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Untouched by civilization. Utrish Nature Reserve — an island of wildlife near Anapa

Нетронутый цивилизацией. Заповедник «Утриш» — островок дикой природы недалеко от Анапы
Нетронутый цивилизацией. Заповедник «Утриш» — островок дикой природы недалеко от Анапы
Untouched by civilization. Utrish Nature Reserve — an island of wildlife near Anapa
If it seems to you that there are no corners with pristine nature left, it only seems to you. Paradoxically, one of the most beautiful and secluded nature reserves in Russia is located in the resort area on the Black Sea coast.
"Utrish" is located on the Abrau Peninsula just 18 km from Anapa and is a unique habitat for the oldest plant species. Such, for example, as juniper-pistachio trees, for the salvation of which the reserve was originally created. By the way, the object is also famous for its "Mediterranean" landscape, the only one in the Northern Black Sea region. The landscapes here refer us to photos with beautiful views of Greece and Italy. And all thanks to the picturesque steep cliffs hanging over the pebble beaches and the bottomless sea and fragrant coniferous forests.

In their exuberance, they can compete only with relict groves, the variety of which is amazing: boxwood, Pitsunda pine, boxwood, yew and many others. And it should also be noted that only thanks to the existence of the reserve, it was possible to preserve more than a hundred species of birds, animals and reptiles in the wild. For example, a rare Mediterranean relict turtle lives in the water area of "Utrisha". Its population on the Abrau Peninsula is a record in the world. In addition to the Nikolsky turtle, you can meet (if you are lucky) the Caucasian deer on the protected lands — it hides in the most inaccessible forest depths. Along the way, you will also come across small reptiles like a legless lizard, a spotted toad or a giant (up to 13 cm) tree frog.
The most remarkable thing for tourists is the proximity of the resort centers: Sukko, Anapa, Novorossiysk. This means that you can easily get here on an excursion on your own or by regular bus. And the diversity of the landscape of the reserve makes it possible to travel around the territory with children-in addition to steep mountain descents and ascents, there are comfortable trails on flat terrain.

Since the main purpose of the natural complex is to preserve its ecosystem in its original form, free access to the reserve is prohibited. But as part of the excursion group, there is an opportunity to choose routes of varying degrees of complexity. Thus, you can go on a sightseeing tour, climb gorges and canyons or explore the coastline of the reserve. And then transfer to your vehicle and explore the colorful sights nearby, such as the Cypress Lake in Sukko or the Snake Lake in Bolshoy Utrish. The lake, by the way, is unusual, since it is connected to the sea and currently looks more like a bay for parking small-sized sea vessels. People come here not only to swim in the "quiet" water (even when a storm is raging, the lake water does not worry), but also to rent a yacht for a water trip.
Among other things, the landscape of the bottom of the Big Utrish is famous among fans of deep-sea diving — it is not for nothing that divers from all over the country come here to take their souls away.
If your goal is to see as many beauties of the Krasnodar region as possible during your vacation, then the Utrish Nature Reserve should certainly become one of the points for a mandatory visit.