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The best beaches
of Novorossiysk
Novorossiysk is famous for its military history, a giant seaport and cement factories. What kind of beaches would seem there? Is there really a clear sea and an opportunity for a relaxing holiday? You will be surprised, but in the vicinity of Novorossiysk you can have a great time, basking in the sun and swimming in the warm Black Sea.
There are, of course, beaches within the city limits of Novorossiysk. Even walking along the central embankment, which bears the name of Admiral Serebryakov, you can find several suitable sunbathing and bathing spots. Moreover, the city beaches are quite crowded. We will go to the suburbs of Novorossiysk, where the sea is cleaner and there are fewer people.
Sudzhuk Spit
The spit is located on the southwestern outskirts of Novorossiysk, very close to the famous memorial "Malaya Zemlya" - a gigantic structure that is dedicated to one of the heroic pages of the Great Patriotic War - the landing of an amphibious assault and defense of the occupied bridgehead for 225 days until the very liberation of Novorossiysk from invaders. The name of the spit also has its own history. It comes from the name of the Turkish fortress Sujuk-Kale, which was located exactly at this place.

Near the road to the spit, right in the water, there is a monument to the hero of the film "The Diamond Arm", Gena Kozodoev. The sculpture depicts the moment when the hero of Andrei Mironov walks "on water" - this scene was filmed here.

The spit is a natural monument. You cannot enter here by car, but there is ample parking in front of the beach. The coastline is about 800 meters long. Due to the combination of coarse and small pebbles, the water here is surprisingly clear. The spit forms a closed lagoon, where the water warms up well, so families with children like to relax here.

The beach offers views of the city, the Novorossiysk seaport and the surrounding mountains. But you can see especially beautiful views at sunset if you walk to the end of the spit - Cape Sudzhuk.

The beach is well equipped. You can rent an umbrella and sun lounger. It is not very comfortable to lie on large pebbles, so you will need a lounger. There is a swimming place equipped for people with disabilities. Showers, changing rooms, toilets work on the beach. Nearby there is a water entertainment center, volleyball and workout grounds, outdoor exercise equipment. Children will definitely enjoy going to the small dolphinarium, and after that they can play on the equipped playground or ride the attractions.
Shirokaya Balka
We leave the outskirts of Novorossiysk and go to the suburbs. The settlement of Shirokaya Balka is very popular with tourists. It attracts vacationers with its clean sea, beautiful nature and calm pace of life, far from the city.

The beach of the village is three kilometers of coastline covered with pebbles. The entrance to the water is quite steep, the depth increases quickly. The beach is well equipped and has everything you need: changing rooms, sun awnings, sun loungers, shower, toilet. There are water activities and playgrounds.

To diversify your beach vacation, you can go to the forest. The mountain slopes around Shirokaya Balka are covered with oak, hornbeam, juniper, pistachio trees and pines. For curious tourists, a tour of Novorossiysk or a visit to the village of Abrau-Dyurso is suitable.
Abrau Beach
By the way, Abrau-Dyurso is an amazing place, located on the shores of a picturesque mountain lake, attracts a huge number of tourists. There is a famous champagne factory, many excellent restaurants with amazing cuisine, an art gallery, a sailing school and many other interesting places.

There is a beach just three kilometers from this mountain village. This is a great place for a relaxing holiday, sheltered from the winds by rocks. There are breakwaters here, so the coastal sea is always quite calm. All the necessary amenities on the beach are available. You need to go into the sea carefully: sharp stones come across along the water's edge. It is better to go down to the sea by stairs, and those who like to dive into the water from a height can use the pier.
From the village of Abrau-Dyurso, a picturesque mountain road will lead you to the village of Dyurso. It stretches into an amazingly beautiful valley, planted with vineyards, among which the Dyurso river flows. Translated from Turkic, this name means "four waters". Trout is found in the river, which speaks of its purity. The air here is also clean. It is filled with the scents of the sea and juniper. When heated in the sun, these trees give off a strong pine needle scent, similar to the smell of cypress.

The beach of the village of Dyurso is located in a cozy bay, which is covered with rocks on both sides. Nearby there is a camping field where you can stay with a tent.

The entrance to the sea is shallow. The water is very clean. There are cafes and shops on the beach where you can bathe everything you need. There are water activities on the beach, you can rent a catamaran or even take a boat trip on a boat.