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Non-beach vacation: 3 activities for outdoor enthusiasts

НЕпляжный отпуск: 3 развлечения для любителей активного отдыха
НЕпляжный отпуск: 3 развлечения для любителей активного отдыха
Non-beach vacation:
3 activities for
outdoor enthusiasts
Are you going on vacation, but lazy lying on the beach is not for you? Then consider the options for active entertainment. The resorts of the Krasnodar region offer an extensive selection of activities, among which everyone (we assure you!) will find something to do to his liking. We have already talked about some of them earlier, now we have decided to focus in more detail on three types of active recreation: diving, rafting and rope jumping. Perhaps, they are united by the fact that each of them is breathtaking. Let's find out where in the Krasnodar region you can dive into the depths of the sea, conquer a raging river or "jump with a rope", and whether these activities are available for beginners.
The Black Sea depths only seem familiar, even if you spend your vacation at the sea every year, snorkeling, you will hardly see even a fourth of the secrets that the sea keeps. Scuba diving is like trying chocolate for the first time: then you can't stop. Both professional divers and beginners can dive in the Black Sea, who will be accompanied by experienced instructors throughout the entire route. There are a large number of diving schools in the region, where you will be offered both professional assistance and ammunition. It remains to find out where the best places for researchers of the underwater depths are.

The water area of Sochi is one of the best places for diving. You can dive there all year round, but the best time is from June to November, when the water is warmer and more transparent. Beginners can try their hand in the area of the Radiant Rock (where you will come across rapans and swallow fish) and Cape Vidny, where there are also a lot of diverse marine life, as well as whole fields of underwater vegetation. Those who have been diving for several years are waiting for: the Uch-Dere canyon, whose galleries stretch for about 200 meters, along the way you will meet picturesque reefs and get acquainted with stingrays; the ship "Yan-Tomp", which was attacked by the Germans during the Great Patriotic War and sank off the coast of Sochi, as well as the cargo ship" Rockliff", which fell victim to the volleys of the German-Turkish cruiser in 1915.

Not far from Sochi, there are two more diving centers-in Adler and the Imereti lowland. They also attract dozens of outdoor enthusiasts every year. The most favorable time for diving is from May to October. Under the water, in addition to seaweed, you will meet crabs, mussels, rapans, sea fish, and also the shells of mines, a cannon and even the skeleton of a shark. It is interesting that you can dive into the sea both from the shore and from a boat. In the second case, you will get the maximum emotions.

You can scuba dive to the bottom of the sea in Anapa or on Bolshoy Utrish, where one of the most popular diving centers in Russia is located, as well as an underwater museum. What is there just not in it! Even beginners can take a "walk" through an unusual museum. In addition to military artifacts, you will see ancient anchors, numerous statues and busts - there the" leader of the revolution " Lenin is next to the football player Mamaev, printing and sewing machines, and even a motorcycle. Among the natural attractions, the Bank of Mary Magdalene, the stone garden on Utrish and the mussel plantations in the High Bank area are leading. Divers from all over the country are attracted by the convenient relief of the Anapa coast and weather conditions.

Diving in Novorossiysk will be informative and exciting. At a depth of 40-50 meters, a whole squadron of ships is flooded there, including minesweepers, a tugboat, a destroyer, a battleship and even an airplane. It is interesting that you can get inside many objects, that is, you will see not only the picture from the outside, but also visit the very heart of the metal giants that will forever remain in the depths of the sea.

If you only dream of becoming a diver, be sure to choose one of the destinations and go to a special diving center. There they will not only conduct an underwater excursion for you, as for a beginner, but also teach you all the tricks of diving.
Fans of this type of recreation should keep their way to the other side from sea entertainment – the mountainous and foothill areas of the Krasnodar region. Rafting on a bubbling river on an inflatable raft together with a team of like-minded people will give you new impressions and energize you. Rapids and backwaters, flying up and then sharply down – all this is rafting. Accompanied by an experienced instructor, you will conquer a mountain river and get a frenzied dose of adrenaline. There are six categories of difficulty of this sport available in the region, and family rafting is also possible on calmer sections of rivers.

One one of the most popular destinations is rafting on the Sochi Mzymta River, one of the longest rivers of the coast. Tourists are met in the Ahtsu Gorge, where they are instructed, and then thrill-seekers are taken to the Dragon's Mouth canyon, from where the descent with rapids and rifts begins. While traveling along the mountain river, you will not only get a powerful extreme charge, but also be able to enjoy the protected panoramas of Krasnaya Polyana. At the end of the rafting, you will be able to warm up in the sauna and drink herbal tea.

One of the routes that is now gaining popularity is the descent on the rivers Psheha and Kurdzhips in the Absheron district. Knowledgeable rafters like to come here in May, during the melting of mountain glaciers, to get the maximum feeling from taming obstinate rivers. For example, Psheha has obstacles of 2-4 categories of difficulty, that is, it is better for beginners not to take risks and choose quieter areas, but experienced rafters will definitely like rafting on this river. And as a reward for their efforts, they will receive the pearl of this route – the Wolf Gate canyon, the length of which is 1.5 km with 3-4 categories of difficulty passing.

If you like active recreation, but come with children or prefer less extreme options, go rafting on the Kuban River in the village of Dzhiginka (a suburb of Anapa). The current there is calm, without seething rifts and sharp turns. During the trip on an inflatable raft, you will see beautiful panoramas, channels and shoals, and endless beaches. The length of the route will be about five hours. You can raft with the whole family, even with small children.
People's interest in this type of extreme recreation is growing every year. From English, rope jumping literally translates as "jumping with a rope", which was later replaced by special safety equipment to make the hobby as safe as possible. Jumpers say that for them it is a way to get off the ground, catch weightlessness and tickle the nerves with the awareness of the inevitability of landing. The American rock climber Dan Osman came up with this type of activity when he tried to overcome his fears during high-altitude ascents by deliberately breaking down. The technique of jumping is quite simple, but for beginners, as well as experienced jumpers, it seems difficult from a psychological point of view. The main thing is to take the first step.

In Krasnodar, fans of rope jumping, as well as everyone who wants to tickle their nerves, are waiting in the very center of the city, where jumps from the roof of the building are held several times a week. Imagine that you take a step and are already hovering over the houses and squares of the regional capital. Of course, the attraction is safe, as it is equipped with professional fasteners and experienced instructors.

Rope Jumpers are also welcome in the suburb of Anapa – the Sukko village. There, fans of extreme sports are offered to make a jump from the balcony of an unfinished high-rise building. You will have to "fly" from the 12th floor, which, it would seem, is not so high... until you realize that now you will have to fall down.

The highest jumps in the Krasnodar region, of course, are in the Sochi Skypark. But there is an attraction there called bungee jumping and is a kind of rope jumping. The difference is that the rope jump uses climbing equipment and bindings, while the bungee uses elastic spring ropes. It is believed that rope jumping is safer than bungee jumping, but it is not inferior in emotions at all.
Wherever you go: explore the underwater world and submerged ships, discover weightlessness or conquer mountain rivers, we are sure that the adrenaline rush and new impressions received during such an active holiday will stay with you for a long time. And when the blood stops bubbling in your veins, you will return to the Krasnodar region again.