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Mysterious, salty, blooming. Unusual lakes of Kuban

Таинственные, солёные, цветущие. Необыкновенные озёра Кубани
Таинственные, солёные, цветущие. Необыкновенные озёра Кубани
Mysterious, salty, blooming.
Unusual lakes of Kuban
It is not for nothing that the Kuban expanses attract tourists from all over the country. Here two seas meet at once, forming different coastal landscapes — the Azov and the Black. And then there are the natural beauty of mountain areas, valleys, forests, lakes and gorges side by side with cultural and historical treasures, which makes the Krasnodar region a tourist pearl of Russia without reference to the season.
And since the summer outside the window has been replaced by an amber autumn, the selection today will be, although not marine, but no less inspiring. What can you think of more beautiful than a pond shimmering in the rays of the dawn sun with mirrored water reflecting the sky. Often lost among the dense branches of perennial forests, rocks and mountain ranges.

Today, the focus of our attention is on the picturesque lakes scattered from Abrau-Durso to Krasnaya Polyana. And we will start with some of the most beautiful lakes in the region of Acetuk. There is an ensemble of lakes in the vicinity of Krasnaya Polyana and is a whole system of three reservoirs: Lake Albova (about 2,000 meters above sea level), Lake Evgenia Morozova and Lake Reygarda (in honor of the famous explorer of the Caucasus). Each reservoir has, of course, its own peculiarity. For example, Lake Albova is distinguished by the beautiful blue color of the water. And in the center of the pool has a small photogenic island. And the lake of Evgenia Morozova is the deepest in this system.
There is a lake that few people know about, which makes it an even more attractive tourist destination. This is a Salty lake — in the past, part of the Kuban estuary. From the middle of the XIX century to the middle of the XX century, ordinary table salt was extracted here, and then black mud rich in minerals and trace elements was discovered in the estuary, which was used to treat joint diseases. The lake is characterized by a small depth, but it is definitely of interest from the point of view of beautiful views and therapeutic mud, which you can collect here yourself and take home.

Another truly salty lake (Khanskoe) is located near Yeysk and stands out from other lakes — it is fed by both freshwater rivers and the waves of the Sea of Azov, which overflow through the estuary in a storm. The Khan Lake is deeper than the Salty Lake, and at the bottom of it there is mud, which began to be used in hospitals back in the 20s of the XX century, then during the war years to improve the health of the wounded, and now is actively used in hospitals in Yeysk and Krasnodar. In addition to the healing effect, the lake impresses with its scale and views — its area is 108 square meters. And in long periods without rain, islands of seashell appear out of the water, making the landscape even more unusual.
Perhaps the most famous in the Krasnodar region is Lake Abrau. And for a reason. The lake really impresses with its beauty and cleanliness, and is also ideal for a family or romantic holiday because of the mass of water activities, excursions in the surrounding area, wine tastings and various accommodation options for a day or a long term. It is here that practitioners of yoga in the fresh air, fans of equestrian sports, avid fishermen and connoisseurs of noble authentic wine flock.

By the way, the size of the lake itself is also impressive: up to 3 km in length, in the widest part — 640 m. That is why it is so nice to rent a boat or catamaran for a leisurely walk on the water surface. In addition, the lake keeps its secrets — scientists have been struggling for decades to unravel the circulation of water in the reservoir. It is still unknown exactly where the water goes. And the white line on the surface of the water also inspires mysticism. It can be seen in any season, and the origin remains a mystery for researchers.
Another popular tourist destination is the lotus lakes, which are located in different parts of the region. So, a blooming pond can be found in the Tbilisi district, in Labinsky, where even photo shoots and fishing are arranged for tourists, and in the Krasnoarmeysky district. And the most famous water lilies from Instagram photos are located in the "Lotus Valley" in the Temryuk district.
The lake direction is popular among tourists of all ages and physical fitness. So, even climbers will appreciate the way to some hard-to-reach lakes, and it will be nice to walk to some of them with your family and young children. And on the surface of Abrau, for example, you can even take a boat ride with your loved one, capturing an unusual date on camera. And the most interesting thing for a tourist is that any of the above-mentioned locations is not limited to the beauty of the lakes. The surroundings are often full of man-made monuments of culture and history, where it is definitely worth taking an excursion to touch the life of the ancient inhabitants of these places.