. In addition, there is an interesting outdoor dolphinarium on Cape Utrish, and next to it is an oceanarium with a variety of marine inhabitants, who are released back into the sea after the end of the season.