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Tickling nerves:
5 tips for extreme recreation in Krasnodar region

Extreme tourism is a dish for sophisticated travelers. For those who are no longer surprised by another excursion to architectural or historical monuments, or even more lazy beach pastime. Every year more and more people strive to pave the route of their adventures through places where only a select few adrenaline hunters step foot. What does Krasnodar region offer to fans of extreme sports? Let's tell you now.
Let's start with the coast. Even a traditional beach vacation can be let in a fresh rush of adrenaline. There are diving centers in all seaside towns. Prices are quite reasonable - almost everyone can afford to see the underwater world with their own eyes.

Experience is not required for the first dive. The instructors will explain everything and the level of the adventure will be appropriate. If you wish, you can take diving lessons from instructors and receive an appropriate certificate of almost any level: up to a professional underwater work.

By the way, in Anapa, diving enthusiasts can visit the underwater museum.

Every beginner can dive to a depth of eight meters. Experts say that it is safe even for children. Divers have been collecting unusual exhibits for more than five years. Some were found at the bottom of the Black Sea, for example, ancient anchors from Turkish sailing ships and ships of the Great Patriotic War. Today there are more than a dozen of them here. There are also man-made concrete structures on display - an Orthodox cross, a guitar and even an underwater miniature cafe.
Need for Speed
What Russian doesn't like driving fast? But why just Russian: there are enough fans all over the world to rush with speed, so that they can take their breath away, and their hearts beat wildly from the injection of adrenaline. On a normal road, such a race can end very sadly. Another thing is a real race track of an international level, where athletes of various categories compete, including elite Formula 1 pilots. Here you can afford to sink the gas pedal to the floor.

You probably guessed that we are talking about the Sochi Autodrome track - a very popular place among speed lovers not only from Russia, but also from all over the world.

Here you can order a racing taxi - this is a great opportunity to enjoy the speed and skill of professional instructors. You will fully experience the steep turns of the track. You can get behind the wheel yourself and rush around the circuit in your own or rented here a real racing car. A professional instructor will show you how to take turns correctly, help you choose the right braking points and give you some helpful tips.

There is a drift school, a motorcycle school and a car motorcycle school at the autodrome. So if you want to make good use of your vacation, there are many options. After the track is behind you can go to the car museum and see unique cars, as well as exhibits related to the history of Formula 1.
Cliff jump
Another purely Sochi extreme location is Sky Park. That is real adrenaline. Not everyone has the heart to jump into the abyss.

Here you can go through several adrenaline levels: from a simple walk along the suspension bridge, which can frighten only inveterate acrophobes, to the actual bungee jump from a height of 207 meters. Intermediate levels: flying on a zipline or metroll, passing via ferrata or climbing wall.

There is something to do here even for children. They can try out the local rope park.
Get on the wing
If you've ever been jealous of birds and wanted to see the world from their height, it's easy to arrange. Paragliding is possible in many parts of Krasnodar region. And everywhere it will be interesting in its own way. In Anapa, Sochi or Gelendzhik you will admire the city against the background of the sea - this view is breathtaking. In Krasnaya Polyana - you will see stunning mountain landscapes, from which you get the feeling that all this is not happening on our planet.

Please note, this entertainment is not for the faint of heart. You will go on the first flight with an instructor. So you can be calm about the safety of the flight. However, this does not mean that there will be no adrenaline rush. Free soaring at this altitude is a great way to make your heart beat faster.
Down the mountain
In winter, the best place to tickle your nerves is on the ski slope. The tracks of Krasnaya Polyana are designed for various levels of training. There are slopes for children, slides for beginners and challenging tracks of the "black" category. For adrenaline maniacs, a descent along "virgin lands" is offered, far from the prepared trails (freeride) and even heli-skiing - a kind of freeride, with an ascent to the beginning of the descent by helicopter. It should be noted that the last two types of extreme descent are very unsafe and often end sadly. Therefore, it is still better to stay within the prepared tracks.

If skiing and snowboarding are already boring and you want something new, try descending a real bobsleigh track, which was built for the Olympic Games. Now this stadium works not only as a professional sports ground, but also as a winter attraction for everyone. You can ride a real sports bob that flies down the chute at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour.

When there is no snow in the mountains, you can go down the slope by bike. Mountain biking is no less extreme sport than alpine skiing or snowboarding. An adrenaline rush is guaranteed.

You can go down from the mountains and by water. Try rafting on mountain rivers! This is a real find for those who want to test their level of capabilities in extreme conditions and get a truly unforgettable experience. There are excellent rafting trails in Sochi along the Mzymta and in Apsheronsk district on the Kurdzhips and Pshekha rivers.