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Krasnodar Park
and the world of its
unusual objects and installations
When an ideal place meets with complete freedom of expression of creative thought, amazing and extraordinary works of art are born. Such a place for artists and creative teams was the Krasnodar Park in the Kuban capital. Moreover, the most popular place in the city, thanks to its vast squares and openness to experiments, has practically turned into an open-air art gallery of modern art.
Probably, everyone in the vast expanses of the country and not only has heard about the legendary "green" object of Krasnodar with the colosseum stadium. And if you are planning to visit the Krasnodar region in August-September, then you should definitely include a visit to the famous park in your vacation program.

A few facts about the object. Firstly, the stadium itself is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful sports facilities in Russia, although in the context of history it is considered very young. It opened for guests in 2017, and its design began in 2016. The stadium accommodates more than 35,000 fans, by the way, and its equipment allows you to host world-class matches. The park itself was divided on the territory of 23 hectares, divided into more than 30 thematic zones: children's towns, an amphitheater, a climbing wall, mazes, restaurants and cafes, etc. By the way, another interesting fact is that there are no right angles in the park at all. The whole space is a combination of bends, spirals and arcs. It is not for nothing that the park was awarded the international Urban Parks Awards, awarded for its contribution to the development of parks and public spaces.

And, of course, the guests give special preference to the couple for the giant green and well-groomed spaces and secluded recreation areas, where it is so pleasant to arrange picnics and have fun on warm summer days. However, the park impresses not only with its well-thought-out infrastructure, but also with art objects that represent real works of art. You can wander around the park for hours, looking at unique objects and admiring the author's idea. Let's look at them in more detail.
The amphitheater is one of the favorite locations of tourists. It hosts film screenings, concerts, large-scale lectures and can comfortably accommodate 200 spectators in places located on "half-rings" around the arena. Another object is an observation deck, where you can climb along a spiral path. From the top there is a view of the entire park; here you can make beautiful Instagram shots and relax on a special platform. And very close is another attraction of the park — a water maze with an artificial waterfall. In the heat, this location is especially popular because of the coolness of the water shroud around the object. And in the evening, LED fountains are added, the game of which is watched with interest by both children and adults.

Another asset of the park is a multi-figure bas-relief "Artificial Environment", made by Krasnodar artists Recycle Group from plastic mesh. The idea of the installation: how a living mind tries to explain the word "game" and convey the feelings associated with it to an artificial one. A ring-shaped object is a sketch of the interaction of characters and the "computer". A fascinating work of art that attracts visitors to the park.
The same group of artists is responsible for another unusual art object on the territory of the park. One of them is a floating "Geolocation" or "Inverted Drop" or "Pin Tick"that has won fans all over the country. The five-meter stainless steel installation reflects a moment, "a fraction of a second frozen in metal," the park's official Instagram page says. And if you get closer, you can see a panorama of the place from which you are looking at the object.

And a very fresh and already controversial art object by American designer and sculpture Ken Calleher opened in the park on April 25, 2021. The project is called "Inner Child" and consists of four three-meter mirror figures (children's heads) looking in different directions. According to the author's idea, the composition should evoke in the viewer that state of inner freedom and creative flight that is possible only in childhood.
And along the way, with a walk from one art object to another, you should definitely stay at the bright" carpet " of sage, reminiscent of the famous lavender fields; get lost in a mirror maze that will lead the tourist to a fabulous pond with Japanese koi carp; find a baobab native to South America and enjoy the coolness of numerous fountains.
FC Krasnodar Park is considered one of the most beautiful parks in Russia for a reason. Well-thought-out infrastructure, amazing design of locations and art objects, and a whole lot of activities and entertainment make it not just a business card of the city, but also a wonderful place to visit and relax for adults and children.