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Sea kilometers of resorts in the Krasnodar Territory:
where to go with children
and where to surf
Sandy and pebbly, with a gentle descent to the sea or steep – Kuban beaches stretch for almost 500 kilometers. Of course, the most popular among tourists are the seaside towns and villages located on the section from Anapa to Sochi. However, every year the beaches of the Azov sea gain more popularity. Let's find out where it is better to go on a relaxing holiday with your family and young children, and where you can catch a wave on a surfboard or dive into the depths of the sea with scuba diving.
Семейный отдых с детьми
When we say "beach vacation", then most of us immediately imagine a lazy pastime on a sun lounger under an umbrella in the company of family and friends. Nearby, children build sand castles or rummage in pebbles, and those who are older rushed into the water together with their peers. Safe, clean and shallow bottom - that's what parents go to the most children's resort in Russia - Anapa. The endless dunes of this Black Sea resort attract with a long coastline: you can stop at the equipped beach or go to the suburbs, where the places have been chosen by lovers of camping and recreation by "savages", where dolphins frolic near the coast to the delight of not only kids, but also adults, on the coast you can find rapans and other marine life.

You can also enjoy the seashell beach in Gelendzhik bay, especially while adults are taking a break from the hustle and bustle of work, children on the contrary will be able to plunge into the activities that animators offer on the beaches of this resort. If you are going to go to the sea with elderly relatives, the sanatoriums of Anapa and the pine groves of Gelendzhik are the best way to do a health recovery for those over 60.

Tourists who prefer pebble beaches are also waiting in Gelendzhik – this city is literally divided into two parts of the beach line – on one side sand, on the other pebbles. In addition to the "city of the white bride", lovers of sunbathing on the shingle are ready to take in the Tuapse district, Novorossiysk and Sochi. Of the two hundred beaches of the Olympic capital, about 30 are currently marked with the "Blue Flag". This award means a high level, that is, the quality of sea water, service, beach condition, safety. The list of certified Sochi beaches is updated annually.

Active recreation - windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving
If a family vacation is not about you, and you are waiting for warm days in order to take a surf and go to the blue sea in search of adrenaline, then you also go to the resorts of the Krasnodar region. The leader in the list of water extreme sports is the coast of the Azov sea. The Temryuk and Yeisk districts, which are beloved by kiters and windsurfers, and the coastal strip of which has been chosen by surf bases, are loved by guests for their long and regular waves. There you can not only find like-minded people, but also learn how to stand on the board from scratch, rent equipment, and in general feel the spirit of extreme sports for a small amount of money compared to foreign prices. In addition, in the pre-covid times, surfers held numerous festivals and competitions every summer, which of course will resume as soon as the epidemiological situation allows.

There are also surf bases on the Black Sea coast – in Anapa, Gelendzhik and Sochi. You can tame the waves from May to November – during this period, the sea water in the Kuban resorts retains comfortable temperatures

The sea offers to soar up on the waves, and you can also dive into the abyss in order to see marine life not on TV, but with your own eyes. Diving clubs of Gelendzhik and Anapa are ready to reveal underwater secrets to tourists. Near the Bolshoy Utrish peninsula (a suburb of Anapa), there is even a museum at the bottom of the sea, where a sculpture of football players Mamaev and Kokorin was installed, they are adjacent to busts of Lenin and Stalin, and the museum also has old irons, sewing and printing machines, and even a motorcycle. So professional scuba instructors will teach you how to dive, and they will conduct a tour of the only underwater museum in Russia. And of course, they will show the amazing underwater nature of the Black Sea with reefs and marine life. Fans of history, perhaps, will be interested in the opportunity to see the sunken ships, the remains of ancient civilizations and artifacts. The divers will be accompanied by experienced divers during the expedition, so the dive will be as safe as possible.

Beaches equipped for people with disabilities
Even 15 years ago, wheelchair users could not even think about going down to the beach and swimming in the sea water of the Kuban coast. Now most of the central and sanatorium beaches of the Krasnodar Territory are adapted for people with disabilities. That is, special wooden decks are installed, which can easily be driven on sand or pebbles, there are ramps, handrails, gazebos to hide from the sun and larger changing rooms. For swimming in the sea on these beaches, there are special strollers for water, they help the disabled guest not just to be afloat, but to feel the beauty of swimming in sea water.