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Three Black Sea resorts
where you should go
for fresh oysters
Agrotourism in Russia is becoming more interesting and more popular every year. And, of course, the leading positions in this direction are occupied by "Russian Sicily" or Kuban.
Indeed, the climatic characteristics of the region are such that only here you can taste the local dried persimmon, premium wine from autochthonous grape species, taste freshly caught mullet, horse mackerel or lamb, and even visit a real oyster farm, as in the best resorts of France.

The Krasnodar region is famous for several mussel and oyster farms, so if you are inspired by an exquisite delicacy, then you can take a ride through all the plantations at once, simultaneously exploring the Black Sea coast. Or you can choose the farm that is geographically closer to your place of rest, and arrange a truly aristocratic evening in the company of exquisite oysters and fruits of local winemaking.
Let's start with the elder of the region - an oyster farm in Bolshoy Utrish, which has been growing the Pacific giant oyster Crassostrea gigas for about 10 years.
The so-called plantations of sea delicacies (oysters and mussels) are located in the sea 4 kilometers from the coast of Bolshoy Utrish. And this is no coincidence, of course. At a distance from the coastline, the bottom current is much stronger and the water itself is cleaner. In addition, the possibility of sand getting into the sink is eliminated, which increases the quality of the product. In such conditions, an oyster needs about two years to become ideal for consumption.

All this time, the farm workers monitor the process so that it technologically meets all the parameters of the "Biotechnological regulations for growing oysters in the Black Sea". So, divers check the underwater plantation daily, monitor its condition, clean the oysters themselves and "stockings" for growing mussels and oysters from fouling.

But the most interesting thing is the tasting. You can taste the royal delicacy in the restaurant, which is located right there in Bolshoy Utrish, and where a fresh catch of expensive clam is delivered. The staff of the institution is happy to tell guests about how to open, eat and what drinks to combine a luxurious dish with.

It should be noted that the location itself deserves the attention of vacationers. On the territory of Bolshoy Utrish there is a State nature Reserve with unique Mediterranean landscapes, relict plants and rare reptiles. Visiting it will be a pleasure for adults and children and will become the central theme of an oyster dinner at a local restaurant.
We move further in the direction of Gelendzhik and Divnomorsk and we will certainly meet beautiful street-style restaurant points with sea delicacies stylized as a tree on the embankments.
This is the author's project of an oyster farm in Divnomorsk, where several types of marine mollusk are grown at once: from the Divnomorskaya to the Far Eastern oyster and mussel.

The water area of the farm is a remote part of the sea from shipping routes, where shellfish grow in natural conditions and feed on plankton. Even the density of planting is adjusted specifically so that the shells have a beautiful uniform shape. By appointment, you can get to the farm for an excursion, where guests will be told in detail how technically oysters and mussels are grown, and what stages the clam goes through from the spat (fry) to the finished product.

In the restaurant points of the farm, vacationers are offered to taste sea delicacies fresh and ready. For example, in the menu you can find a fresh oyster with wine vinegar or lemon juice and a grilled analogue. In the company of an exquisite treat — a choice of wines from Lefkadia, Taman and Divnomorsk.

Guests of Kuban should definitely pay attention to these resort cities, since they are not only distinguished by a special climate, which made them on the sanatorium-resort map of the region, but also have many types of leisure activities: from relaxed beach to active water sports, cycling along the beautiful embankment and visiting local attractions.
Local farms in Sochi also have something to surprise guests with.
Sea delicacies from the mussel and oyster farm located in Golovinka are presented in cafes and restaurants of the Olympic capital. Black Sea oysters are grown here and they are very proud of the origin of the clam. Few people know, but it is the Black Sea that is considered the best water area for breeding oysters and mussels, since it is not as salty as, for example, the Mediterranean. And it is more environmentally friendly. Therefore, the taste of Black Sea oysters is more delicate and refined than that of their counterparts from the Mediterranean.

In Sochi itself, there are tour operators that specialize in premium class vacations and author programs. They organize tours to oyster farms on the Black Sea coast. The program includes a dinner with a valuable catch on a yacht or boat in the open sea, as well as a" field kitchen " for those who want to stay on land.

Whichever city you choose, you will be completely delighted, because each of them is unique and offers original entertainment for different ages. And in each of them you will easily find where to taste the main and most exquisite dish of the aristocrats-fresh oysters flavored with a couple of drops of lemon juice.
By the way, the Krasnodar region can surprise exotic lovers not only with sea delicacies. For example, in Primorsko-Akhtarsk there are farms where snails are grown. And from the farms of Usatova Balka and Molkino, you can take away ostrich meat. But this is, as they say, a completely different story.