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The best beaches of Yeisk
The resort town of Yeisk is little known to a wide range of Russian tourists. It is located on the shore of the Azov Sea away from the famous M-4 Don highway. However, if you are traveling by car and driving from the north, then you can get from Rostov-on-Don to Yeisk in less than three hours. Thus, this city is not as far away as it seems at first glance. And it's definitely worth visiting ...
Perhaps, the main feature of Yeisk is its good location. The city is situated on a peninsula, and the recreation areas are divided into the beaches of the Taganrog Bay and the Yeisk Firth, which are separated by the Yeisk Spit. It cuts the sea with a sharp projection, forming two water areas. The advantage of this location is that you can choose the right weather conditions. When stormy waves are sent from the firth, it means that the sea is calm in the bay. And vice versa. The total length of the coastline is about 20 kilometers. Moreover, most of them are comfortable recreation areas, but there are also wild, uncrowded beaches.

The sea here is shallower than the Black Sea and warms up better. The beaches surprise with their variety: pebble, sandy, rocky, shell. There are many beaches of fine sand, where it's so cool to build castles and play different games - the kids' favorite fun. Storms are rare here and the sea is usually calm. Entry into the water is very gentle, so even kids can safely frolic here in the shallow and warm coastal strip.

Yeisk, even in the high season, is not overcrowded with tourists; there are much fewer of them here than in the most popular places. Therefore, first of all, lovers of a calm, secluded family vacation, as well as elderly tourists who appreciate the atmosphere of leisure and peace prevailing here, go here.

The best beaches of the Taganrog Bay are considered to be the Central City Beach and Kamenka Beach. They are well-maintained, have a developed infrastructure for recreation and entertainment, both for children and adults. Families with children especially like the comfortable beach with a shallow entry into the water, which is called Melyaki.

If you want to be away from people, go to the other side of the Yeisk Spit - to the firth. The beaches here are not so comfortable, but not crowded. You can retire and spend time enjoying nature.

Now, let's talk about some of the beaches in more detail.
Central beach
It fully lives up to its name. This is the most popular place with all the ensuing consequences. On the one hand, here you will get maximum comfort and entertainment. On the other hand, there are also a lot of tourists here.

The beach is about half a kilometer long. There is fine sand on the shore. Entry into the water is shallow, like most other local beaches. There are hotels and boarding houses near the beach - so you can stay very close to the coast and walk to the beach light.

The beach area is perfectly landscaped. In addition to the traditional beach infrastructure, there is a billiard room and tennis court, a shooting range, and sports grounds.
The longest beach of Yeisk, it stretches along the entire Taganrog embankment. Along the beach you will find many interesting things: a dolphinarium, an aquarium, a water park, attractions, shops and restaurants - a real tourist paradise.

The shore here, as the name suggests, is rocky. And only closer to Melyaki, sand appears on the beach, mixed with the same stones. The sea is shallow here, it warms up quickly and you can swim here, if the weather permits, in mid-May. But to swim, you have to go far enough.

From the beach infrastructure, Kamenka has everything you need: tents, changing rooms, showers, sun loungers, attractions and water activities. In the evening, a picturesque view opens from the Taganrog embankment. Friends will not believe that you took these selfies on the coast of the Azov Sea, and not in exotic countries.
This beach will especially appeal to the youngest tourists. Here you can build castles, sculpt Easter cakes, bury yourself in the warm and soft sand. The entrance to the water is very shallow, at the bottom there is sand mixed with medicinal silt.

All infrastructure here is aimed at young beachgoers. The cafes definitely offer a children's menu. And, of course, what is a beach for children without attractions. If you want not to worry about your child and please him, feel free to choose Melyaki.
This pebble beach is located in the western part of the Yeisk Peninsula. The bottom is also strewn with pebbles, so the water seems clear here, in contrast to sandy places where it is more turbid. There is a dirt road behind the beach, so it's better to get here by your own car.

This place is popular with elderly and family tourists who appreciate a quiet, uncrowded vacation. The beach has a minimum set of things you need to relax: awnings, changing cabins, toilets, shopping pavilions. Here you will not find traditional beach activities, but peace and quiet are guaranteed to you.
Youth beach
This beach is not at all suitable for families with children, and older tourists are unlikely to like it here. But, here is the place for young lovers of active recreation.

The beach is located at the end of the Yeisk spit and abuts against the firth. You need to swim here carefully: strong underwater currents are possible. The entrance to the water is very steep: even near the shore it is deep enough.

The main feature of this beach is the windsurfing and kitesurfing school. Training takes place on the Yeisk Firth, and those who are already firmly on the board can try their hand at the Taganrog Bay on the other side of the spit.

There is a car park and a camping on the beach. So that young tourists do not waste time and extra money on hotels and can stay right here, next to the beach. And, of course, there are restaurants, cafes and nightclubs for young people.