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Beaches of two seas:
the best places to stay
on the Taman Peninsula
The Taman Peninsula is a unique place. Only here you can easily swim in the Black Sea and the Azov Sea in one day. To do this, you need to drive only a few kilometers. Moreover, each sea really has its own features. As they say, you can feel the difference.
Let's start from the Azov coast. By the way, the water in the Sea of Azov is considered one of the most beneficial for the body in the whole world. It contains about 100 elements of the periodic table. It is especially saturated with bromine, iodine and hydrogen sulfide, which take part in metabolic processes. The thing is that the Sea of Azov is very shallow, and waves raise useful silt from the seabed.

The village of Golubitskaya is located 10 km west of the town of Temryuk - it is the administrative center of Temryuk district, the borders of which roughly coincide with the Taman Peninsula. It is 55 km away from the Anapa airport. You can get from it to the village by public transport: first to Temryuk, and from there - to Golubitskaya itself. Minibuses run along the village, they reach the bus stop by the beach.

The length of the beach in Golubitskaya is about 10 km with an average width of the coast of about 50 m. There are a lot of people who want to relax during the season, but those who want to retire and take a break from the crowd should walk in the direction of the village of Peresyp to the far edge of the coast.

The coast here is predominantly shell-like, although mixed with very clean fine sand. The Azov Sea is shallow, so the water warms up well at the beginning of June. The seabed in Golubitskaya is sandy, without stones - this is a big plus. The sea in Golubitskaya is calm in summer. Strong winds occur in spring and autumn, which attracts windsurfers and paragliders at this time of year.

The beach in Golubitskaya is famous for its excellent infrastructure. Maximum comfort is provided here for relaxation. There are food stalls and cafes near the beach where you can eat. Shops closest to the coast sell seafood and beach items.
Peresyp is a small quiet village on the shores of the Azov Sea, literally a few kilometers from Golubitskaya. The main "feature" of the local rest is a measured unhurried rhythm of life, a country life with elements of a modern resort. Fruits, flowers, space for those who like to walk, fish, stay alone with the sun, air and water.

The beach is shallow and gentle, there are no stones or algae. Almost everywhere there is shallow water, only a couple of places are an exception, there are no steep descents to the sea, the relief is flat, there are almost never waves.

The sea is very clean. The water, of course, is not very transparent due to the suspension of sand, but it warms up very well. The air of the surrounding steppes mixes with the sea, and becomes a delicious "cocktail" that is impossible to breathe. It is very pleasant to walk along the beach barefoot: besides the sand of shells, there are many useful quartz particles, too.

The beach is equipped with umbrellas and sun loungers. There are changing rooms and showers. For vacationers, there are volleyball and basketball courts, children's areas, attractions, cafes and shops.

Tizdar mud volcano, located near Peresyp, is popular with tourists. Healing mud has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system. After walking about a kilometer along the coast, you can find a vein of useful blue clay.
We continue to travel along the Azov Sea coast of the Taman Peninsula. Kuchugury is next in line - a very popular place among lovers of the warm sea and gentle sun. Sandy dunes, hilly terrain, apparently, prompted at one time such a characteristic name of the village.

There are several comfortable beaches in the village. The sea is clean here, since the currents of the Azov and Black seas meet in this place. Many people find the water temperature comfortable already with the onset of warm May days.

The beaches are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. The coast is very convenient for family vacationers: soft shells, gentle approach, long increasing depth. There are no cold currents. Adults can relax a little and not worry about the kids. The kids play on a wide sandy strip like in a big sandbox.

Lovers of privacy can retire a little to the side, where it is not that noisy. The main direction of treatment is children's recreation, but for young people and lovers of a fun pastime there is also a decent program here: hang-gliding with an instructor, parachute riding.

Kuchugury is especially recommended for people suffering from skin diseases. Many are attracted to the village by the unique mud volcano, which is able to relieve psoriasis and eczema. Painful joints can also be treated here.
We got to the westernmost tip of the Taman Peninsula. Here the Azov Sea meets the Black Sea. Ancient Taman is located on the shore of the Taman Bay. Even before our era, the Greeks founded the settlement of Hermonassa here, which later bore many names: Samkerts, Matraha, Matrika, Matrega, Huankala ... Our distant ancestors knew it as Tmutarakan, and it even entered the famous saying.

If you are going on vacation in Taman, then you can swim in the Taman Bay of the Azov Sea in the morning, and go to the Black Sea in the evening. There are only 10 kilometers between the two seas.

The central Taman beach stretches from the pier and along the Taman Bay. The coastline 30-40 m wide is limited by Naberezhnaya Street and the so-called Taman Museum Zone. A snow-white staircase leads to the beach from M. Yu. Lermontov Square. There is quite a lot of room on the coast, and the flow of tourists is not very large, so you can always settle down in comfort.

This is the only beach on the Taman Peninsula where sand is mixed with small pebbles. Many people like this kind of coverage.

The main infrastructure facilities are located near the central staircase. It has everything you need to relax by the water: stationary sun awnings, changing cabins, outdoor beach showers.

Recently a railway station appeared in Taman, and now you can get to the village by train.
And finally, after a long journey along the Azov coast, we got to the Black Sea. There are several wild beaches on the shore of the Kerch Strait. They are very popular, first of all, among locals and lovers of recreation away from civilization. There are well-equipped beaches in the Volna resort village. But, the real connoisseurs of a good rest at sea go to Veselovka.

There are several excellent beaches here. First of all, this is the beginning of the Bugaz Spit - a unique natural attraction. This narrow strip of land, only 200-250 meters wide, stretches for 12 kilometers from Veselovka to the village of Blagoveshchenskaya, which is part of the Anapa resort. On one side of the spit there is a small Bugaz Firth. On the other hand is the Black Sea. On the spit itself there are sand dunes. Fine golden sand, clear sea, full space for relaxation - this is what tourists from all over the country come here for. This place is popular with kitesurfers and couples with children.

Another unusual beach in Veselovka is Bugaz. It is located on a sandy isthmus between the Black Sea and Solyonoye Lake, 3.5 km away from the center of Veselovka. The infrastructure here is not very developed, but the beach has its own unique "trick" - Solyonoye Lake, which dries up in summer and gives guests of the Veselovka resort and the surrounding area very useful therapeutic mud, rich in hydrogen sulfide, all of which is freely available.