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Premium vacation in the Kuban.
From golf to the fabulous Shire
Kuban is so diverse and hospitable that it can offer literally any kind of leisure. It is not only good for extreme athletes, hikers and lovers of beach entertainment. But even aesthetes who appreciate luxury, vintage and premium leisure will find a place to their liking in the Krasnodar region.
It remains only to determine the direction and type of impressions that you want to get. Exquisite cheese, wine and oyster tastings, golf on a neat green lawn, hills and houses, just from the pages of Tolkien, lavender fields and estates that combine technological comfort and luxurious retro decoration. Even the most demanding and sophisticated tourist will be delighted. So where to go in the Krasnodar region for the aesthetics of Southern European resorts?

For those who appreciate the premium direction of agrotourism, high-quality garage wines and tastings of unexpected sets, as well as SPA holidays, the locations located, for example, near Anapa are perfect. On the vast territories of such farms, valuable vineyards are laid out on the fertile land warmed by the sun. And it is here that you can try the garage wine that is fashionable today. In the cellars, which are available for visiting with an excursion and certainly tasting, connoisseurs of the noble drink will find products from domestic autochthons and European hybrids. Among the most remarkable in one of these farms is the Cabernet Sauvignon, aged in oak for a year, and then the same amount in glass.

As a rule, you can not only take a tour of wineries, but also spend time with your family in local restaurants with a magnificent interior. And after an atmospheric dinner, you can stay in one of the rooms under a reed roof, in a tent in the manner of "glamping" or even in the garage attic. Of course, the complexes provide SPA services and organize excursions to farm wineries or along the trails of the local forest with a picnic stop.
By the way, some wineries scattered along the coast host very beautiful tastings and gastronomic evenings in the framework of cooperation with world brands, such as Rolls-Royce, for example.

Fans of aesthetics, premium leisure, SPA and wine-making art will definitely be pleased with the Azov direction. A holiday on the Azov sea is fundamentally different from a holiday on the Black Sea with sandy beaches, cozy embankments and a sea with character. And here it is also easy to find a luxury vacation with non-standard accommodation conditions and top-level activities. The landscape of the club alone, as in the royal manors of Paris and the chateau of Provence, is breathtaking and from the first seconds is designed to strike a true hedonist on the spot. The parks laid out on the territory in the European manner are really already worthy of attention in themselves and an independent leisurely walk along well-groomed symmetrical paths.

Add here the proximity of the two seas and such beautiful sights as the open-air exhibition complex "Ataman", and you will get a very aesthetic, culturally filled holiday. Such country clubs hold musical and gastronomic evenings, wine tastings, as well as offer to swim in the pool, play a leisurely game of petanque and stay in one of the luxurious rooms with panoramic windows and views of the Azov sea and the estuary and common areas with billiards, piano, restaurant, bar, fireplace hall and library.
And visiting the SPA or riding horses is a separate kind of pleasure that is offered not only in the Golubitskaya village, but also in Abrau-Durso, Sochi and other resorts of the region.

Of course, it is impossible not to remind about such a kind of "special" holiday as yachting. The European premium-level destination is becoming increasingly popular and affordable on the Black Sea and Azov coasts. Yacht clubs offer not only membership with various advantages, but also training on a permanent basis, renting the vessels themselves, holding private events or even organizing romantic evenings for club guests. To go out to sea under a sail or on a beautiful motor yacht with the opportunity to get gastronomic pleasure in the company of loved ones right on board — the sensations are indescribable and, of course, unforgettable.

But that's not all. It is impossible to imagine a sophisticated aesthetic weekend without golf. There are places in the Krasnodar region to join the elegant sport. Guests of Kuban will easily find golf clubs on the Black Sea coast, even golf villages, where they come to amateur and professional tournaments from all regions of the country. The complexes offer not only sports activities (golf, lawn tennis, corporate foot golf tournaments), but also a variety of leisure and services on the extensive territory of the club. So, here you can not only hold corporate events, but even organize a beautiful on-site registration or arrange an atmospheric photo shoot.
Of course, in addition to cultural and sports recreation, the premium segment of gastronomic leisure is also represented in the Krasnodar region. At the oyster farms in Utrish, Kabardinka and other places on the Black Sea coast, you can arrange a romantic tasting of a sea delicacy or even go on a mini cruise on a private or group yacht with an exquisite dinner on board and, of course, tasting Black Sea oysters and mussels.

Do not forget that the change of seasons is coming and booking in the sanatorium for autumn-winter programs, as well as in hotels in the ski resorts of the region has already opened. Guests are invited not only to join the winter activities, but also to spend time in a truly atmospheric and beautiful way: to appreciate the culinary masterpieces of local restaurateurs, enjoy privacy in premium-quality rooms and even relax in open fonts on the fire among snowdrifts.
The variety of leisure activities in the Kuban marked "first-class" is growing every year and is gaining popularity among the guests of the region. This is not surprising — tourists are becoming more sophisticated and demanding for leisure. It is good that even the highest wishes of guests can be satisfied in the Krasnodar region.