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Entertainment 0+. What to do with a child during a vacation at the sea

Развлечения 0+. Чем занять ребёнка во время отдыха на море
Развлечения 0+. Чем занять ребёнка во время отдыха на море
Entertainment 0+.
What to do with a child
during a vacation at the sea
When you go to the coast not only to warm up your bones under the southern sun, but also to entertain the child, you begin to make a plan of activities for your child in advance. Dolphinariums, water parks, dinosaur parks, crocodile gardens, zoos and attractions – all these activities are designed just for young vacationers. There are dozens of them at every seaside resort. Children will see how smart dolphins jump through rings, fur seals serve flippers for greeting, get acquainted with the world of reptiles, see a white bear and huge elephants, take pictures with ancient dinosaurs that even growl like real ones, ride a slide upside down and will be able to try many, many interesting things. We decided to make for you a small overview of the largest places of children's attraction.
Sochi-park in the Imereti lowland
The Russian "Disneyland", as it was deservedly called, attracts hundreds of children and adults every day. Seven years have passed since the opening, but even those who visited the park once, continue to return again and again. The park is located on a huge area – 20.5 hectares, so you need to spend the whole day to get around it entirely. The pride of the park is extreme attractions: the gravity slide "Quantum Leap", which develops a speed of up to 105 km/h; the 65-meter free fall tower "Firebird"; the skating mountain "Zmei Gorynych" with an acceleration effect and a track length of 1056 meters. This year, a new attraction has appeared: the "Perpetual Motion Machine" is a pendulum with a full 360°rotation. There will also be entertainment for the youngest visitors of the park – a magical maze, a water game complex where you can shoot at the enemy from real ships with water cannons, a laboratory playground, a Jungle complex, a playground with carousels and trampolines and a dolphinarium. In general, he recommends coming to the park in the morning and not forgetting swimsuits and swimming trunks. There are cafes and eateries on the territory of Sochi Park, so you will definitely not stay hungry.
Children's activities in Krasnaya Polyana
"Rosa Khutor", "Krasnaya Polyana" and "Gazprom" - all three resorts have long been year-round. People come here to ride on cable cars, visit the peaks where snow can be found even in summer, and also hide from the heat. The resorts of Krasnaya Polyana have prepared a lot of entertainment for children.

At the very bottom, in front of the cable cars on the territory of the Rosa Khutor resort, there is an interactive ethnopark "My Russia", in which our country is represented in miniature.

On an area of more than three hectares, there are 11 thematic buildings illustrating the history, life and entertainment of different peoples of Russia. There is no need to go on a long trip around the country, you can get acquainted with the architecture of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, and the Urals in a few hours. Children will definitely not be bored – educational communication will take place in the format of show excursions, master classes and theatrical performances.

The resorts of Krasnaya Polyana are ready to offer children more than four dozen activities, including a visit to a husky park and a deer farm, a walk on a suspension bridge and a swing above the clouds, classes in a pottery workshop and entertainment in a rope park, interactive exhibitions and a wax museum. So children of all ages will find their hobbies.
Skypark in Krasnaya Polyana
Do you want to test your nerves for strength and get charged with adrenaline? Go to the "Skypark" - a complex of extreme entertainment at a height. Here is the longest suspended pedestrian bridge in Russia, literally hovering over the abyss, but do not worry, security in the park is at the highest level. To cross the bridge, you just need to overcome the fear of heights. For family holidays, the "Skypark" provides such activities as Zipline-a trolley flight over the gorge at a speed of 60 km/h( for children from 10 years old), Megatroll - a breathtaking flight over the gorge at an altitude of 200 meters at a speed of 120 km/h (for children from 7 years old) and Via Ferrata-entertaining mountaineering (for children from 6 years old), SochiSwing – the highest swing in the world with a height of 170 meters and a free fall of about three seconds (for children from 7 years old) – all these activities, of course, are available accompanied by adults. Independently, under the supervision of instructors, children will be able to climb on the climbing wall and in the rope park. If your child is over 10 years old, he can test his nerves on Bungy by jumping into the abyss from a height of 69 meters, and if a young extreme athlete is over 16 years old, then he can jump from 207 meters – the highest in Russia, during which you will spend seven seconds in free fall.
Aqualoo Water Park in Sochi
The only year-round water park with sea water on the Black Sea coast. Several locations: a children's area with a 3+ water park, an entertainment city for children and extreme slides for adults. They even provide babysitting services here!

The Aqualenok children's water park has warm sea water and pools up to 60 cm deep. On the territory of this recreation area there are two water towns in a large children's pool, there is a swimming pool, as well as colorful slides, waterfalls and cannons. During the day, the kids are entertained by animators who arrange performances and various master classes. In the Aquakids children's center, your children who are tired of water activities will be offered to climb on a climbing wall, jump on a trampoline or in a dry pool with balloons, play air hockey or spend time in a children's playground with slides.
Dolphinarium in Bolshoy Utrish
This is the only dolphinarium in Russia where performances take place directly in the open sea. It is located in the village of Bolshoy Utrish, 18 km away. from the children's resort of Anapa. The aviaries with the animals of the dolphinarium are located directly in the lagoon with flowing sea water under the open sky. During the performance, you will be able to marvel at the skill of bottlenose dolphins, fur seals and belugas, but also enjoy the unique landscapes of the Caucasian Mountain Range and the relic forest of the Utrish reserve. During the evening performances, the audience is also shown a light show. Just imagine dolphins whirling in a slow dance to romantic music and fountains of colorful lights!
Safari Park in Gelendzhik
The largest zoo in the Krasnodar region and the first rehabilitation center for animals on the Black Sea coast. Many residents of the safari park have faced the cruelty of people and are now learning to live among the good again. The aviaries here resemble natural corners in which animals and birds are accustomed to inhabit. The Safari park is home to 17 bears, 20 lions and tigers, as well as many other wildlife inhabitants. There are even giant elephants and polar bears, the latter, by the way, recently had cubs. You can already watch them. The youngest visitors of the park will like the playground with slides, swings and carousels. By cable car, you can climb to the top of the Markoth Ridge in 20 minutes, where the Jurassic Park, a terrarium, an Alley of Fairy Tales and an ancient dolmen are waiting for children.
As they say, it's better to see everything with your own eyes one time. These activities are unlikely to be forgotten by children. We have listed only a small part. The resorts of the Krasnodar region offer hundreds of entertaining and informative activities even for the youngest tourists.