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To my grandfather's village: 5 types of agrotourism in Kuban

На деревню дедушке: 5 видов агротуризма Кубани
На деревню дедушке: 5 видов агротуризма Кубани
To my grandfather's village:
5 types of agrotourism in Kuban
As a child, many of us were sent to our grandparents in the country for the summer. There we spent days on the street, helped to milk a cow, collected chicken eggs, weeded the garden, went fishing... and did a lot of other things. It was a good childhood, now I would like to go there, at least for a little bit, right?
Why not, we decided in the Kuban, and came up with agricultural tours. Now our region is among the top five regions for the development of this direction in Russia. Every year more and more farms of the Krasnodar region pass mandatory certification and become objects of agrotourism. And we are talking about both large farms and enterprises, and very tiny ones. The objects of agricultural tourism are located on the territory of more than twenty districts of the Kuban: from the coastal - Sochi, Novorossiysk and Anapa to the foothill - Mostovsky, Absheron and other districts. In total-more than a hundred. You can learn pottery or master cheese making, go on horseback rides or visit an apiary, live in a real Cossack hut or see how tea is collected, and even visit exotic farms, for example, snail, ostrich and crocodile farms.

Just do not think that during the agricultural tour you will be offered to live in a tent in the garden with an outdoor toilet and without a shower. All agricultural facilities are equipped with cozy rooms or houses with all amenities, a private kitchen or a dining room on the territory, where you will be fed with the freshest village products.
Craft training
Blacksmiths, potters and needlewomen have long been held in high esteem in the Kuban. Now these folk crafts are being actively revived in our region, and in small villages they have never been forgotten at all. There, the masters still pass their knowledge from generation to generation and carefully keep their secrets. But they are ready to reveal some secrets to the participants of agricultural tours. You will be able to make a clay pot or a whistle yourself, learn the basics of forging, weaving from beads or natural materials, wood cutting and much, much more.
Harvesting, cheese making
If you come during the harvest season, which takes place in Kuban almost all year round, you will be able to become active assistants to the owners of the agrotour object. Do not be surprised by the phrase about the year-round harvest, it really is. Of course, the most fertile and generous time is summer and the beginning of autumn, when fruits, vegetables, berries are collected in the districts of the Krasnodar region and preparations are made for the winter. They will show you how to properly harvest corn without damaging the cobs, reveal the secrets of determining a sweet watermelon, or, for example, allow you to make grape juice from fresh bunches by dancing in a basin with berries. Closer to winter in the Sochi area, you will get to the collection of tangerines, kiwis and feijoa, by the way, an incredible jam is obtained from the latter, and in the spring, berries begin to ripen one after another in the southern sun. You will definitely not get such pleasure from getting fresh products in the store. And they will also show all the stages of cheese making! So you can not only learn the secrets of cooking mozzarella, suluguni or ricotta, but also taste the best samples.
Wine and enogastronomy tours
Since we are talking about food, you will certainly like other gastronomic tours that are offered by the farms of the Krasnodar region. You can go on an excursion to one of a dozen wineries located near the seaside towns, or you can visit the whole Wine Village, which stretches over 155 hectares and unites 55 of the best winemakers from all over the country. The village is very authentic, created in the spirit of European towns with its main square and tower. Kuban wineries are happy to introduce tourists to the traditions of winemaking, show all the stages of production and, of course, conduct tastings of the best quiet and sparkling wines. Often, tastings are held in combination with cheeses, which are also produced at some wineries. If you like to discover new tastes, be sure to visit a snail or oyster farm. You don't need to fly to Paris to experience the peculiarities of French cuisine.
Excursions to exotic farms and apiaries
Ostrich ranch, crocodile farm, apiaries with different types of honey are also objects of agrotourism, which will be interesting for both adults and children to visit.

At crocodile farms, you will be introduced to the peculiarities of breeding predators, show the feeding process and even special incubators that contain future crocodile offspring. On the farms of Kuban, you can see various types of toothy reptiles: from baby caimans to giant alligators. It is better to come to these farms in the warm season, because in the autumn the crocodiles are transferred to warm enclosures – the climate in our region is not at all African. If you like more peaceful creatures, go to the ostrich farm, where you will get acquainted with representatives of long-legged birds. They do not hide their heads in the sand, as is commonly believed, but they can bite out of curiosity, so we advise you not to get very close to them.

At the ostrich farm, you can take a photo with a bird, and taste ostrich meat or an ostrich egg omelet, which is usually offered to a large company. One ostrich egg can feed seven people. Do you like a sweet life? Go on an excursion to the apiary! You will have a tasting of the best varieties of honey, during which they will tell you how to distinguish honey varieties, and also how to distinguish honey from melted sugar; they will give you the freshest honeycombs and give you herbal tea or honey drinks with a degree.
Fishing and horseback riding
Dozens of routes for horseback riding have been developed in the Krasnodar region. They are all different, they are united only by their love for horses and unique landscapes that will open up to you throughout the journey. The routes take place in the shade of forests, among plains, along the banks of rivers, as well as in foothill and mountainous areas. You can go on a horse-riding trip for one day or make a crossing that lasts about a week. For lovers of fishing, our region is also a godsend: the reservoirs of the region have chosen different breeds of fish (both marine and freshwater). There are a lot of specially stocked places in the region, where you will not just be provided with a rest area, but also will be given the necessary gear. Perhaps we will tell you one secret: fish of valuable breeds can be caught in the Adler trout farm, where the catch can be immediately cooked on the grill.
Wake up at dawn to the singing of roosters, go fishing on the river, and then drink fresh milk or cider, take a steam bath in the bathhouse and plunge into the icy mountain river. Krasnodar region offers hundreds of options for agrotourism, you only need to find the time and choose a place. Unforgettable emotions are guaranteed!