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Top 10 beaches
of Gelendzhik
Gelendzhik, the pearl of Krasnodar region, is the central point of the Kuban Black Sea coast. The city is located around the bay of the same name, stretching along the eastern part of the Markotkh ridge. The Gelendzhik embankment, the longest in the world, runs along its bank. Its length is 8800 meters.
Central beach
The central beach is the largest and most popular in the city. It stretches for 1.4 kilometers along the coast, and the width of the coastal strip varies from 3 to 80 meters. There is a sea terminal in the middle. The entrance to the beach is free for everyone.

The coastal strip is sandy, pebble in places. The depth level here increases gradually, the bottom is gently sloping, so that swimming is convenient for both adults and children.

From the left edge, the beach turns into a similar, but smaller recreation area called "Kamyshi". On the right is the large Dolphin water park. The central promenade with many cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues runs along the beach.

The beach is equipped with everything you need: changing rooms, showers, smoking areas, drinking fountains, shady awnings, sun loungers and umbrellas are available for rent. Lifeguards are also on duty at the beach. Several paid parking lots are located nearby.
Golubaya Bay Beaches
The village of Golubaya Bukhta is located approximately 10 km from Gelendzhik towards Kabardinka. The medical and central beaches occupy a significant part of the coast of the village: the first belongs to the Golubaya Bukhta sanatorium and is distinguished by the presence of sun loungers and umbrellas, although both beaches have the necessary infrastructure for a civilized recreation (changing cabins, retail outlets, cafes, water attractions, a medical center).

The beach is covered with large and medium pebbles, the bottom is also rocky, but the stones are quite small, you can safely go into the water barefoot. The depth increases quite sharply, approximately 5-7 meters from the coastline. The sea is clean, especially in June and September.
The central beach of Kabardinka is not much different from the main beach of Gelendzhik: a pebble beach, an abundance of infrastructure, a promenade. Vacationers are captivated by the blue-green color of the water, many even equate natural beauty with foreign ones. A distinctive plus of the village beach is the cleanliness of the coastline.

An excellent view of the Tsemesskaya Bay with ships in the roads opens from here, and if you look in the other direction - to Cape Doob, where three peaks with the poetic name "Three Sisters - Faith, Hope, Love" are clearly visible.

Near the beach there is an amusement park "LunaPark", on the territory of which there are cafes, kiosks with ice cream, cotton candy and popcorn.
On the beach of the resort village Divnomorskoye you can breathe easily and freely, since the famous Pitsunda pine forest stretches from here along the sea towards Dzhankhot.

The great popularity of the beach is due to a number of factors: small pebble cover, sandy and gentle entrance to the water, a whole water entertainment industry operates, there are cafes and small grocery stores.
The section of the Black Sea coast from Dzhankhot to Praskoveyevka is considered the most environmentally friendly along its entire length. Tourists are attracted by the purest sea water and picturesque beaches surrounded by high rocks and relict forests. Here is the famous relict pine forest of Pitsunda pine with an area of almost 1000 hectares - they say about such places: "Nature itself heals."

Not far from Dzhankhot, in Praskoveevka there is a wild beach with one of the most amazing natural attractions - the Parus Rock.

The central beach of Dzhankhot is small, about 200 meters long, 20-30 meters wide, with large pebbles. There are several cafes and a changing room nearby. The rental of sun loungers is organized, there is a shade canopy. The beach is accessible by car, but parking is very difficult during the high season.
In the village of Betta, vacationers are attracted by clear water and the absence of a large number of visitors. The beach is of natural origin, covered with pebbles and sand. The beach is about 300 meters long and up to 25 meters wide. The entrance to the water is shallow. The beach is fully equipped, there are changing cabins, toilets, showers, sun loungers and umbrellas for rent, all kinds of water attractions, inflatable slides. For convenience, wooden paths are laid.

Nearby there are many cafes with varied cuisine, a beautiful alley on the waterfront. Sometimes dolphins come to the beach, and from August to September algae-night lights after sunset delight with a rare natural phenomenon - their own "light show".

On the western outskirts of Betta there is a panoramic point - Cape Chugovkopas. Another vantage point is at the Betta boarding house. On especially clear days from these points you can see the distant snowy peaks of the Caucasus.
In a wide valley along the bank of the Pshada River, 32 km south-east of Gelendzhik, there is the village of Krinitsa. The low Shakhan Mountain protects it from cold winds, the beach is covered with pebbles, the sea bottom at a distance of 3-4 meters from the coast deepens to 2 meters. The shore is equipped with everything you need: toilets, showers, changing rooms, shady awnings, sun loungers and umbrellas for rent. There are cafes and canteens nearby.
The climate in the village is milder than in other seaside villages of the resort, since this area is protected from cold northwestern winds by a mountain range with the peaks of Shamraev (385 m) and Gebeus (735 m). Two rivers flow into the sea here - Vulan and Teshebs.

The central beach of the village is sandy, with small and medium pebbles. The territory is clean enough, cleaning is done regularly. There are sun loungers and umbrellas for rent on the beach, there are also shady awnings, drinking fountains, a changing room, paid showers and toilets, water attractions and sports equipment rental are widely represented. There are cafes, bars, souvenir shops nearby.
"Blue Abyss"
Natural Boundary
The beach is located between the villages of Divnomorskoye and Dzhanhot, surrounded by a pine forest. The coast is steep and precipitous from 20 to 50 meters, but this does not stop tourists - it is so beautiful here.

Several descents to the water are equipped with ladders with metal rails. The entrance to the water is through stones and pebbles. There are several areas with showers and toilets for car camping.
"Breeze" Beach
on Tonky Cape
The beach is located on the Tonky Cape of Gelendzhik Bay, covered with large pebbles, and the sea here is extremely transparent - the fast current does not allow the water to stagnate.

The entrance to the sea is smooth and gentle, slopes are equipped. In September, the air temperature drops to 23 degrees, and the water cools down to about 21 degrees. This ideal temperature regime is maintained thanks to the presence of mountains. From here you can observe wonderful sea and mountain views.

Here you can also rent sun loungers and umbrellas, there are several cafes nearby.