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Sanatorium, recreation center or popular today "glamping"
as an alternative to classic hotels and hotel complexes
Finding a luxury SPA hotel in Sochi or a budget hotel room in any major resort of the region will not be difficult — the well-known online booking service will offer them to you first of all. But there are also less obvious options for accommodation on the coast, which are worth paying attention to if you do not want a template vacation. Namely: sanatoriums as an ideal type of family vacation; recreation centers as an alternative to standard hotels and hotels and car camping for lovers of refined semi-wild recreation. Let's look at each of them in more detail.
Health resort destination.
When there is an opportunity not just to relax, escaping from the cycle of endless worries to the sea, but also to improve your health, get your body in good shape and get rid of accumulated stress, you need to use it. It is not for nothing that the sanatorium-resort direction is considered one of the main ones on the Black Sea coast. In the Krasnodar Region, several resorts can offer various options for health and prevention programs, depending on your preferences. The diversity is due to the peculiarities of the gifts of nature of each individual district.

For example, Goryachy Klyuch — the closest non-seaside resort to the capital of Kuban is famous for its thermal springs and drinking mineral water. They go to the health resorts of the resort from all over the country for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the digestive and gastrointestinal tract, gynecological problems, skin diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Health resorts in Sochi, Adler, Dagomys are chosen by people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, problems with the musculoskeletal system. In addition, there are spa treatments and special relaxation programs, healing complexes for gynecology and andrology.

There are sources rich in hydrogen sulfide, and the water contains a whole list of minerals that are useful for the human body, such as sulfides, iodobromium, chloride, bicarbonate, and alkali. Here, the healing mud, famous for its properties throughout the country, comes to the surface.

Anapa is also a popular health resort destination. And this is not accidental, because it is here that there are deposits of silt-sulfide mud — the only one in Russia. People with ENT diseases and respiratory problems come here from all over the country. And the children's direction is focused around the treatment of allergies. The climate of the resort is perfect for this purpose, and the structure of the seafloor near the coastline-for children's recreation.

And another area worth mentioning is Gelendzhik. The seaside climate and mineral waters in combination with fir alleys give the right to call this resort town a place of health recreation. It is not for nothing that a large number of complexes are located here, offering entire rehabilitation programs for guests with diseases of the cardiovascular system, problems with digestion and blood circulation, as well as so-called beauty programs.

In most sanatoriums, in addition to the main option "wellness tour", they also offer accommodation without treatment. And given that many complexes have indoor and outdoor pools and a private beach, it becomes obvious why guests of the South often choose to spend their holidays with their family in sanatoriums. This is a great opportunity to live by the sea in a comfortable environment with full or partial board, if desired, complementing the rest with SPA services or, for example, a course of restorative massage.
Recreation centers.
A type of accommodation that has been a leader among other options on the Black Sea, Azov coasts and in the foothills of the Caucasus for decades. There are entire localities that specialize exclusively in tourist bases.

This type of accommodation is more budget-friendly in relation to hotel holidays, as it often does not include meals. However, it is worth noting that this is more than compensated by the presence of cafes and shops nearby, as well as an equipped kitchen for general and even personal use, if the room is arranged according to the "chalet" type. And more and more bases are opening canteens on their territory to save guests from having to stand at the stove.

As a rule, you can find a wide variety of accommodation facilities even within the same base: detached, mostly wooden houses with or without amenities, depending on the selected options; rooms in cottages for several families or popular accommodation on the coast in log cabins. You will only have to choose a category according to your own tastes and budget.

Where to look for? Recreation centers are generously scattered along the entire coast of the Black and Azov Seas, but their greatest concentration is found in several localities. So, going to ply the Black Sea direction, pay attention to the small, unknown to most tourists Inal Bay. The picturesque "horseshoe" is located between two larger neighbors-Dzhubga and Arkhipo-Osipovka. Among the local population, the location is famous for its clean sea, its dissimilarity to large and noisy resort cities and its remoteness from highways and highways. Throughout the entire length, from the first to the sixth section, the bay is strewn with recreation centers, like mushrooms. But experts advise you to stay on the last two sections: a small descent to the sea runs through a sprawling forest, there are fewer tourists, and a wide strip of beach is a medium-sized loose pebble with a gentle descent to the sea.

