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"Only we with a horse on the field go ..." or the most meditative entertainment in the vicinity of Krasnodar

«Только мы с конём по полю идём...» или самое медитативное развлечение в окрестностях Краснодара
«Только мы с конём по полю идём...» или самое медитативное развлечение в окрестностях Краснодара
"Only we with a horse on the field go ..." or the most meditative entertainment in the vicinity of Krasnodar
Are you planning a trip to the Krasnodar region or do you need to make a stop in the capital of Kuban? This is a great opportunity not only to explore the sights of the city, but also to get an unforgettable experience at the numerous horse bases and farms in its vicinity.
Did you know that even in psychology there is such a type of therapy as a "session with horses"? In the world, this method has long been used to stabilize psychoemotional health and reveal the internal resources of a person. Fortunately, guests of Krasnodar do not need to travel far to experience the healing and relaxing effect of communicating with horses.

So, for example, just 8 kilometers from the city in the village of Prigorodny there is a ranch, where guests will be offered a combined format of recreation: here you can not only learn horse riding and ride along forest trails on an hour-long walk, but also sit down for a picnic in one of the gazebos on the territory. For those without a car, even a transfer from Krasnodar is provided.

And for a more extensive program, go to the village of Ilsky, the village of Ubinskaya or the city of Abinsk — localities that specialize in horse riding. They are located 1-2 hours away from the Kuban capital. Here you can spend a fascinating time on an organized one-day tour. Farms and bases offer full support on the transfer from Krasnodar and back, horse riding training, walks of different kilometers, as well as the opportunity to relax in a picturesque clearing, rent a gazebo or even try a more extreme activity — jipping along a mountain river. And for those who want to relax in full, there are rooms that can be rented, and houses with a sauna and a swimming pool. The horse rides themselves run through the most beautiful places of the forest, mountain trails and rivers. Such a program can give you bright emotions and a non-boring vacation in the shortest possible time — ideally, when there is not much time, and you want to recharge your impressions.
And if you still have time, then you can go on a real horse trip for two or more days with a rich program. For example, there is a two-day tour to Mount Sheze with a climb to the peak and a visit to the "holy spring". The group moves out from the base in Abinsk and begins the ascent, following the picturesque trails and inhaling the dizzying mountain air of transparent purity. Urban residents will find special pleasure only in these natural breathing practices. After reaching the foot of Mount Gruzinka, the group sets up camp under the guidance of guides and settles down for a rest with a delicious lunch. And then, leaving the camp, continues to climb on horseback to the very top of Mount Sheze. Then the travelers will have a dinner on the campfire, spiritual gatherings and songs, as in a real campaign. And the next day, the whole group returns by another road to the base with stops for a rest. Thus, in just two days, the guests of Kuban have the opportunity to try new things, experience nostalgia for the famous campaigns of the USSR times and feel the primordial connection with nature.

Another destination that will definitely be a vivid memory is horseback riding in and around Abrau Durso. Here you can visit the horse riding club and take part not only in tourist equestrian routes, but also engage in various sports involving horse riding, as well as equestrian fitness. In addition, you can go for a walk through the beautiful valleys of the wine region, and dismounting, you can even visit the sights of Abrau-Durso, of which there are many.

By the way, the club is located at the cultural and tourist complex, which is an indoor amphitheater with 1,500 seats. There are horse shows, stylized under the scenes of the ancient era. Guests can watch spectacular reenactments of battles, battles of the Amazons, dancing Arabian horses of the Bosporan kings and much more.

In addition to the already mentioned equestrian entertainment, there are also unusual leisure options. So, for example, directly from Krasnodar, you can organize a romantic horse ride outside the city or even surprise your second half and make a marriage proposal right during the trip. This" romantic " certificate includes champagne, tea and sweets for the atmosphere. And if you want, you can order a dinner in nature, a photo shoot in the style of Love Story. And all this with romantic live music.
Another themed version of horseback riding is offered to guests in the village of Novodmitrievskaya, where you can arrange a beautiful photo shoot in the field on a horse or feel like a real Indian on a themed walk. All participants are greeted with a welcome cocktail, initiated into the Indians, and the interactive begins. The program includes not only "walking" on "Indian trails", but also a quest for even more immersion in the game. After that, the riders will be able to taste Indian dishes, relax and take pictures to remember an unforgettable day.
On the territory of the Krasnodar region, you can find farms, bases and even horse riding clubs for every taste, go on a long hike or take a day trip. This is a great alternative to a beach holiday and an opportunity to experience various activities during your vacation in the Kuban. Most importantly, do not forget to bring comfortable clothes, a headdress and a great mood on the trip!