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Enjoying nature as a goal of recreation: learn more about protected routes

Наслаждение природой – как цель отдыха: подробнее о заповедных маршрутах
Наслаждение природой – как цель отдыха: подробнее о заповедных маршрутах
Enjoying nature
as a goal of recreation:
learn more about protected routes
Eco-tourism has long been known in the world and is now gaining popularity in Russia. The reason for the increased interest in this type of recreation, first of all, is the fatigue of citizens from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Every day we spin like squirrels in a wheel, achieving goals, earning money, in general, the schedule is 24/7. Sometimes you want to put life on pause and go to the mountains or the forest, where there is no cellular network, and there are no sockets for charging gadgets at all and just breathe in the clean air, admire the incredible landscapes and just touch the pristine nature. This is ecotourism. At the heart of his philosophy is a measured rest, which helps to restore mental balance, charge the body for new feats, give strength and set a person up for a new stage of the mad race, which we now call life.
The peculiarity of ecotourism is that its followers treat nature with special trepidation.
If, for example, you lived in a tent on the river bank for a week, and then left a mountain of garbage behind you, this is no longer ecotourism. It is based on the principle of "save nature, help its prosperity". At the same time, it is not forbidden to engage in an active type of recreation, to see the sights. You can also drink water from springs, and collect flowers, of course, if you are not walking on the territory of nature reserves. By the way, they are increasingly attracting tourists coming to the Krasnodar region. The state reserve "Utrish", the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve, the Sochi National Park, the Yew-boxwood grove – this is not a complete list of nature protection objects on the territory of which you can "hide" from the eternal engine of the metropolis. There are dozens of hiking ecotropes, walking along which you will see relict forests, plants listed in the Red Book, wild animals and birds, rare insects.

There are large-scale opportunities for the development of this type of recreation in the Krasnodar region. Every year, nature reserves and national parks offer tourists new routes and excursions, open recreational areas for research. But we should not forget about the first principle of eco-tourism-the protection of nature. If you are allowed into the heart of the untouched world, you do not need to try to impose your own rules there or destroy what ecologists and employees of nature reserves so carefully and carefully protect. Ancient dolmens, ancient mounds and inviting mountains can also become areas of ecological tourism. The stunning panoramas of the Western Caucasus combined with the rich history of our region will not leave the most demanding travelers indifferent.
Perhaps the most famous among tourists is the Sochi National Park, which stretches along the Black Sea coast for 100 km – from the Tuapse district to Abkhazia.
People come here all year round, but the most attractive to visit are spring, summer and early autumn, when you can see all the diversity of flora and fauna, enjoy the incredible landscapes created by nature. Along the way, you will be accompanied by canyons and waterfalls, rocks and caves. Some routes take only half a day, while others will take several days. At the beginning of the route, you will be met by the Najigo waterfalls, the first of which with the sonorous name "Silver" rises up to 32 meters. You can easily get to the beginning of the route by car along a dirt road, on the sides of which there are old hazelnut orchards. The most beautiful Matsestinsky waterfalls are also located on the territory of the Sochi National Park. This is another gift from Mother Nature to humanity. The grandeur of these water cascades is fascinating, and the hum that the water jets emit, falling down, remains in your ears for a long time. To be alone with nature, to breathe the air saturated with drops of water and freshness, to close your eyes and recharge your energy. In addition to waterfalls, lovers of ecotourism are waiting for the Ashtyr Canyon, Crab Gorge, as well as the Volkonsky dolmen, the Byzantine Temple and even the Berendeyevo kingdom, where you can feel like the king of the forest and sit on a real throne. More than 20 natural and lovingly preserved man-made attractions are waiting for you in the Sochi National Park. They can be reached on foot, by horse or by snowmobiles (they are only available in winter). All routes were developed by the specialists of the reserve – the paths differ only in the degree of complexity, safety is at the highest level for everyone. Nothing will distract you from enjoying the beauty of the nature of the Caucasus.
From the Sochi National Park, you can get to the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve – they border each other and tourist routes often intersect. Basically, the ecotropes on foot, horseback and bicycle of the Caucasian reserve will take tourists from three days to a week, since they will have to overcome at least 50 km on their own two feet. You will be able to start your journey in the foothill Guzeriple, and finish - in the homeland of Russian tea – in the village of Solokh-Aul, after which you will go down to the Black Sea. Just imagine that the route that you used to overcome by car or bus, it is quite possible to write down in your "piggy bank" of pedestrian achievements. Throughout the trip, get ready to admire the natural power of waterfalls, the depth of gorges, the sharpness of ridges and the primeval nature of alpine meadows. There you will fall asleep to the murmur of the stream and the rustle of the grass, and in the morning you will drink clean spring water and smile at the sun, which will give you friendly rays.

The route "Through the mountains to the Black Sea", which passes through the Fisht shelter, is also interesting not only for its natural attractions, but also for historical facts. You can go on a trip either on foot, or make a horse crossing or a bike tour. On this route, you will overcome the picturesque Cherkasy pass, visit the Babuk-Aul cordon, and of course make a stop near the handsome Fisht to admire the grand panorama. Tourists who choose this route are offered to visit the Belorechensky pass. During the Great Patriotic War there was a line of defense, heavy battles were fought – there were partially destroyed trenches, and an obelisk was installed on the top of the pass to the soldiers of the defense of the Caucasus. The complexity of the route has an initial level and is suitable for almost everyone.
Lovers of ecological routes have long been attracted to the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana. Even before the large-scale Olympic construction, these territories were a mecca for those who like to stay alone with nature, spend a few days away from civilization. Now all three mountain "Olympic" resorts offer one-and multi-day routes of different levels of complexity. You can spend several hours in a yew-boxwood grove, inhaling useful phytoncides, spend time at refreshing waterfalls, walk along the "fern" trail, stop time in the relict forest in the company of giant trees. Or go to the mountains for six or seven days to get to the Aishkho pass; spend a few days on the Bzerpinsky ledge, where a rhododendron blooms under your feet, and an incredible view of the surrounding peaks and the Krasnaya Polyana Gorge opens from the tent; or get to Lake Kadyrvach – the pearl of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve. The mirrored surface, protected by snow peaks and framed by alpine meadows, is unlikely to leave you indifferent.
Increasingly, adults go on eco-tours with their children, because we all want to distract our children from gadgets at least for a while. Therefore, we attract children with the romance of life in tents, horseback riding, where young travelers will be able to breathe in clean air, see the pristine nature, and if they are lucky, then get acquainted with wild animals. In America, this type of children's recreation appeared at the beginning of the XX century, as the Scout movement. Then the outdoor recreation took place in combination with physical exertion and endurance training of the young body. Now in the Krasnodar Territory there are children's ecological shifts and even whole camps in every municipality that is a center of tourism. If your child is passionate about gadgets or loves nature, feel free to send him to such a camp. He will return with new knowledge and unforgettable impressions! Especially now there is a children's cashback program in Russia. Pay for the ticket with the Mir card and get half of the cost (but not more than 20 thousand rubles) back to the card. An interesting suggestion, isn't it?
So, if you want to escape from everyday life, improve your health, get new emotions, enjoy the natural beauty and diversity of the animal world, spend time in silence and find your Zen, then choose eco-tourism in the Krasnodar region. The nature of our region is created in order to make your holiday soulful.