Another "quiet" direction is the protected places of Maly Utrish near Anapa. Here you can find both classic tourist bases and the previously mentioned "chalets" - individual cottages for 2-6 people in the Scandinavian style with their own fully equipped kitchen. The clean air, the sea at the doorstep and the proximity of the Reserve make the place a wonderful alternative to other popular sea tourism destinations.

Lovers of the classic atmosphere of the coastal city should pay attention to the recreation centers located in the centers of resort life: Arkhipo-Osipovka, Anapa, Dzhemete, Dzhubga, Gelendzhik, Divnomorsk, Tuapse and others. You will be able to combine budget accommodation and enjoy all the delights of resort entertainment: bazaars with souvenirs and churchkhela, evening promenades along the embankment drowned in lights, boat trips, attractions and local treats from painted shops.

Have you seen everything on the Black Sea yet? Go to the Azov Sea. This destination is gaining more and more fans every year due to the less busy beaches, proximity to the key music festivals of the summer season, beach parties and local attractions. And the village of Golubitskaya naturally becomes a new fashionable place for summer holidays. Here, along with guest houses, there are many modern recreation centers, many of which have a swimming pool. Guests will also enjoy the resort's beach made of sand and small seashells, as opposed to the pebbly and rocky beaches of the Black Sea competitor.

Recreation centers serve as a worthy alternative to hotel and hotel accommodation and give you the opportunity to choose accommodation that meets all your needs from a huge variety of options. You can find it on the Kuban services for finding accommodation and other online booking systems, as well as many databases are presented in social networks.
Camping. Glamping. Auto-camping.
Try on the image of a character from the book by Daniel Defoe and Christophe Gaultier and be a little Robinson Crusoe today. Camping by the sea is a rare opportunity for residents of major cities of Russia to spend a vacation not "as always" alone with nature, under the starry dome of the sky, singing songs around the campfire with the closest to the noise of the incoming wave.

Contrary to popular belief, camping is not always camping in tents right in the middle of sand dunes. Today, many improvised recreation camps combine eco-houses with amenities, hotels, stationary tents with classic cars camping on the territory.

So, for example, in Abrau-Durso, the village of Blagoveshchenskaya, Lermontovo there are campsites, where the infrastructure is more like a whole complex with various accommodation facilities, hammocks, a barbecue area, even a restaurant or other entertainment options. There you can stay in a stationary house, and in a tent on a specially designated territory.

But there are, of course, more "severe" car camps, offering to camp in tents in the shade of trees or in the open space at the very edge of the sea. Infrastructure, as a rule, has common areas with connected communications: a sanitary room, showers, a place for charging equipment and batteries. Otherwise, guests are left to their own devices and can set up camp in any place they like. Such a "semi-wild" holiday can easily be found in the villages of Veselovka and Novomikhailovsky, the resorts of Betta, Krinitsa, Tuapse and other coastal settlements.

But that's not all. Guests of the Krasnodar region have the opportunity to choose the most meditative and comfortable type of accommodation in the bosom of nature — glamping, which is rapidly gaining popularity. Glamping is a type of eco-tourism, in which the hotel service and the appropriate living conditions are adjacent to the wild nature. That is, you can stay in tent tents or domed houses with all the amenities, and wake up and meet the dawns at the same time literally on the beach. It is not surprising that more and more travelers choose this type of holiday. Such a means of accommodation is an ideal opportunity to be alone with nature, without denying yourself comfort and service. The main glampings of the Krasnodar region are located in such resort areas as Utrish (Anapa district), Kabardinka, Novorossiysk, Sochi, Adler, Tuapse. And new complexes continue to open on the entire Black Sea coast.

A distinctive feature of camping in nature is that almost all campsites (including auto or glampings) are located, as a rule, in close proximity to the sea or another body of water, as, for example, in the case of Abrau Durso. So you can fall asleep to the sound of water splashing, see off unforgettable sunsets not surrounded by crowds of tourists and enjoy the unity with nature, being literally a part of it.
Whatever type of holiday and accommodation you choose, it will certainly be unique and will leave behind a sunny aftertaste of the sea breeze and bright summer impressions for a long time.