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Walk at the Olympic Park
Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the famous Olympic Park in Sochi every year. These are participants and spectators of dozens of major competitions, forums, festivals that take place here. Families with children coming to Sochi Park, guests of numerous hotels, excursion groups from various points of Krasnodar region. You can walk in the park on your own. Now we will tell you everything you need to avoid getting lost and see all the fun.
How to get there

There are several ways to get to the Olympic Park from Sochi. For example, you can take the Lastochka train. The journey will take 55 minutes. From the bus station there is a minibus No. 124C. It will take you to the Formula 1 stop. If you drive by car, get along the M-24 highway towards the border with Abkhazia to Triumphalnaya street (turn to the viaduct) and further to the Olympic Park.

How to walk

The territory of the park is huge; it can be difficult to walk here. You can use the walking golf carts that go everywhere, you can also use the bike or scooter - rentals are everywhere. True, you need to pay attention to the signs, you cannot drive everywhere.

By the way, if you come to the park in the summer, take your bathing accessories with you. There are excellent beaches and you can cool off in the sea after a walk.
Heart of the park

Even those who have never been to Sochi imagine that all the Olympic facilities in the coastal cluster stand side by side in a circle. From here, from the very heart of the Olympic Park, we will begin. Let's look around. What do we see?

The largest stadium is Fisht. It hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games, the FIFA World Cup and the Confederations Cup. Today it is the home arena of the Sochi football club.

Children's All-Russian Sports and Health Center "Shaiba", also known as a small ice arena. The second most important Olympic stadium. The park also houses the Iceberg Winter Sports Palace. Since 2012, figure skating and short track competitions have been held here. Big Ice Palace - today it is the home stadium of the Sochi hockey club. A pearly white dome, shaped like a frozen drop. Today it is the most modern arena in the Continental Hockey League. Indoor skating center "Adler-Arena", where the tennis Academy has been operating since September 2014. The curling center "Ice Cube" held curling competitions after the end of the Olympics. Now "Comedy Club" is periodically filmed there.

Musical fountain

Perhaps the most famous landmark of the Olympic Park is the giant musical fountain, familiar to everyone from the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Games. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the torch stele on Olympic Square. Rainbow lighting combined with world-famous musical compositions create an unforgettable experience.

The show starts in the evening after dark and lasts one hour. Water jets "dance" in the light of the rays to classical music. Some of them rise up to 70 meters in height. All this is ensured by the well-coordinated work of water cannons, strobes and controllers. 1 minute of the show requires about a week of preliminary work.

Please note that the spray from the fountain spreads for many meters. So bring some waterproof clothing or buy a raincoat before the show starts.

Museum Center

On the territory of the Olympic Park there are several unusual museums, united into the "Museum Center".

The Tesla Museum tells about the biography of the scientist and offers interactive programs and experiments on the topic of electricity. In the museum "USSR" you can (depending on age) feel homesick or see with your own eyes how people lived in the Soviet Union. The Leonardo Museum will appeal to those who love unusual mechanisms. The catapult, crossbow and even a perpetual motion machine were recreated according to the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.

Sochi Park

There are not many theme parks in Russia yet. Moreover, such huge and modern ones like Sochi Park. If you have children, you will bring them an unforgettable joy if you bring them here. Five thematic zones of Sochi Park will take you to five fabulous worlds:

• Avenue of Lights is the central street from which you will begin your walk through the most colorful amusement park. Bright sculptures of your favorite characters, shorn bushes and gingerbread houses are everywhere - a real fair!

• The Land of Heroes is a place where everyone can feel like a real hero! Heroic dishes that add strength, a blacksmithing workshop, pavilions for real strongmen and much more interesting.

• The Enchanted Forest is the home of all fairy-tale heroes, who can be reached by passing through the maze. On the way to them you will be entertained by real magicians-wizards, acrobats and other craftsmen.

• The Land of Science and Fantasy - here everyone can feel like a scientist, inventor and even an astronaut.

• Eco-village - all the most delicious and useful right from the garden.

This is the first such complex in the country, created based on Russian folk tales. On the territory of more than 20 hectares there are attractions, the Bogatyr hotel complex, which looks like a castle. As well as numerous cafes and restaurants. In the spring of this year, a wonderful dolphinarium "Riviera" was opened in the park, where dolphins, seals and lions delight spectators with their tricks.

All year round various theatrical performances, laser shows, festivals and other cultural events take place in the park. Moreover, you do not need to pay extra for their visits - for all attractions and other entertainments, including the dolphinarium, provided by the park, a ticket purchased at the entrance is valid.
Sochi Autodrome

Another world-class sports facility. Here are the races of the Russian stage of the Formula 1 Grand Prix - the competition of the fastest racers on the planet. Feel the atmosphere of motorsport by taking a tour of the circuit. You will visit the Main Grandstand and paddock, where the drivers and team staff are stationed during the competition. You will learn how a racer's life works on the track, how many mechanics are needed to assemble a car from 8,000 parts, and why each team has its own chef.

As you walk through the paddock, you pass into one of the garages where the teams were housed during Formula 1. From the garage there is a panoramic exit to the pit lane, where you will learn how the pit stop procedure is carried out in just a couple of seconds. After walking through the paddock, the tour follows the race control room - the brain center of any motorsport competition. Dozens of technical monitors, the most accurate information about the state of the track and every turn - at a glance. This room can only be entered as part of a Sochi Autodrom tour - even racers and team representatives are prohibited from entering this area during the competition.

The excursion ends with a climb to the podium, where the winner is awarded a cup for victory. The podium overlooks the unique mountain landscapes of Sochi, the starting line and the Main Grandstand of Sochi Autodrom.