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Top 5 great peaks
of Bolshoy Sochi
Especially for you, we have selected the 5 greatest mountain peaks of Greater Sochi, which are worth conquering this fall.
There are two peaks on Akhun (663 meters) - Bolshoy and Maly. The mountain is located between the Agur gorge and the Khosta river gorge. On Bolshoy Akhun there is an observation tower built in 1936 with a height of 30.5 meters. The place is very popular with tourists - a gorgeous view of the Krasnaya Polyana mountain range and the Black Sea opens from the observation deck of the tower.
Mount Achishkho (2391 meters) is located 10 km from the Krasnaya Polyana resort. Achishkho is famous for the fact that it is the wettest point in Russia, the annual rainfall here is more than 3000 mm, and in winter the snowdrifts reach a height of 6-8 meters. The Rybnaya River flows into the basin of Kuban and the Sea of Azov, and the rest of the rivers - Chvizhepse, Achipse, Beshenka, flow into the Mzymta and the Black Sea.

The cascading Achipsi waterfalls are located on the mountainside. The largest - Bratya - is 50 meters high. The slopes of Achishkho are covered with broad-leaved, mostly beech, fir forests in the north, and mountain meadows on the tops. There are many routes to the top of the mountain, suitable for both camping and light day trips.
Mount Autl (1855 meters) is located west of Mount Fisht and Lake Khuko, far from settlements. The upper part of the mountain range is rocky-meadow, on three sides the top is cut off by sheer cliffs. On the eastern slope of the mountain, you can find the wreckage of the American Douglas plane, which crashed during the Great Patriotic War.

Near the top the Khadzhuko and Barkalovo canyons are located, famous for their cascades of waterfalls. And also the Zvezda ridge adjoins Autl, which is rich in rock crystal outcrops to the surface.
Fisht (2867 meters) is the most popular peak and the most famous tourist route in the whole region. The mountain is a part of the Fisht-Oshten massif together with the Pshekha-Su and Oshten mountains. Mount Fisht is mainly composed of limestone, which determines the presence of karst cavities and numerous caves in it. One of the most interesting for tourists and speleologists is the White Star cave system. It includes three caves at once. The total depth exceeds 640 meters, which makes the system the deepest in the entire territory of the former USSR. Climbing Fisht is possible with tickets, because the mountain is located on the territory of the Caucasus State Biosphere Reserve.
Its height is 1555 m. Located just 15 kilometers from the village of Orekhovka in the upper reaches of the river of the same name. The ascent takes two days - one day up, the second - on the descent. The top offers a beautiful view of Sochi at night and the sea.