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Sochi National Park. On the guard of natural and cultural heritage

Сочинский национальный парк. На страже природного и культурного наследия
Сочинский национальный парк. На страже природного и культурного наследия
Sochi National Park. On the guard of natural and cultural heritage
85 waterfalls, 268 species of birds, 74 species of mammals and more than 100 historical monuments on 208,600 hectares are not all the impressive facts about the Sochi State National Park (after 1995 — Sochi National Park). But even this is quite enough to decide to definitely visit the main and truly valuable attraction of the city of Sochi and the Krasnodar region.
But about everything in order. The park was founded in 1983 for a reason, but for the sake of saving hundreds of species of animals, birds, plants that make up the unique ecosystem of the region. And also in order to preserve historical monuments, then under threat of extinction. In addition, the natural complex is located on the territory of a large resort, so it is not surprising that before obtaining the status of a protected natural and cultural object, territories with the rarest and oldest tertiary - relic Colchian flora were in danger of being used for agricultural purposes.

Thus, on May 5, 1983, by a decree of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR, the Sochi State Natural National Park was created on the basis of the Sochi, Adler and Lazarevsky forestry. Today, the business card of Sochi and the place of preservation of the Red Book representatives of flora and fauna.
Interesting facts about the park:
- 94% of the area is occupied by mountain forests, including Colchian tertiary-relict and coniferous-broad-leaved forests;

- about 20% of all animals and plants located in the park are listed in the Red Book;

- there are more than 20 hiking trails organized on the territory and there are more than 10 places for picnics and rest in tents;

- 13 hectares of the reserve's territory are given for tourist purposes, and more than 20 unique recreational objects are available for open visits.
Many sights that are heard by the guests of the region are actually part of the Sochi National Park, for example, the Arboretum Park, the Akhun Tower or the 33 Waterfalls natural complex. But there are other beautiful places of the park that are worthy of attention. So, for example, you can go as part of an excursion or independently to the less well-known, but no less picturesque Zmeikovsky waterfalls and Fagua or Ajek waterfalls.

A trip to the Khmelevsky lakes will also bring aesthetic pleasure — here, on the surface of the Achishkho ridge, there are four small reservoirs. The lakes offer an incredible view of the ridges and mountains: Achishkho, Fisht, Chugush, Aibga. The route is only 3.3 km, so even an unprepared tourist can easily master the tour.

And on one of the routes you can drink the purest spring water — for this you need to choose an educational walk "Akhshtyrsky spring". The path runs through the Colchis forest along the tributary of the Mzymta. During the route, tourists meet charming canyons, observation decks, boxwood groves and a huge variety of endangered relict and not only plants. The final stop is a recreation area with a picnic area. Right next to the campsite, a clean spring springs out of the ground. From time immemorial, the locals have considered it curative and especially delicious, which tourists can see for themselves.
By the way, those who want to admire the natural complex from a bird's-eye view are very lucky. Since July 8, a cable car has been operating in the Arboretum Park — everyone can ride it, as well as enjoy the beauty of the park and its surroundings.

And for those who are not satisfied with just tourist activities, the park organizes educational and informative lectures and seminars, conducts excursions to the Nature Museum and periodically arranges expositions of cultural, ethnic, environmental significance.

On the territory of the national park, you can find not only the rarest species of plants. The complex fulfills an important mission on a planetary scale to preserve the animal diversity of the region. Thus, the "Center for the Restoration of the Leopard population in the Caucasus" exists and successfully implements its work on the territory of the park. It is located near the village of Monastery. The Central Asian leopard, for the restoration of which the center was created, is listed in the Red Book of Russia and in the International Red Book.
The same applies to the historical and cultural heritage. Only thanks to the security activities of the complex, it was possible to preserve the remains of basilicas and fortresses on the territory of the park (traces of the influence of Byzantine culture). The most famous and largest of them is the Byzantine Temple in the Loo village. And, of course, there are dozens of dolmens and megalithic structures on the territory of the park.
To visit Sochi and not visit the objects of the Sochi National Park is an unfortunate omission. Here children and adults, lovers of active recreation and leisurely contemplative walks will find entertainment for themselves. From the observation deck on the Ahun Tower to the narrowest canyon — this is an unforgettable experience that is worth taking with you from your vacation.