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How to conquer the summer of 2021? SUP-surfing and other "novelties" of active water activities

На чём покорять лето 2021? SUP-сёрфинг и другие «новинки» активных водных развлечений
На чём покорять лето 2021? SUP-сёрфинг и другие «новинки» активных водных развлечений
How to conquer the summer of 2021? SUP-surfing and other "novelties" of active water activities
Warm sea, bright sun and a long-awaited vacation-for a whole year, Russians are waiting for a meeting with the resort atmosphere of the Black and Azov Seas. And for many, the summer season is an opportunity to bring home an unforgettable experience, experience something new, get a dose of adrenaline and memories that will last until next summer.
And what else can deliver so many emotions as an active holiday? It is good that in the Krasnodar Region there is a wide variety of opportunities for this. Guests of the South will be able to choose an activity to their liking and in accordance with their physical fitness.
For example, beginners in water sports can try a young entertainment - SUP or standup paddleboarding. Balancing on a board with one paddle as a water entertainment appeared in Russia recently, but quickly won the hearts of children and adults. And this is no accident. After all, the main advantage of SUP, which, unlike, for example, surfing or keith, is that no special skills or preliminary training are required to control the board. The minimum requirement is the ability to swim.

Control the board sitting or standing as you master the balance. In addition, despite the relatively low speed and seemingly uncomplicated, the process itself is an excellent workout for all muscle groups and an assistant in losing weight just because of the need to keep the body in tension so as not to lose balance. It is not surprising that it was SUP that was adapted for yoga and health-improving physical education.

In addition, standup paddleboarding is an affordable alternative to other water sports. You do not need to complete any courses and schools — just buy the board itself with a paddle (the sap can be inflatable or rigid) and independently master a new hobby. Many now points for the provision of water entertainment facilities, such as jet skis, catamarans, "banana", have in their arsenal and equipment for SUP. You can rent it if you don't want to spend money on buying it right away. And the last important plus: for this sport, any beach with a gentle entrance to the sea without protruding stones is suitable — you do not need to adjust the rest plan and accommodation for a hobby.
Another young sport is kitesurfing or kiteboarding. There is no fundamental difference — both involve the control of different types of boards under the influence of the thrust force from the direction and retention of the kite (kite) by the athlete. Only in the case of kitesurfing, we are talking about a SUP board, and in kiteboarding, the so — called "twintip" board is involved-it does not have a pronounced tail and nose parts, which makes it an ideal projectile for training.

Unlike SUP, kitesurfing (boarding) requires special training and supervision of an instructor — you need to learn not just to control the kite, but to master the correct position on the board itself. But the athlete gets completely different impressions from skating. Higher speed and the process of skating give the right to this sport to be called extreme.

In the village of Blagoveshchenskaya, for example, several schools specialize in various types of kite. Training stations are equipped with all the necessary equipment, provide parking and often have places for camping, where you can place tents. The training is conducted by certified instructors, so even beginners will be able to master a new sport for themselves. And given the versatility of the kite (the presence of an appropriate board and a kite make it out of season), you can continue to develop your skills at home in snowkiting and landkiting.
And the most daring and "wind-dependent", as they call water extreme athletes, will definitely appreciate another" newcomer " in the world of marine entertainment — wakeboarding. He is only a couple of decades old, but he has already acquired an army of ardent fans of wind and speed. What is it? Wakeboarding is a kind of mix of surfing and water skiing with skate and snowboarding. The bottom line is that the athlete controls the board at a very high speed, holding on to the halyard (safety rope) from the boat or other swimming equipment. Advanced athletes perform tricks that take your breath away.

In the Krasnodar Region, more and more stations are teaching this extreme sport. For example, large wakeboarding schools can be found in Sochi, Gelendzhik, the villages of Novotitarovskaya and Dolzhanskaya, and children's wakeboarding is represented in Anapa.

Often, in these same schools, you can master a more conservative, but no less popular type of water sport — windsurfing. It consists of balancing on a board and sailing, which is held by the weight of the athlete. The main condition for windsurfing is the presence of wind, which follows from the name itself. Experienced people say that the perfect combination of wind and wave can be found in the village of Dolzhanskaya, but such destinations as Sochi, Anapa, Veselovka, Gelendzhik also remain a priority in choosing a suitable location.

Finally, in contrast to the "boards", there is another modern entertainment for lovers of secluded swimming and independent study of the water expanses — kayaking. The same type of extreme rafting on a single or double elongated boat, controlled by a special paddle, is actively practiced on mountain rivers with a rough current.

Sea kayaking is a quiet version of it and is suitable even for beginners because of the ease of operation of the swimming vehicle. However, without good physical training and experience in kayaking, it is necessary to go to sea only under the supervision of an instructor.

You can rent equipment to an amateur at beach tourist points of inflatable and other swimming facilities or at specialized stations where there is an opportunity to undergo special training and preliminary instruction, such as in Gelendzhik, Blagoveshchenskaya, Novorossiysk, Anapa and other resorts.

Kayaking can be a great walking option on the sea and will give you the opportunity to slowly enjoy the views of the coast and the local landscape.
Fascinating varieties of active recreation on the water are not few. In addition to the extreme activities described above, you can also choose more classic activities: catamaran, water skiing or jet skiing. But whatever you choose, your vacation will be exactly the way you planned it — in the Krasnodar region there is everything you need for this.