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The retreat is a new direction of tourism in the Krasnodar regon. Where to go for spiritual development

Ретрит — новое направление туризма в Краснодарском крае. Куда ехать за духовным развитием
Ретрит — новое направление туризма в Краснодарском крае. Куда ехать за духовным развитием
The retreat is a new direction of tourism
in the Krasnodar regon.
Where to go for spiritual development
The climate of Kuban is suitable not only for beach holidays, extreme water sports and hiking in the mountains. Another relatively young and popular direction of mainly summer leisure — retreat and yoga tours-is rapidly gaining a place among other activities.
To begin with, about what a retreat is. A retreat is a set of spiritual practices and meditations aimed at taking a person out of his daily hustle and bustle and the cycle of worries and bringing him to harmony in a short time, adjusting him to the right biological rhythm and making himself heard. A retreat, in contrast to staying in the same ashram, is a much more accessible version of enlightenment and meditation for a modern person who wants to stop for a while for a reboot. You do not need to go far away, take many months of vacation and save for years to allow yourself to join the practices — the retreat tour is attractive because you can join the process at any time and escape into silence for a few days to search for answers, harmony and your true self.

Often, the retreat can be part of an extended yoga tour or take place separately, including tantra, breathing practices and yoga asanas. And the southern features of the region allow us to make such field seminars, tours and master classes picturesque and diverse. So, for example, for mountain air, thermal water and active leisure within the framework of the retreat program, you can go to Mezmai (Absheron district) and Mostovsky district; for the beauty of the Round Lake, solitude under the crowns of trees and the opportunity to spend time in an informative way — in Abrau-Durso; and to breathe the sea and recharge with the energy of the sun, it is better to focus on Sochi and other Black Sea resorts. But about everything in order.
Indeed, there are many yoga and retreat centers in the Krasnodar region that organize thematic tours and field seminars for those who wish.h. Among them, we have identified three areas that will be interesting not only for spiritual practices, but also for an interesting program in addition to the main meditative one.

For fans of non-beach recreation and active or alternative leisure, the mountain direction is suitable. For example, large retreat tours are held in Mezmai and Mostovsky district.

The organizers offer a nine-day trekking-style retreat. That is, the dive and reboot take place in motion — in total, during the trip, the participants overcome about 70 km. According to the degree of complexity, the tour is more family-friendly and is suitable even for children from 5 years old. It is ideal for those who are not ready for overloading, but want to enjoy the beauty of nature and start the path to awareness.

The program includes not only energy practices with a professional teacher, but also various trainings, self-massage lessons, yoga and gymnastics "on the go".

Tourists live in a comfortable hotel, following a strict daily routine. The tour also provides three meals a day. But the main thing is the beauty that will accompany the guests of the tour on hikes. Mezmai is located in the valley of the Kurdzhips River, surrounded by three gorges — it is difficult to imagine a more energetically strong place to find balance.
And in the Mostovsky district, in addition to conducting retreat and yoga tours and organizing seminars and festivals for up to 600 people, guests will be offered an impressive entertainment program: swimming in thermal springs, horse riding; jipping, paragliding, rafting; excursions to waterfalls, dolmens, caves and much more.

But not only the mountains can surprise yoga and retreat practitioners. One of the largest retreat centers of the region is located in Abrau-Durso and offers comfortable accommodation and an extensive program for guests of thematic events.

The location has closed halls and open areas for conducting practices on the seashore, in the mountains or in the forest. The most unusual is the panoramic platform on the top of the mountain slope. The center also has several means of accommodation at its disposal: summer eco-houses of a yoga camp or a room in the main hotel of the resort. There is also a summer swimming pool with artesian water and a sauna complex on the territory.

The center can offer guests both the organization and conduct of guest yoga seminars and retreat tours, as well as author's programs or hiking trips to places of power. So, the seven-day author's tour includes famous wine excursions, jipping or yachting and other activities. This is in addition to the practices themselves, trainings and yoga. And on their own, guests can already visit the "Lotus Lake", dolmens, an equestrian club, the historic Abrau house, go fishing or do, for example, sapboarding. And of course, it is impossible to visit Abrau and not take a boat ride on the Round Lake.
And if you still want to focus on a beach holiday, then you can choose a retreat tour to the Black Sea coast. For example, in Sochi. The Olympic capital has all the conditions for spiritual practices: convenient location for those staying by any means of transport from anywhere in Russia; subtropical climate; lush vegetation, characteristic only for this area; developed infrastructure of a large city and the sea, for which they come here.

As a rule, retreat tours here are held in a seven-day format: tourists are offered accommodation in a guest house, secluded located on a hill overlooking the sea and mountains. The tour program includes: meditations on a panoramic roof, vocals, dynamic dance meditations, training in Ayurvedic massage, three vegetarian meals a day. In their free time, participants can go snowboarding, visit local attractions, go on an excursion "33 waterfalls", dolmens and others, or join in watching movies in the home cinema.

Such a tour will be equally comfortable for both children and adults up to 60 years old, since it does not involve intense physical exertion and extreme sports. In addition, Sochi is definitely a worthwhile destination for independent tourism. You can combine the retreat with a visit to Sochi Park, Krasnaya Polyana, Olympic venues and other attractions.
There are more and more options for spiritual leisure in the Kuban every year — it remains only to choose the one that is closer to you.